COD Mobile Season 12 Test Server Details Confirmed

Call of Duty: Mobile follows a seasonal update pattern. This means that a ton of new exciting new features and updates are added to the game after every 35 days which is the usual timespan of a season. Season 11 or the Anniversary Update was no different where the developers added a plethora of new items, guns, and even maps like Alcatraz to the game. Today, we’re going to be talking about the developer’s plans for the Season 12 Test Server and all the details surrounding it.

Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 11 Update was kept a secret this year, there was no actual Test Server update unlike Season 10, and almost everything new in the update was kept under close cover. The community anticipates that Activision will be employing the same formula for Season 12 as well.

Season 12 Test Server Details

The latest news we have regarding the Season 12 server details is well..disappointing. It seems that Activision is going to do the same thing they did with the Anniversary Update and keep everything a secret. This can be further confirmed by the Reddit post here.

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In this post, a user commented and asked if Season 12 would have a Test Server, the official COD Mobile account answered the question and verified that there probably will not be a test server for Season 12. This means that just like the previous update, players will have no idea what’s in store for the next update. Players have also asked for hints regarding the new season but the developers have kept their mouth shut this time around.

Only time will tell if the community will receive any leaks regarding Season 12 since it is too early to speculate right now. However, one thing is for certain, long gone are the days when a Test Server revealed almost everything about a new seasonal update.

This is all the info we currently have regarding the Season 12 Test Server. If anything new pops up, we’ll surely cover it. Stay tuned!

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