Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12 Update Leaks, Release Date

velkan megalith season 12 leaks

Call Of Duty: Mobile has one of the best update cycles in any mobile game. No mobile game close to COD in terms of releasing new content and adding new stuff to the game. The game recently got its “Anniversary Update,” and Season 12 is expected to be releasing soon in November. Today, we’re going to be looking at the leaks we currently have for Season 12.

Every season brings with it new guns, perks, maps, operator skills, camos and much more. Since the game had its biggest update a month ago, it’ll be hard to top last month. However, the developers have been teasing us with some exciting hints that confirm that Season 12 won’t be any slouch in terms of content either.

COD Mobile Season 12 Leaks

Now, we’re going to look at all the leaks that we have gotten so far for the game. The actual Season 12 will be released around November 12. The new season will bring with exclusive news events that will unlock specific perks / skins like always. The update will go live as soon as Season 11 ends.

Before we talk about the new updates being added to the game, here is a list of all the bug fixes which will be fixed in Season 12.

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Update List

Here is a leaked list of everything that is expected to improve in Season 12:

  • Overheating Issues (iOS Devices)
  • Attempting to fix desync that have allowed for better server optimizations
  • Weapon balance changes
  • Multiple Perk balance changes
  • Multiple lethal and tactical grenade balance changes
  • Optimizations for Battle Royale Vehicles
  • Optimizations for various player movement-related animations
  • Optimizations for spectator mode
  • User experience improvements to the Gunsmith system
  • User experience improvements to the overall weapons camo system
  • Various improvements to the MP Rank system

Two New Guns In Season 12

Two Weapons Season 12

The developers have confirmed that there are going to be 2 new weapons for Season 12 in COD:Mobile. Details regarding them will be posted in the coming weeks but rest assured, there will be atleast two new weapons in the next seasonal update.

The guns, however, are rumored to be the M13 from Call of Duty: Warzone and the Honey Badger from Modern Warfare.

A weapon that has alredy been confirmed is the AGR 556 that is beinng ported over from Warzone

AGR 556

Another gun that can be expected in the next updated is the Elite Marksman Rifle as it was hinted in the Season 12 Battle Pass Sneak Peek. No LMGs will be released in Season 12.

New Character Skin: Velikan Megalith

velikan megalith season 12 character

Velikan Megalith is the newest character being added to COD: Mobile Season 12. He was intially intoduced in Call of Duty: Warzone. He is from the Shadow Company Group and is a mercenary that has quite a stealthy look.

New Character Skin: Urban Tracker – By Night

Urban Tracker

The Urban Tracker is back in Season 12! This time with a completely new look and outfit. She is accompanied with an Epic Weapon Skin for the Type-25 and will be released alongside Season 12.

New Map: Hackney Yard

Hackney Yard is going to be introduced into the game next season. We’ve already covered it here. The map is also rumored to have a Night-Mode version as well and it will be playable in Domination, Hardpoint, Team DeathMatch and Search & Destroy gamemodes.

Night Mode in COD Mobile : Summit And Hackney Yard

nightmode season 12

The developers have also teased that Night Mode, a feature that we’ve already talked about in detail here will be getting Night Mode as well. Here’s what the developers had tor say:

The sun seems to be getting really low in the world of Call of Duty: Mobile. Related to all of that, here is a picture of Summit.

This teases the fact that Night Mode will also be coming to Summit as well as Hackney Yard which has already been confirmed.

Call of Duty: Mobile have also teased the new Night Vision mode with this particular image:

Night Vision COD

This indicates that Night Mode might be a feature that is permanantly added to the game and more maps will be supported over time as the community provides feedback.

Alcatraz In Season 12 To Remain

alcatraz season 12=]

The developers have confirmed that the BR map Alcatraz will remain in the game due to popular demand and general reception. So, there’s a high chance Alcatraz will remain permanently in the game.

CP Store Getting New Items

season 12 leaks credit store

Activison has also teased updates regarding the CP Store regarding the fact that they are aware it isn’t updated quite as much as other parts of the game and they wish to change that in Season 12 by providing greater exclusive CP Store content.

The developers have also promised update news regarding Season 12 on their social media handles and Reddit. We’ll surely be covering everything out as soon as it is released right here on BRGeeks!

This concludes our article on the entire leaks we have so far regarding Season 12 of Call of Duty: Mobile. Stay tuned for more updates!

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