Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12 Bug Fixes | Complete List Leaked

Call Of Duty: Mobile releases a new season every month. The latest update to the game was their Anniversary Update which mainly included a bunch of new cool content and maps. Therefore, the game has gotten a lot buggier since the launch of the new update. So, the developers have aimed to quash out the bugs that have risen up and luckily we have the full leaked list of the bug fixes being implemented in COD Mobile’s Season 12.

Call of Duty: Mobile has always been a game with an extremely active community and even more active developers. Most of these bugs are community found while optimizations are somewhat based on the issues being commonly reported around the game (FPS Drops etc.)

COD Mobile Season 12 Bug Fixes

COD Mobile this time around has a large amount of Bug Fixes for Season 12. Here is the entire leaked list:

  • Server Side – Desync & Latency
  • Low Performance/FPS
  • Placement issues with the Defender Shield
  • A passive trait not working with the BR Class – Defender
  • A graphical issue with the HBRa3 Swarm in BR
  • Players unable to be killed through normal means in MP
  • Weapon and items, in rare instances, will disappear during matches
  • Rare non-specific crashes while playing Battle Royale mode
  • Out of map glitches on the MP map Summit
  • ADS animation interrupting the ability to fire with shotguns or snipers
  • Progress not tracking on certain Gunsmith challenges
  • Merc 5 Going Gold displays the wrong hands in first-person mode
  • Various text-based changes
  • Various small graphical issues or glitches on weapons or characters

The developers have also stated that most of these bugs and their subsequent fixes will be released later on as Season 12 progresses with the most important ones being taken care of first. Activision quoted an example of the over-heating issue as a really important issue as it actively stopped players from being able to play the game at all.

This concludes our list for the entire Bug Fix List for Season 12 in COD: Mobile. If you want to take a look at all the leaks for COD Mobile Season 12, take a look at this article.

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