Hackney Yard Map from Modern Warfare is Coming to COD Mobile Season 12

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best, or essentially, the best FPS (First Person Shooter) game for not only one, but a hundred reasons. Every month, a new season of COD Mobile drops and we receive a ton of new features in the game. Whether it be new guns, maps, skins, draws, events, challenges or anything else, COD Mobile always keeps the game up=to-date and as engaging for the players as possible.

Now, we have another great news for all the players out there. The classic Hackney Yard map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, is making it’s way to COD Mobile next season, and we all are hyped up!

Hackney Yard in COD Mobile Season 12

Hackney Yard map from Modern Warfare will be arriving in COD Mobile next season

The season 11 of COD Mobile will be ending in a span of possibly two weeks, and that’s when the new update will arrive. There haven’t been many leaks about season 12 yet, but we’ve already got the news about the new night mode maps which will be available to play in the new update.

Now the second thing, which has been confirmed by COD Mobile itself, is the map, Hackney yard, being introduced in the game. But it’s not like the one in Modern Warfare, there’s a twist.

Hackney Yard Will Get Dark Mode

Hackney Yard map night mode in cod mobile

The twist that we were talking about, is the theme of the upcoming map. From what we can conclude from the tweet of COD Mobile is that, Hackney Yard won’t be a daylight map like in Modern Warfare. The theme of this map will be based on sunset or night timing,

We already saw the maps which will be receiving the night mode, and Hackney Yard is reportedly one of them. So, we might see the original gameplay on the map to be based on the sunset theme, with another night mode available to play on the same map.

Hackney Yard Gameplay Modes

Hackney yard map top view from Modern Warfare

It’s a medium sized map which offers 5v5 multiplayer battles. It will likely have all four modes including, Domination, Hardpoint, Team DeathMatch and Search & Destroy, accessible to play. We can also expect this map to make it’s way into the Ranked mode to make it more competitive.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any test server for season 12 of COD Mobile, so we won’t be able to get the hang of the future map just yet. COD Mobile might release a teaser or two in the coming days to give us more information about this high praised map from Modern Warfare.

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