Night Mode Maps Expected for COD Mobile Season 12

New night mode maps coming in COD Mobile

The season 11 of COD Mobile hasn’t even come close to an end and we already have some leaks of season 12. The current season has been a hallmark of the game, and is considered the best season up till now. Many new modes, night mode maps, attachments and weapons made their way in to the game in the ongoing season.

However, the leaks of season 12 that are surfacing the community are basically about the new night mode maps, which are likely to come in the game, once the next season begins. Sadly, we were already confirmed that Season 12 will not get a test server. So let’s see what the fuss is all about!

Night Mode Maps in Season 12 – Call of Duty: Mobile

We have already got the zombie mode in BR and Standoff – Halloween in MP mode, which is the only night mode map available to play in multiplayer mode, right now. Now, here are the all the maps that’ll be receiving the night mode in future.

1. Crash

First up, we have the Crash Map, that’ll be honored to get the night mode for itself. It’ll take some vision to spot enemies from the top floor of the three story building, in the dark.

Crash night mode map in COD Mobile

2. Summit

Our very own snow map, Summit, will also be getting the night mode in the next season. It’ll be a great addition to our category of dark maps. Search and Destroy in the night on this map will be so fun to play. But, make sure to keep your sights intact.

Summit night mode map in COD Mobile

3. Hackney Yard

Hackney Yard - New upcoming map in COD Mobile

The map from Modern Warfare, Hackney Yard, will be arriving for the first time in COD Mobile, probably in Season 12. What it seems like a medium sized map, Hackney Yard will be the third one to get the night mode. We don’t know yet, what modes will be available to play on this map. But, we’ll keep you updated with every new leak about the upcoming season.

Hackney Yard night mode map in COD Mobile

This was all about the forthcoming new night mode maps in COD Mobile. We are already hyped up for the new season after seeing these leaks. There will be more, making their way in the community, and we’ll keep everyone up-to-date with all of them.

The credit for all the above pictures goes to DataminersH.

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