COD Mobile Season 5 Buffs and Nerfs | Weapon Balance Changes

The latest season of Call of Duty: Mobile is about to be released and we cannot wait for it to go live. Season 5 is bringing in tons of changes that range from a new Battle Pass and tons of weapon buffs and nerfs as well. That is why this guide will take a look at the COD Mobile Season 5 balance changes for all the weapons.

There are many balance changes to various weapons in season 5. This guide will cover all the weapon notes coming up in the CODM Season 5. With that said, let’s take a look at every weapon that is being buffed or nerfed in this season of COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Season 5 (2022) Weapons Buffs and Nerfs

There are tons of changes being made this season. We have discussed all of the weapons that are affected by this down below. Take a look to see if the weapon that you use got nerfed or buffed. From the looks of it, 26 weapons are getting changes made to them.

DR-H, HVK-30, CR-56, AMAX, HBRa3, Ak117, M13, KRM-262, R9-0, UL736 (Buffed)

  • Slightly improved movement speed

M21 EVR, SVD (Buffed)

  • Slightly improved ADS movement speed

FR.556, Type 25, CR56, AMAX, M4LMG, UL736, Renetti (Buffed)

  • Improved range

ASM10, Man-O-War (Buffed)

  • Improved reload speed

RPD (Buffed)

  • Improved range from;
    • {0-20m, 20-25m, 55m+} to {0-25m, 25-55m, 55m+}
  • Increased headshot multiplier from 1.2x to 1.25x (Will now 3 shot with 1 headshot instead of 2 headshots)
  • New attachment; Cooling Compressor Barrel
    • Vertical recoil reduction
    • Range increment
    • Hit flinch reduction
    • Movement speed reduction
    • ADS bullet spread accuracy reduction

HBRa3 (Buffed)

  • Improved range
  • Thunder bolt sling;
    • Now improves hipfire accuracy

KN44 (Buffed)

  • Improved range
  • Improved headshot multiplier

Peacekeeper MK2 (Buffed)

  • Improved range (Does not apply to rapid fire barrel)
  • base mag size improved
  • Double Stack Mag;
    • Improved reload speed bonus

Hades (Buffed)

  • Improved range
  • Crossbar attachment;
    • Now improves hipfire accuracy

Ak117 (Buffed)

  • Improved damage
  • Improved range
  • Improved chest and lower arm damage multiplier
  • Improved reload animation
  • Reduced reload speed

LK24 (Buffed)

  • Improved range
  • Improved damage
  • Improved accuracy of the first few shots
  • Improved chest and arm multiplier

GKS (Buffed)

  • Adjusted range
  • Adjusted damage
  • Improved headshot multiplier
  • Improved arm and upper chest multiplier

Swordfish, M16, Pharo, LK24, FR.556, ICR-1, AK-47, HVK-30, Man-O-War, HBRa3 (Buffed)

  • Reduced bullet spread by 20%+

M4, M4LMG, DR-H, UL736 (Buffed)

  • Reduced bullet spread by 10-20%

Kilo141, KN44, M13, ASM10, AK117, Type 25, CR-56 AMAX, RPD, AS VAL, Type 25, Holger 26, GKS, Chopper, Hades, QQ9, QXR (Buffed)

  • Reduced bullet spread by less than 10%

RUS-79u (Nerfed)

  • Slightly increased bullet spread

PPSh41 (Nerfed)

  • 35 Round Fast Reload;
    • Movement speed bonus reduced from 8% to 5%

QQ9 (Nerfed)

  • Tactical Barrel;
    • Movement speed bonus reduced from 5% to 4%
  • Not Stock;
    • Movement speed bonus reduced from 5% to 4%

MAC 10 (Nerfed)

  • Damage reduced in the second range
  • Steel Stock;
    • ADS movement speed bonus reduced from 20% to 16%
  • SAS Combat Stock;
    • ADS movement speed bonus reduced from 20% to 16%

Fennec (Nerfed)

  • Light Stock;
    • ADS movement speed bonus reduced from 15% to 12%
  • Light Mag;
    • ADS movement speed bonus reduced from 5% to 4%

MX9 (Nerfed)

  • Agile Stock;
    • ADS movement speed bonus reduced from 40% to 37%

Persistence (Nerfed)

  • Moved from Red Slot to Blue Slot
  • Streaks are divided into 3 tiers and persistence users can only pick one streak from each tier

Napalm (Nerfed)

  • Duration decreased

Chopper Gunner (Nerfed)

  • Score requirements increased

Orbital Laser (Nerfed)

  • Score requirements increased
  • Duration decreased

EMP Systems (Buffed)

  • Score requirements decreased

These are all the weapon balance changes in COD Mobile Season 5. Let us know if you are excited about the newest season for the game or not. We would love to know your thoughts regarding this matter.

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