Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Buffs and Nerfs | Weapon Balance Changes

The latest season of Call of Duty Mobile (APK download here) is right around the corner and we cannot wait for it to go live. This update brings in many changes such as a new map, new weapons, a new Battle Pass, and it also makes tons of balance changes as well. That is why this guide will take a look at the COD Mobile Season 3 balance changes.

There are many balance changes to various weapons in season 3. This guide will cover all the weapon notes coming up in the CODM Season 3. With that said, let’s take a look at every weapon that is being buffed or nerfed in this season of COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Season 3 (2022) Weapons Buffs and Nerfs

There are tons of changes being made this season. We have discussed all of the weapons that are affected by this down below. Take a look to see if the weapon that you use got nerfed or buffed. From the looks of it, 8 weapons are getting changes made to them. You can read through the full list of Season 3 patch notes here to know more details about the patch.

SP-R 208 changes (Nerfed)

  • Abdominal Damage Multiplier: Decreased
  • Hand Damage Multiplier: Increased

“SP-R 208 is a marksman rifle that has a great field of vision and can destroy the enemy with a single shot even from afar. In some close to medium combat scenarios, it appears to be too fault-tolerant. Therefore, we shifted part of the one-shot damage from the abdomen to the hand area. This change requires a higher accuracy for players to take out enemies with one on-hand shot.”

HVK-30 (Buffed)

  • Range Damage Frame: Adjusted
  • Chest/Upper Arm Damage Multiplier: Increased

“HVK-30 is an assault rifle that lacks mobility. We have improved its range damage frame and long-range TTK to retain the positioning of medium to long-range rifles. HVK-30’s long-range attenuation of large-calibre Ammos is also adjusted to improve mobility.”

Large-Caliber Ammos:

  • Range: Adjusted
  • Damage: Adjusted

M4 changes (Buffed)

  • Hand Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • Chest/Upper Arm Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • Empty Reload Time: Decreased
  • ADS Time: Decreased
  • Bullet Spread: Decreased

“With excellent stability, M4 has been a popular assault rifle that helps new players adapt into the game. However, the actual TTK of M4 performs at an unsatisfactory level for players transitioning into more intense competitive matches. Therefore, we have increased the areas where the M4 deals a high multiplier of damage, and slightly improved its mobility and stability.”

Peacekeeper MK2 changes (Buffed)

  • First Range: Increased
  • Chest/Upper Arm Damage Multiplier: Increased

“Peacekeeper MK2 is an assault rifle that requires high mechanics. However, the controls of Peacekeeper MK2 appear to be too difficult, making it hard for players to utilize it. Therefore, previously, we adjusted its recoil and lowered its handling difficulties but it still wasn’t competitive enough. With the additional adjustments in this release, we hope Peacekeeper MK2 can truly reach its maximum potential.”

FR .556 changes (Buffed)

  • Vertical Recoil: Adjusted
  • Leg Damage Multiplier: Increased

“FR .556’s strong vertical recoil and diminishing damage multiplier to the leg area provide uncertain results when players are calculating damage dealt on eliminating enemies. Therefore, we decreased its vertical recoil and increased its damage multiplier on the leg area to stabilize its performance.”

ICR-1 changes (Buffed)

  • Base Damage: Increased
  • Shooting Range: Adjusted
  • Head Damage Multiplier: Increased

ICR-1 is an assault rifle with high mobility and stability designed for beginners. However, it has not been as popular of a choice as we anticipated. Therefore, we have strengthened its overall range dominance to allow stable performance within the range advantage of the rifle. We have also appropriately increased the damage multiplier on certain areas to make up for the shortcomings of TTK.

JAK-12 changes (Nerfed)

  • Stacking of Disable Perk: Reduced
  • Explosive Mag Slowing Effect: Reduced

CR-56 AMAX changes (Buffed)

  • Base Spread: Reduced

CR-56 AMAX is an assault rifle with a relatively large spread to offset its stable trajectory and long-distance suppression capability. However, a larger spread will have a greater impact when going against targets behind covers at close to medium combats. Therefore, we have decreased CR-56’s base spread.

These are all the weapon balance changes in COD Mobile Season 3. Let us know if you are excited about the newest season for the game or not. We would love to know your thoughts regarding this matter.

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