Horizon Forbidden West: Beginner’s Guide (Tips and Tricks)

The highly anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is finally out, and players are incredibly excited about it. There are tons of new mechanics introduced to the game, like the grappling hook, swimming improvements, and the glider. Not only that but there are new machines that you will have to face. That is why this beginner’s guide will cover everything to help you get started in Horizon Forbidden West.

If you are about to pick up your copy of the game or are waiting for it to download, we suggest that you look at this beginner’s guide till then. We will cover everything you need to know when starting in Horizon Forbidden West. With that said, let’s dive right in! In case you missed it, the Day One patch is also now available to download.

Horizon Forbidden West Beginner’s Tips and Tricks Guide

Before we start, let’s take a look at what you should expect when you launch Horizon Forbidden West for the first time. You will have more melee and range combo options, making the combat feel sublime. On top of that, you will have to go through a small tutorial section that gets you familiar with all the controls.

With that said, let’s take a look at the beginner’s guide to help you get familiar with the world of Horizon Forbidden West.

Melee Combat

Horizon Melee

Unlike the previous entry, Forbidden West offers a diverse variety to the players. While the spear is still similar to the last game, it has improved significantly. Melee combat has an incentive for players, and the game encourages using it.

Players now can use the “Resonator Blast” ability that has various effects. The most prominent one is the Valor Blast that deals area-of-effect damage and stuns nearby enemies. There are a total of 12 Resonator Blasts that players can use.

Skill Trees

Horizon Forbidden West Beginner's Guide

Horizon Forbidden West offers six skill trees – warrior, trapper, survivor, infiltrator, hunter, and machine master. Putting points into these trees will allow Aloy to excel in that field. Depending on your playstyle, you can focus on one skill tree rather than the other. If you want to focus on destroying and taming machines, you will want to max the machine master skill tree.

Special Weapons

Horizon Forbidden West Beginner's Guide

Aloy has a lot of tools at her disposal to help her defeat the threat in Forbidden West. Bringing up the weapon wheel to choose from six weapons. On top of that, you can carry various tools like the Adhesive grenades that stick to the enemies and stall them. You can line up your shot and hit the enemy’s weak point when they are stuck.

Similarly, you have several special arrows in your inventory as well. These arrows can remove the armor on the machines and expose them to take more damage. Plus, you also have the spear launcher that explodes on impact. These spears are especially useful against large machines with a lot of armor covering their weak spots.

Apart from offensive weapons, Aloy can also use Smoke Bombs to make a quick getaway if you find yourself in a sticky situation. These bombs temporarily blind the enemies.


For the first time, Horizon Forbidden West features the workbenches. They are spread across the lands of the Forbidden West in various settlements. Players can upgrade their armor and weapons using the workbench to keep up with the ever-growing threat. Since the enemies you face get more substantial, it is essential to strengthen your weapons and outfits.

Enemy Types

Horizon Forbidden West Beginner's Guide

Like the previous entry, Forbidden West has two main types of enemies – humans, and machines. However, you will see the rebels riding the machines and attacking you this time around. You will have to use a different play style for every kind of enemy. On top of that, there are quite a few new machines added to the game. Most notably, the Tremortusk, Clamberjaw, and Clawstrider.

The game sometimes forces players to step out of their comfort zone and adopt a different style to take down a large or complex enemy. This also ties back to the skill tree point, so make sure that you upgrade various skills rather than only one tree. If you are curious to see some of the more prominent machines added, we made a list just for you:

  • Tremortusk
  • Clamberjaw
  • Clawstrider
  • Rollerback
  • Sunwing
  • Slitherfang
  • Shellsnapper

New Activities

Horizon Forbidden West Beginner's Guide

If you find yourself tired from all the action, you can partake in various activities found in the tribes’ settlements. You can test your strength against other human tribe members by facing them in the melee pit or show your courage in the arena against large unforgiving machines.

Like most open-world games, Horizon Forbidden West has a bunch of side quests. These are quests that do not affect the game’s main narrative and are optional. However, the NPCs are pretty memorable this time around, and the side quests feel fleshed out. Doing these quests can gather more resources than you usually would.

Travesing the World of Forbidden West

Horizon FW Glider

This time around, the game offers the free climbing mechanic to players. Previously, players would have to follow limited yellow-highlighted ledges that were not available everywhere. However, Forbidden West changes that. Now, you can climb up a lot of surfaces freely.

While the climbing is still limited, it is a nice improvement. If you’re expecting free climbing like Assassins Creed Valhalla, you will be disappointed, but it is a massive improvement over the last time. Players can use their Focus to see which surface is climbable.

On top of that, Aloy can use the glider – known as the Shieldwing – to glide after jumping off of high areas. This is an excellent addition to the game, and it allows players to get creative and find out how they can use Shieldwing.

Finally, you also have the Pullcaster, which is a grappling hook. This tool allows you to reach higher areas quickly and make a quick getaway or get to the high ground. It is a great tool to reposition yourself and get back into action once ready.

Knowing all these tips will help you start in the grueling world of Horizon. We would love to see if you are excited about the game or not. Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned to our Guides section for more content related to the new Horizon Forbidden West.

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