How to Contact Customer Support for Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Elden Ring launched to a huge start earlier today, and just like every game, the launch for PC players has not been a smooth one so far. Unlike the consoles version, the PC game is riddled with bugs and glitches at the moment. FromSoftware has already released the Day One patch with a lot of optimizations, but that doesn’t seem to be enough.

For those who do not know, Elden Ring is an open-world action role-playing developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Critics loved the game with an almost perfect rating, however, the stuttering issues on PC have led to mixed reviews by the players. Moreover, the game does not even support ultrawide monitors scaling with their aspect ratio. The game is now out on the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

Contact Elden Ring Customer Support

Bandai Namco Entertainment is a huge games publisher and a very old one. However, their support system is not the best one in the industry. We have still compiled some ways how you can reach out to the developers for game-related support queries, and just maybe, you might get a reply.

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Email Bandai Namco Customer Support

Elden Ring - Bandai Namco Support

The first step is always to check the official documentation for a game if you are stuck with an issue. In most cases, the developers or the publishing company have a section for the frequently asked questions where you can read more about the problems and their workarounds. This is where you can visit the Elden Ring Support Center.

  • From the bottom of the page, click on “Contact Us”
  • You can log-in with your Bandai Namco account, you select the third option “Send Us An Email” to contact support without an account
  • Fill in your information and send your message.

Social Media Support

Elden Ring Support - Bandai Namco Twitter

Next, you should look for support accounts on social media. Some publishers choose to run Facebook groups, and some simply go with a Twitter account where they answer all your queries. Sadly, none of these options exist just for Elden Ring. There are social media accounts for Banda Namco Entertainment from where you can make your voices heard.

You can find Bandai Namco on both Twitter and Facebook.

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Elden Ring Subreddit

How to Contact Elden Ring Customer Support

Sometimes the community will be your only aid. In those cases, The Elden Ring subreddit is your best aid. You can either scroll through the posts and find your relevant issue or simply create your own post yourself.

Steam Discussions

You can also try your luck on the Steam Discussions page for Elden Ring. Players from all over the world are discussing the game in that forum. You can search the discussion page to see if your issue has been discussed or not. Otherwise, you can post your problem there and the community will respond. The devs also keep a close eye on the forum as well.

That’s everything you needed to know to contact support for Elden Ring. We hope you end up getting whatever issue you had resolved! Let us know in the comments below if you are enjoying the game or not.

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39 responses

  1. Alexandru Buchmelder Avatar
    Alexandru Buchmelder

    Hello from BlanketRugz,
    I am contacting you to file a complaint. My profile/last saved game never actually saved today I’m at level 13 but made it to lever 23 today (6 hours) of game play I lost for no reason. Hope you guys can retrieve my last saved game not sure whays going on. But I will issue a refund/never play this game again if you guys can’t get your act together.
    Thank you!

    Alex Buchmelder
    Phone – 7192200019
    Email – [email protected]

    1. I got disconnected from the game whole trying to play with friend and now I’ve been banned even though your servers kicked me off every 3 minutes

  2. This game is brilliant…… Plus please note, their should be an easy settings, game is rock solid and it takes the fun out of the game.
    I have to stop playing it because I’m getting nowhere at all within the hours I’ve already put into the game. I’ll look forward to the update with the easy game mode on it hopefully. Regards.

    1. Yourmomshouse Avatar

      How much you get paid to said that

    2. Charlie Avatar

      Aye man exactly your totally right, should be an easier option, ive had to go farm a load of glitches to get overpowered weapons which im still just only getting by with, get enemys down to one sword hit nd theyll just one shot you, stupid combat design makes no sense

      1. You’re just bad

    3. Also lost hours of play today. What doesn’t make sense is I have remembrances and enemies id defeated still defeated even though I lost hours of my progress before I’d beaten them?

  3. Gauge Hall Avatar
    Gauge Hall

    On ps5, also would like to file a complaint tried your method of manually saving by exiting the game got to level 26 again and it shut off my console again and deleted my save point back to level 9! Harming console and wasting my weekend need a fix and old save point or refund and will not play.

  4. Ria Gebhardt Avatar
    Ria Gebhardt

    Same here… i lost my savepoint first so i did all again until lvl 58. I did a Screenshot to be Sure. Nett day i played until lvl 73 and logged of. Now i wanted to play and im back at lvl 59. Its on xbox one.

  5. Jordan Avatar

    I had a level 44 and a 20 something and the game had network errors and both have been deleted for 12 hours. I’m definitely not farming everything again so hopefully they fix it.

  6. Can’t summon half the time it will say unable to summon cooperative player please fix I’m playing on ps4
    Thanks in advance

  7. I want a way to turn off invasions. This game has let me down in so many ways with its multiplayer. First off, that’s not multiplayer. Quite calling it that when it’s a cheap imitations at multiplayer. Like a knock of version on it. Secondly there are so many limitations put in this game just to play with a friend. Thanks to this abortion of a multiplayer, and my inability to adventure with friends because I am invaded every 5 to 10 min. I can’t walk very far or get anything done with a friend because of this. Half of the reason I got this game was so I could play with my wife and friend. We all are so disappointed with the b.s. version on multiplayer that we all want our money back. If we wanted to fight other layers all the the time instead of adventuring with friends I would get a PvP game. Not and rpg your supposed to be able to play with friends. There are other features that bother me and us about the game. But nothing more disappointing that a game designed to ruin co-operative play. In more than one way and in ways that take something designed for fun and just ruin it to the point where I don’t care to even play by myself because I can’t ever game with a friend, the way multiplayer co-op has been since it’s inception.

    1. charlie Avatar

      yeah i totally agree man, loads of bs, can’t complete any of the main quests cos i just get invaded by some overpowerd player nd get tanked, i want my money back as well. Love the world, boss designs and detail but the pvp and combat is mostly broken nd makes you hate the game, got no joy out of it just raging constantly for £50, not happy.

    2. Jazmine Avatar

      This is what I came here to say. I cannot progress my character or play with my friends because I get invaded so often. Same disappointment with the limitations on multiplayer. I bought the game to play with my friends. If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have bought it. I should be able to opt out of PvP invasions. And when I do get invaded, the invaded should be nerfed the way my friends are when they come to help me.

  8. Donna Walsh Avatar
    Donna Walsh

    I received the bell for summing the wolves,, which is supposed to be in my inventory on the page titled ASHES,,, but that page is empty!
    Have tried to get answers, would really appreciate some help in this matter,
    Thank you

    1. Do you have the Summoning Bell? My best guess is it has to do with that if you don’t. Either way, because the conditions for getting them at the start of the game are so finicky they also have an option to buy both of them for just 800 Runes all together. I didn’t go back and get either of them and bought them after I made it just a little bit further into the game. The game is easy enough so you don’t need them but I hope that fixes things for you.

  9. Graydon Avatar

    Game needs nurfing way too hard for new players also fix the damn co op 90 % of summons arw 7n able its stupid also take out invading figures people are getting out of hand killing people who want to just co op instead why not add a tarnished arena accessed via the Manor this will give pvp players All the pvp to their hearts content and leave the co op players alone the game is hard enough without been trolled and forcing people to pvp against their will

  10. I walked past the pedestal at the divine tower of limgrave and it just kept going up and up without me after I spent a long time getting there to not cool

  11. John Ruper Avatar
    John Ruper

    Can not summon or see summon signs, what is going on!


  12. I want to know why I got banned for your game freezing on me and I want my online back

  13. Why did I get banned for your game freezing on me and I had to shut the game down and I want my online back if not refund me my f****** money

  14. Please fix coop. I wanna be able to get my friends to come my world even if they are low level. I want to go in there world without my stats being dropped. I want to be able to use my horse and skills I’ve worked hard for. It was advertised as coop

  15. Greetings…

    I defeated the Magma Wyrmin the Gael Tunnel and I did not get the Moonveil drop on PS4.

    Can you help me with this?


  16. John quinn Avatar
    John quinn

    I cant get game to come on lts like just frozen on my screen high level too

    Im my ps5

  17. Johnathan M Nelson Avatar
    Johnathan M Nelson

    So I’m on ps4 and controllers is not responding and coas I need me to run into walls and die I love this game but can’t get it to work 😫 I’ve tried reinstalling the game and nothing it even turn my controller off

  18. Josef Kasprzak Avatar
    Josef Kasprzak

    Playing with friends and the game would randomly freeze on me. Then I would close the app and get back in and get a error message about quit game was not selected. How are you suppose to quit game if the game freezes on you 4 times in a span of 2 minutes.

  19. Robert LeBarron Avatar
    Robert LeBarron

    Hi my name is Rob L. I recently purchased Elden Ring off the Xbox play store for my Xbox one everything was going beautifully until I tried to create a new character. Every time I try it let’s me create and then as soon as I try to enter a name it freezes I even tried a brand new profile Im not sure if it’s just a bug or what I hope it gets fixed soon because I love the game please let me know what’s going on at either [email protected] or you may call me at 716-708-0439 thank you for your time

  20. Charlie Avatar

    I’m sick to death of unable to summon other players to help me , I I keep getting unable to summon unable to summon,my net work fine I’ve no issues with my Xbox one X,wish I had never bought the bloody game now a load of cr__.

  21. Charlie Avatar

    I’m sick to death of being unable to summon other players I’m having no luck at all,my internet is working fine no issues with my console Xbox one X,I wish I had not purchased the game know, it’s a load of cr_p, cannot enjoy at all,you don’t care as long as you get the money £.

  22. Charlie Torres Avatar
    Charlie Torres

    It’s seems after patch 1.04 I’ve lost Mohgwyns sacred spear and I’m at a point in my first playthrough I really need this particular weapon and I’m more then sure I didn’t sell it, but it’s definitely not in my inventory is there any way you guys can look into this, if it’s my fault I apologize, I love the game and was excited about a new build with said weapon

  23. Danny H Roberts II Avatar
    Danny H Roberts II

    Just wondering if there was a way for u guys to help me out. My game, for some reason last night, froze while loading in and is now stuck there. All I did was “die😉” while playing. But in respawning, it now loads in from that moment and crashes the game every time. But 411 hours….. anything would be great thanks.🙏

  24. Tyler stansbery Avatar
    Tyler stansbery

    Elden ring for Xbox has many glitches for example the big bear is so over powered I got hit one time and I ended up getting stuck in a rock when they did there update I lost 58 points of my health the update made the game worse

  25. Steve Donoval Avatar
    Steve Donoval

    Hello FromSoftware,

    The last few times I’ve loaded my game there’s a popup that says “Inappropiate Behavior Detected” . I don’t use any mods, I don’t use any cheats, I don’t even use a VPN because, I have nothing to hide. Please fix this error in your “Anit Cheat System”. I’m unable to progress story quests without being able to be online.

    A few things that I have tried are, check integrity of game files, restart steam, restart computer. Nothing seems to work.


  26. Dominick chaffman Avatar
    Dominick chaffman

    I need someone to help me all my weapons and items are missing from my sort chest in elden ring and my stats were all changed i need help or support

  27. Alexandre Avatar

    Malenia is too strong because she regain almost all her health in one slash. Can you put this back like its was before the new patch. She’s the only one who is un beat able. My summon look weak only againt her. Can you do something please?

  28. Nathaniel Avatar

    The game is perfect and all I can’t wait for the dlc I never got into this kind of games now I played it almost everyday and stuff but guys that co op problem you guys really need to fix it I can’t see my friend at all I try everything I did everything I check a thousand times nothing thank you is such good game to play alone 🙁

  29. Bro oh my fucking god I can’t fucking summon my friend but he can summon me wtf is this shit bro

  30. Hi there.
    Have forgotten How to open my maps ? Please help me !?

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