How to Backup Elden Ring Save Game File Automatically

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Not integrating Cloud Saves in Elden Ring has led to resentment occurring within the fanbase especially considering most tend to play on multiple platforms instead of one. With that said, the community has come to each other’s rescue and there are now multiple methods to backup Elden Ring save files which we’ll be mentioning down below.

As of yet, we do not expect developers to be coming out with an official fix. Therefore, you’ll have to use community fixes for now. However, if there are any official fixes or if Steam Cloud Saves are integrated by the developers, we’ll let you know. You can also take a look at our known issues post for a general idea for problems plaguing the game as of yet.

Elden Ring: Auto Save File Backup

Elden Ring: Auto Save File Backup

Developed by Steam user AAGmail, this tool helps back up your Elden Ring save files automatically thereby allowing you to easily traverse between systems and keep your progress synced up.

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After you’ve got the program up and running, here’s what you need to do to backup and restore the files:

  • Open the program as an Administrator
  • After doing so, select the destination to back up your save
  • Now, start Elden Ring. Your save files will be backed up automatically
  • Once you are done playing, click Stop Backup and then the Stop button.

To restore your files, perform the following steps:

  • Open the program as an Administrator
  • Select Restore and choose your last backup
  • Now, click on Start. Your game should now open up with the mentioned save.

System Requirements:

You need to meet the following Windows PC system requirements to run this software:

  • Windows 32 or 64 bit (XP, 7, 10, 11)
  • Microsoft .NET 4.6 or above

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Manual Backup

If you aren’t in the mood for fancy software, no worries. There’s an extremely easy way for you to backup your save files manually in Elden Ring too, here’s what you need to do:

  • Head onto the save file location for Elden Ring
  • After doing so, copy all the contents found in the Elden Ring -> UserID folder
  • Paste these contents in another folder or back them up to your Drive.

When you wish to restore these files, just place them, in the same way, they were on your original device and you should be able to play the game in no time!

Will you be backing up your saves in Elden Ring using the automatic or the manual method? let us know of your preference down below!

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