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So are you a returning Apex Legends player or are playing it for the first time on mobile devices? Worry not as we have you covered with our character guide for Apex Legends Mobile which will highlight exactly the character that fits your playstyle, be it support, tank or the DPS of the party. Along with this guide, also check out our tier list for the APM legends.

Following are the list and abilities of every character present in Apex Legends mobile, in case you are familiar with the PC and console versions of the game you can skip this section as legend abilities and skills are largely the same in Apex Legends Mobile. If you’re new to the game however then you’re going to appreciate reading this part. Every Character in Apex Legends has 3 abilities, one Passive skill, one Tactical Ability that goes on a short cooldown when you use it, and one Ultimate Ability.

1. Bloodhound

Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile

The best Legend in the game when it comes to tracking, Bloodhound can see the footsteps of his opponents and track his targets using his passive Tracker skill bestowed upon him by the Norse Gods. His skills include:

Passive Ability:

Bloodhounds passive ability “Tracker” lets him locate faraway enemies by seeing their footprints. It also lets you see how much time has passed since the other player left the current area.

Tactical Ability:

Bloodhounds Tactical Ability “Eye of the Allfather” briefly reveals hidden enemies, traps and clues throughout structures in front of you.

Ultimate Ability:

Bloodhound’s Ultimate Ability “Beast of the Hunt” lets you move faster and highlights all the enemies around him.

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2. Bangalore

Bangalore in Apex Legends Mobile

One of the more standard and simple characters in Apex Legends, Bangalore excels at confusing her opponents with her smoke grenades while also avoiding conflicts with her passive ability.

Passive Ability:

Bangalore’s passive ability “Double Time” increases her sprinting speed by 20% if an opponent is firing at her.

Tactical Ability:

Bangalore’s tactical ability “Smoke Launcher” lets her shoot a smoke bomb that explodes on impact.

Ultimate Ability:

Bangalore’s ultimate ability “Rolling Thunder” lets her call in an artillery airstrike like you’re playing Call of Duty all over again.

3. Octane

Octane in Apex Legends Mobile

Do you crave speed? Do you like playing unga bunga and getting kills with little penalty? Well Octane is the character for you!

Passive Ability:

Octane’s passive ability “Swift Mend” turns him into wolverine and lets him heal any damage taken over time.

Tactical Ability:

Octane’s tactical ability “Stim” lets him stab a Covid-19 booster shot into his veins giving him 30% faster movement speed at the cost of half his health bar.

Ultimate Ability:

Octane’s ultimate ability “Jump Pad” lets Octane through a jump pad on the ground for him and his team causing them to jump through the air. A great tool for covering distances or escaping tough conflicts.

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4. Gibraltar:

Gibraltar in Apex Legends Mobile

Do you crave blood? Do you like playing unga bunga and getting kills with little penalty? Well Gibraltar is the pick for you! As the tank in Apex Legends Mobile, its his job to protect your teammates from damage.

Passive Ability:

Gibraltar’s passive ability “Gun Shield” causes a shield to pop up in front of him if he’s aiming down his sights, If you’ve played Siege, it basically works like Blackbeard’s AR, and just like in Siege, its a pain in the ass to deal with.

Tactical Ability:

Gibraltar’s tactical ability “Drone of Protection” deploys a dome shield that temporarily protects him and his teammates from damage.

Ultimate Ability:

Gibraltar’s ultimate ability “Defensive Bombardment” lets you summon a targeted mortar strike at your marked location.

5. Lifeline

Lifeline in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends’s primary healer, Lifeline is a fragile legend that can heal and revive you and your teammates in battle. An extremely important asset to your team in Apex Legends Mobile.

Passive Ability:

Lifeline’s passive ability “Combat Revive” lets her deploy a drone that can revive you or your teammates while she defends you. Unlike the PC/Console versions however, Lifeline still has her revive shield in the mobile port.

Tactical Ability:

Lifeline’s tactical ability “D.O.C Heal Drone” lets her call in a drone of compassion that can heal you and your teammates over time.

Ultimate Ability:

Lifeline’s Ultimate Ability “Care Package” can be a game changer, letting you call a drop pod containing high quality shields, medkits and tons of other goodies.

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6. Pathfinder

Pathfinder in Apex Legends Mobile

Made for players like me who like flying around the environment like a monkey, Pathfinder is for the true Titanfall enthusiasts who are all about that sweet grappling hook fun in Apex Legends Mobile.

Passive Ability:

Pathfinder’s passive-ability “Insider Knowledge” lets him scan survey beacons and reveal the circle’s location ahead of time.

Tactical Ability:

Pathfinder’s tactical ability “Grapple” lets him fly around the environment with-you guessed it- a grappling hook.

Ultimate Ability:

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability “Zipline Gun” lets him fire a long range zipline for him and his teammates, this lets your party quickly cover very long distances making Pathfinder one of the best characters in Apex Legends.

7. Mirage

Mirage in Apex Legends Mobile

The ultimate troll character, Mirage is the Legend you pick when you’re having a bad day and want to feel better by ruining someone else’s day in Apex Legends Mobile.

Passive Ability:

Mirage’s passive ability “Now You See Me” lets him cloak himself invisible while reviving downed teammates or while respawning them.

Tactical Ability:

Mirage’s tactical ability “psyche out” lets him send a holographic decoy to fool or distract enemies and eliminate them from behind.

Ultimate Ability:

Mirage’s ultimate ability “Life of the Party” channels his inner troll and lets him summon 5 holographic decoys at the same time while also making him invisible, a powerful tool for flanking or just bailing the heck out of tough fights.

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8. Caustic

Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile

Caustic is a character who plays around with toxic gas traps and is the perfect choice for players who like to have a defensive approach, camp spots and use Twitter.

Passive Ability:

Caustic’s passive ability “Nox Vision” allows him to see enemies through his or the enemy’s gas cloud.

Tactical Ability:

Caustic’s tactical ability “Nox gas trap” lets him drop deadly gas canisters that explode if someone passes them by or if Caustic shoots them.

Ultimate Ability:

Caustic’s ultimate ability “Nox Gas Grenade” lets him throw a high radius gas grenade that lets him shut down a specific area.

9. Wraith

Wraith in Apex Legends Mobile

Wraith is a challenging character with a relatively cool design. So of course everyone who plays her either sucks at the game or is an Apex God, there is no in-between. Wraith is a master of scouting and deception with her unique skillset that lets her channel the powers of the void.

Passive Ability:

Wraith’s passive ability “Voices from the Void” warns you about any nearby danger, it triggers as soon as an enemy spots you or targets you.

Tactical Ability:

Wraith’s tactical ability “Into the Void” lets her travel through the void for a few seconds while avoiding any and all damage.

Ultimate Ability:

Wraith’s ultimate ability lets her form two portals that connect two each other for 60 seconds, a great tool for escaping or initiating engagements.

10. Wattson:

Wattson in Apex Legends Mobile

Wattson relies on her shields and traps to mobilize her enemies. She lacks in offensive power but is a defensive powerhouse with low health.

Passive Ability:

Wattson’s passive ability “Spark of Genius” lets Wattson charge her ultimate ability with a single ultimate accelerant.

Tactical Ability:

Wattson’s tactical ability “Perimeter Security” lets her connect nodes to activate electric fences to damage and slow down enemies.

Ultimate Ability:

Wattson’s ultimate ability “Interception Pylon” lets her shutdown incoming ordinance and repair damaged shields.

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11. Crypto

Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile

A scout character that relies on intel more than anything else, and shares said intel with his party.

Passive Ability:

Crypto’s passive ability “Neurolink” lets him and his team see any enemy marked by Crypto’s tactical ability within 30 meters of Crypto’s position.

Tactical Ability:

Crypto’s tactical ability “Surveillance Drone” deploys an aerial drone that shows a bird’s eye view of the surroundings. If the drone is destroyed you have to wait for a 40 second cooldown before it can be deployed again.

Ultimate Ability:

Crypto’s ultimate ability “Drone EMP” lets Crypto’s drone shoot off a strong EMP blast that disable’s traps, damages shields and slows enemies down.

12. Revenant

Revenant in Apex Legends Mobile

Revenant is one of-if not the only- stealth legend in Apex Legends Mobile, his sneaky kit allows him to get the advantage over his opponents by catching them off guard and quickly bursting them down.

Passive Ability:

Revenant’s passive ability “Stalker” lets him crouch-walk faster and climb higher.

Tactical Ability:

Revenant’s tactical ability “Silence” lets him throw a device that can deal damage and disable enemy abilities for 15 seconds.

Ultimate Ability:

Revenant’s ultimate ability “Death Totem” lets him drop a totem that temporarily protects players from death. If they die they are returned to the totem instead.

We hope this guide helped you out! For more helpful guides stay tuned right here at our Guides Section!

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