Best Apex Legends Mobile Landing Spots (2022)

Apex Legends has been one of the most successful games by EA in recent memory. Serving as a spin-off to Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall series, Apex Legends is an online Battle Royale Hero Due to the game’s immense success on both consoles and PC, a mobile version of Apex Legends has also been recently released

Deciding on where to drop when starting your early matches in Apex Legends Mobile can be an overwhelming decision as the entire map is filled with interesting spots you can choose. This is why we’ve compiled this handy guide on the best drop locations in the game.

Best Drop Locations in Apex Legends Mobile:

Apex Legends Mobile - World's Edge Map

As it stands Apex Legends Mobile only has one available map, World’s Edge, which alone offers a whole host of options for players. From open spots which make for easy pickings for anyone standing at vantage points to enclosed areas with places to hide in and take cover. Following are the best locations players can choose when dropping into World’s Edge while playing Apex Legends Mobile.

Fragment West/East:

Looking for a fight as soon as you drop alongside some good loot to boot? Head straight to Fragment West or Fragment East to get right into the action! This is one of the most popular spots in Apex Legends Mobile for good reason. Offering advantages for players with both defensive and offensive players with both its open areas and enclosed indoor spaces.

This consistently remains as one of the hotspots for many Apex Legends Mobile players but will also serve as a meat grinder for many squads so players should be cautious players are better off dropping in a different spot in Apex Legends Mobile.

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Want to start off slow and take your time? Trials is the perfect place to start with as you can also complete the challenge inside for some good gold goodies. It is a great option if you want to mostly partake in small firefights and pick your engagements early on before getting better gear and becoming confident enough to jump in headfirst into the action-heavy hotspots all over the map.

Highly recommend it for newer players who aren’t interested in jumping straight into the meat grinder as soon as they start playing Apex Legends Mobile.


Another strong starting zone for loot and a great place to go for if you want to jump right into the fray! There’s a lot of potential combat opportunities for every kind of Legend here due to how the area is designed.

Enclosed spaces galore with a large open area in the center, this area is designed for engaging and thoughtful firefights where your trigger finger is tested as much as your tactical combat skills. A great spot to test and hone your skill in Apex Legends Mobile.

The Tree:

While not as popular the two other hotspots in this list, The Tree is another great zone for loot which also provides some very good vantage points to shoot down any players making their way in. A haven for snipers and campers, the Tree is a great option for players using Snipers or Marksman rifles due to its sheer abundance of vantage points while being a nightmare to navigate for any poor soul there might be on the bottom end of your sight or scope.

Dropping here early and camping here for a while can usually mean getting to wipe at least a squad or two provided the bubble is on your side. Keeping all that in mind makes the Tree as one of the most advantageous and also one of the most dangerous spots in all of Apex Legends Mobile.

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The Geyser:

Depending on the flight path of the dropship, the Geyser can serve as either a popular combat hotspot or the best place you need to drop to for a decently slow start. This means it is a great spot to land on for both kinds of players or for players looking for something in the middle.

If you don’t want to be thrown straight into the meat grinder out of nowhere but also want a start where you don’t have to pour a bucket of iced water over yourself to stay awake. The Geyser serves as the best of both worlds in Apex Legends Mobile.

And there you go, these are some of the best drop locations in Apex Legends Mobile. We will also be making similar guides for other maps if they are announced.

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