Lost Ark Beginner’s Guide (Tips and Tricks)

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If you’re completely new to the world of Lost Ark then it’s time you get your strategy hats on because this game is going to make you think of strategies that which you didn’t think of before.

The Lost Ark is an MMORPG released exclusively for PC and fans have been taking a particular liking to this game. They’ve enjoyed the strategies involved, the visuals the game has to offer and the inventory menu in particular from where you get your collected weapons and objects which you get from the DLC claims.

Kick Off As a Beginner in Lost Ark

With the tips that we are going to bring for you today, we are going to make sure that you kick off your Lost Ark journey as someone who knows all the tips and tricks. This guide is going to be your lifesaver so let us begin.

Level Up Efficiently

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Knowing what kind of quests give you the most XP is important in the Lost Ark. This helps you level up quicker as you gather more XP in a short time. Prioritizing the quests of the main story is important if you would like to level up quicker. The orange blips on the map are main quests whereas the yellow blips are the side quests. Side quests do not provide much XP compared to main quests.

Fast Travelling

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Fast travelling in the game can only be done using Triport’s which are transportation hubs spread out in the world of Lost Ark. You can only use it once you reach Prideholme. Once you’ve reached Prideholme, you will be told to follow the main story after which you’ll be told to activate the Triport stone. You can then fast travel using the following steps:

  • Complete the main story until you reach Prideholme
  • Activate the Triport stone
  • Bring the map up on your screen
  • Select another Triport which you’ve activated. Travelling will require a small price

That’s it, that is how you will be fast travelling in this game!

Understanding Combat Skills

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You will be getting skill points in the game which you can use to upgrade your skills without any kind of restriction. You can upgrade your combat skills in order to rack up additional bonuses in combat.

Understanding Trade Skills

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Apart from combat skills, you also get trade skills which you get after you complete tasks such as mining. Trade skills are used to gather materials to craft items. An example is collecting flowers and plants to formulate potions.

Survive and Handling Dungeon Quests

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You will need a good amount of health regenerating potions if you are to survive dungeon quests. Dungeon quests are pretty challenging especially if you have no one to revive you if you die.

Understanding Gear Score

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Gear score is something which you will need to keep in mind onwards lvl. 15. This is because before that you will be switching a lot of gear. By the time you end up on lvl. 50, your gear score should be 250. The higher your gear score, the more content you get to unlock! Gear has a major effect on stats. Where some piece of gear increases defense then other types of gear is higher on the offensive side but helps you move faster.

Significance of Engravings

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Engravings depend upon your class and the combat style which you look to approach in the game. Engravings are present onwards lvl. 26 and they contribute massively in providing you with an edge in battle. Engravings help to increase your stat, damage and abilities. These are obtained from accessories and ability stones.

Upgrade Stronghold Facilities

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The Stronghold facilities need to be upgraded as soon as you complete the related quest. Stronghold is the game’s housing feature and doesn’t simply allow you to improve the housing features, but it also grants boosts, discounts, and upgrades to improve gear and abilities.

Sailing the Seas

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At Level 35, you will be given a sailing tutorial which will allow you to access other parts of Arkesia. As you sail, you can complete a string of other tasks as well such as assigning tasks to your sailors which they will be able to do because of the abilities that they have. It is also important to keep an eye on your ship’s HP.

Creating Alternate Character

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If you would like to complete daily and weekly challenges for Lost Ark then you will need to create an alternate character in order to carry out the grind. These challenges will need to be carried out for rewards accordingly!

Make sure that before you step into the world of Lost Ark, you go through this beginner’s guide to have an upper hand against your enemies!

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