Apex Legends Arena Mode – Release Date and Details

EA has just announced a completely new permanent game mode being added to Apex Legends known as Arena Mode! It will be an integral part of their soon-to-be-released Legacy update! It adds a new TDM like game mode to the mix with two teams of three competing against each other. You’ll be facing off against your opponents without anyone coming in. So, it’ll be a battle of pure skill.

The game mode does not follow the premise of a Battle Royale whatsoever and is quite different from what you are used to in Apex Legends. As such, we’re going to be providing you with all the details alongside the release date of the new Arena mode.

Apex Legends Arena Overview

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As mentioned earlier, the Arena mode moves away from the traditional shenanigans of a Battle Royale and adapts a much more grounded linear 3v3 TDM route. You’ll be selecting your operators the same way but will now be tasked with surviving and winning multiple fights over many rounds with your primary goal being to be the last squad that stands every time.

The game mode will be consisting of brand new maps and an entire re-haul of the loadout system has been done to better accomodate the new game mode. Most new maps are made with balance with mind with each team spawning in horizontally oposite sides.


As soon as the match starts, you’ll be allowed to roam around the map freely. Your sole purpose is to kill the enemy team. You can concoct different strategies according to your playstyle which can range from sticking together or for one person to go entirely solo. You’ll be able to find care packages filled with upgraded weapons and can also find materials (the currency used to buy guns at the start of the round,) from randomly scattered trash bins.

How to win in Apex Legends Arena?

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To win an Arenas Match, you will need to win at least three rounds and be ahead of your opponent team. If you go 3-0 or 3-1, the match will be over. However, if the opposing team can also win two rounds, then simply going 3,-2, or 4-3 won’t do. Instead, you’ll have to win by two whole matches by either going 4-2 or 5-3 to win. This process goes all the way to the ninth round (4-4.) Whoever wins this round will end up winning in Apex Legends Arena. As such, there are no draws in the game.

How to Get Weapons in Apex Legends Arena?

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You can purchase weapons at the start of each round by using the materials provided to you. You can get a base gun with no attachments or pump it out with legendary attachments. You can decide whether you want to go all-in on a particular round or want to save up for next. Players will also be able to find additional weapons and resources scattered throughout the map. However, weapons will not be carrying over from round to round. However, your ultimate or tactical will.

When will Apex Legends Arena Release?

Apex Legends Arena will be launching on 4 May on all supported platforms including the PC, Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox. The game mode will be a part of the greater Apex Legends – Legacy Update. You can take a look at the trailer here:

We hope you are as excited for the new Battle Royale game mode as we are! We’ll definitely be providing you with tips and tricks on how you can own everyone in the new game mode. Stay tuned.

via: EA

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