Lost Ark Berserker Class Guide: PvP + PvE (September 2022)

Lost-Ark-Berserker class guide

Berserker is the most aggressive out of all the Warrior class in Lost Ark. They wield great swords and are very feral in their attacking. They are your most button-mashy crazy character which if used properly can really be an offensive asset to the party.

Berserker class can be the most accessible of all the classes in Lost Ark and lets you live out your most animalistic fantasies especially when they activate that Burst mode. Let’s see how you can tame this beast to channel its anger for your advantage. We have also covered a similar guide for Deadeye and Paladin Lost Ark classes.

Berserker Class

Berserkers are your basic albeit important heavy damage dealer in Lost Ark. They jump in battle with their greatsword to cause AoE attack and damage. They are a bit slower, movement and attacking wise, compared to other warrior classes but they make up for it with their damage-dealing capabilities.

And once that Burst mode is activated they reach new strata of danger, they become an unstoppable force that swallows any amount of enemy you throw at them. With the Mayhem Engraving, this class has become a fan favorite as the meta is very much in his favor. In summary, Berserker is an easy class to play with comparatively and can be useful in any kind of situation.

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Identity Skill

Lot Ark Berserker skills build

Burst is their sole identity skill which lets Berserker go into a fury mode when their meter is full. They deal considerably more damage but the downside is your overall max HP is lowered to just 25% of the total. Though that sounds risky the amount of damage you deliver and destroy enemies so easily this concern goes out of the window. And if ran with Mayhem Engraving the issue doesn’t even exist.



With this engraving equipped the player stays in Burst Mode perpetually and with each level, the damage is increased drastically. Attack and movement become faster as you are in Burst mode always. Though your health is lowered to just 25% you take 65% less damage to yourself. And you recover health with each hit that lands. Talk about your OPness!

Berserker’s Technique

This engraving will allow for critical damage to increase massively while in Burst mode. And removes the exhaustion that comes after running out of Burst.

Best Skills and Tripods

Shoulder Charge

Allows the Berserker to charge run for a distance dealing damage to anyone that comes in the way.


  • Shield Effect
  • Smash

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Tempest Slash

This lets the Berserker move to the designated location and slash the enemy launching them in the air and dealing massive damage.


  • Quickly Prepare
  • Find Weakness
  • Raging Storm

Mountain Crash

Berserker stomps the ground so hard that an earthquake deals a radius of Earth damage to surrounding enemies.


  • Focus
  • Prepare Fast Attack
  • Ground Collision

Hell Blade

This plunges your greatsword in the ground inflicting AoE damage and if held for a second it deals even more damage and launches enemies in the air.


  • Jump
  • Melt
  • Ground Flip

Wind Blade

Lets the Berserker swing his greatsword and charge into enemies to deal substantial damage.


  • Quickly Prepare
  • Focus
  • Wind Swift

Strike Wave

Let’s you charge the greatsword to deal great damage but if overcharged this attack the damage will be increased manifold.


  • Wave
  • Limit Break
  • Ground Flip

Red Dust

Swings the sword vertically upwards to deal damage and keep dealing damage for a few seconds.


  • Quickly Prepare
  • Vital Attack
  • Red Wave

With these suggestions, we hope that you’ll build yourself an aggressive Berserker. And if you are a beginner and struggling with this game visit here for some tips and tricks. And let us know in the comments what kind of build are you running for your Berserker.

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