Lost Ark Paladin Class Guide PvE + PvP (September 2022)

Paladin Class is one of the three Advanced classes of the Warrior Class in Lost Ark, they deal damage as well as buff allies. They have a bit of a learning curve to them to make use of all the kinds of skills they have at their disposal. This guide will try to teach you how to play with the Paladin class. You might also want to check out our detailed look at the best classes tier list.

Paladins are best when you want to deal damage as well as support your entire team. They require some time to be invested to unlock all the important skills which are not there at the start. So we’ll point you to the right skills to focus on.

Paladin Class

paladin lost ark

The Paladin is a Tank Support class type which is beneficial to the whole team. They have two types of abilities Yellow and Blue. Yellow abilities are support and Blue is for dealing damage. That being said blue abilities are not the forte of this class and support is where the meat is really. The Blue abilities are strong enough to get you through most situations like Chaos Dungeons and Towers. So it’s a bit of a juggling act with Support being the heavier side in the balance.

Paladins can buff damage dealt, increase survivability, and clear debuffs as well. So if your playstyle is that of a badass sorcerer, who can be of help to everyone on the field and hold their own when need be, then you are a Paladin.

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Identity Skills

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Piety Identity is Paladin’s unique feature. Once that Piety meter is full the Paladin can unleash either of the two skills they have. The meter does not regenerate while the skill is active.

  • Sacred Executioner: Buffs the Blue or Punish abilities of the Paladin themselves, by increasing the range and reach of these attacks. This is for your fight and should be utilized when dealing with enemies alone.
  • Holy Aura: Grants a 10% damage Buff to you and your nearby allies. A true support skill perfect for the role of Paladin. This is the most important of the two skills and most utilized in a team setting.

Holy Aura is the Skill of choice here as you will be playing the role of support primarily and this skill will aid in that.


Paladin has 2 unique engravings:

Blessed Aura: compliments the Holy Aura Skill by further reducing the damage received by the player and surrounding teammates also restoring health over time when it’s active. The more you upgrade this the better the stats will be for these.

Judgment: It increases the damage dealt by the Punish/Blue abilities and when these abilities actually hit the target the Piety Meter is filled considerably faster. Also, the Sacred Executioner’s use time is doubled.

Both these abilities have their use cases. Blessed Aura is more in line with the support side of Paladin and beneficial to the whole party, while Judgement allows for faster Piety Meter recharge and thus able to sustain the Holy Aura more frequently. But if one has to be chosen Blessed Aura is the way to go for the greater good of the posse.

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Best Skills and Tripods

With the max level reached the Paladin will have 20 Skills at their disposal containing Punish, Holy, and Awakening Skills. With the leveled-up Holy and Punish skill, you would have unlocked the Tripods for the specific skill. These Tripods provide additional benefits to the skills. A total of 8 skills can be equipped and limited Tripods each. Let’s look at some of the best skills there are and their tripods.

Best Punish Skills


Lost Ark Paladin Charge 1

Dash and close the gap towards your enemies and slash them with your sword.


  • Excellent Mobility
  • Shining Protection
  • Law of the Jungle

Executor’s Sword

Lost Ark Paladin Executors Sword

Swings the sword with two hands multiple times to deal massive damage and launching enemies in the air as well.


  • Stigmata
  • Challenger’s Will
  • Executioner’s Strike

Execution of Justice

Lost Ark Paladin Execution of Justice

A move where you quickly spin like a tornado and deal great damage to all your surrounding. You stay in place when the skill is active and are vulnerable to attacks.


  • Rune Prison
  • Strength Release
  • Light Explosion

Holy Sword

Lost Ark Paladin Holy Sword

Using Light Energy to enhance the sword and thrusting it towards the enemies for substantial damage.


  • Stigmata
  • Weak Point Detection
  • Condensed Energy


Lost Ark Paladin Punishment

Slashes the sword multiple times to deal sustain damage to the enemies.


  • Concussion
  • Piercing Sword
  • Leap Attack

Dash Slash

Lost Ark Paladin Dash Slash

Run towards the enemies and deliver crazy blows. Once activated can be used to run behind the enemy and deal bonus back damage.


  • Quick Prep
  • Powerful Blow
  • Finishing Strike

Best Holy Skills

Sword of Justice

Lost Ark Paladin Sword of Justice

Summon drop a sword from the heavens and deal substantial damage.


  • Dazzling Light Sword
  • Insight
  • Summon Holy Sword

Godsent Law

Lost Ark Paladin Godsent Law 1

Creates a circle of light which deals damage over time to enemies caught in it


  • Shield
  • Wide-Angle Attack
  • Grace 

Holy Protection

Lost Ark Paladin Holy Protection

Creates a barrier that provides increase protection to party members by increasing overall HP.


  • Quick Pace
  • Robust Protection
  • Vow of Light

Wrath of God

Lost Ark Paladin Wrath of God 1

Summons lightning to target and inflict damage to enemies around you.


  • Wide Thunderstroke
  • Faith
  • Express Fury

Holy Explosion

Lost Ark Paladin Holy

Create a ball of energy to explode and deal sizeable damage to enemies caught in the radius.


  • Sturdy Armor
  • Light’s Vestige
  • Explosion Aftermath

With these suggestions, we hope that you’ll build yourself a mighty Paladin. And if you are a beginner and struggling with this game visit here for some tips and tricks. And let us know in the comments what skills you ended up choosing for your Paladin.

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