How To Level Up Fast In Lost Ark (Leveling Guide)

lost-ark level up fast

Reaching the Endgame is the pursuit of every MMORPG player. Lost Ark is the same as it unlocks a bunch of new and sought-after content after you have reached the max level or the endgame. So get ready to find out How you can Reach Level 50 as quickly as possible through this guide.

Reaching the Max level will unlock Dungeons, Raids, and Daily tasks for grand rewards and many other benefits inaccessible when low level. So let us help you waste the least amount of time to reach the juicy rewards waiting for you in the Endgame.

Leveling Guide For Lost Ark

Lost Ark Leveling fast

Characters in Lost Ark start at level 10 and reaching level 50 is the goal. As most people will be determined to reach this let us get down to the tips you should keep following to make your leveling efficient:

Stay True To The Main Quest

The Main Quests are the most rewarding experience-wise and will get even more rewarding as you progress through the story. All other activities and side quests coming in between you and your main objective have to be ignored to rake in those huge experience rewards to level up fast.

Sudden Quests Can Be Beneficial

As you move along the game you’ll get random quests pop up indicated in Red, these usually are wave-based missions where you have to defeat a couple of enemies. These are easily done within a few minutes and can be finished on your way to your objectives. This is not a suggestion to actively find these missions but when prompted can be approached.

Side Quests Are For Chumps

There will be many quests markers popping all over the map. So it’s highly advised that you put on your horse blinders and not be distracted by the Main quest at hand. These side quests, though tempting, usually result in low-level XP rewards and take up much of your time. As you progress through your levels the bigger the gap will be to the next one and these side quests will not scale accordingly.

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Grunts And Mobs Are Best Left Alone

Basic enemies are not worth it experience-wise. The button presses you would have to endure to earn such a measly XP is unacceptable, in most basic cases it is just 2XP per enemy. Some mini bosses and special encounters might be able to rake in a good number of XP. The only enemies you should kill are the ones you have to progress the main quests.

Dungeons To Normal

I know you want to increase the dungeon’s difficulty to get the better loot! But the way leveling is in Lost Ark why even bother troubling yourself with the extra effort of the harder dungeon when that loot will be redundant in the next area and all that pride of clearing the hard dungeon will go down the drain.

Use All The Traversing Techniques

Use all the different kinds of fast travel in the game like Triports to negate unnecessary traveling. Use your mounts to travel at faster speeds and press T to auto-move.

With these tips, your journey to Level 50 will be swift and once you are there then you can indulge in the many activities this game has to offer. You have to stay focused till then as the endgame is where Lost Ark begins. So let us know if these tips have been helpful to you in the comments section down below!

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