Lost Ark Sorceress Class Guide PvE + PvP (2022)

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The Sorceress is one of the Advanced classes for the Mage Class in Lost Ark. They are your typical long-range magic type, who has many elemental spells for specific kinds of damage. The Sorceress is an accessible class and can be hard-hitting at that. This guide will try to teach you how to play with Sorceress.

Sorceress is best at staying at range and bombarding enemies with spells. They require a keen eye to manage their health and spell casting times. With a range of spells, it can get overwhelming to choose the right mix, that’s where we come in to help you out.

Sorceress Class

lost ark sorceress

The Sorceress is a magic caster that stays behind and pummels enemies with frost, fire, and lightning spells. They deal ranged elemental-based magic with high DPS and stay on her toes for quick mobility. Her abilities make her perfect for dealing with large crowds. Sorceress’s low health has to be considered when engaging, but her abilities and mobility allow her to go on the back foot, assess the situation, and come back harder.

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Identity Skills

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Sorceress’s Identity skill is her Arcane Meter. This meter can be tapped as pleased with varying degrees of usage. The Arcane meter gets used up with each of the following abilities so use it strategically.

  • Blink: This allows her to move instantly or teleport to a location within a 15-meter distance. Great for moving away from difficult situations.
  • Arcane rupture or Arcane torrent: Arcane Rupture can be activated when the meter is at 30% and Arcane Torrent at 100%. Arcane Rupture puts her in a Magick Enhanced State, which deals greater damage, and gives Push Immunity Super Armor, which prevents any knockback. If you let the meter reach 100% then you can activate the Arcane Torrent, this has the same effects as Rupture with the added advantage of more elemental damage and faster casting and cooldown of spells.


Reflux: This engraving takes away the Arcane Rupture or Torrent states and only Blink is usable, on top of that it gives a boost to spell cooldowns and damage. This engraving, once equipped, will impact the whole tripod and skill combination you have on and everything needs to be rearranged to better serve this engraving. And since it takes away such an integral part of her the best usage of this engraving is only when it reaches level 3, before that it’s pretty lackluster.

Igniter: Now this engraving is more up her ally. It lets her keep the Arcane States and compliments it with cutting down the cooldown times in half, critical rate and critical damage are considerably boosted and her overall damage potential in the Magick Amplification state is even more refined. This engraving is likely the no-brainer for most as it plays to her strengths.

Best Skills and Tripods

Sorceress’s Skills are elemental based with each one having a specific purpose, Fire is for high damage and burning enemies, Frost is for slowing down enemies, and Lightening is for stunning enemies. Each one of these elements has a role to play on the battlefield so it’s best advised that a mix of spells should be equipped.

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Fire Skills


Lost Ark Sorceress Blaze

Burns the ground in a rectangle in front of you to damage and push the enemy away paralyzing them in the process.


  • Damage Amplification
  • Flame Expansion
  • Weak Point Detection


Lost Ark Sorceress

Fires a ball of of fire that explode on impact harming enemies caught in the radius.


  • Ignite
  • Weak Point Detection
  • Magick Amplification


Sorceress Doomsday Skill

Summons a huge fire meteor to destroy weaker enemies while knocking back all the rest.


  • Insight
  • Overheated Meteor
  • Magick Amplification

Frost Skills

Frost’s Call

Lost Ark Sorceress Frosts Call

An AoE attack that rains down icicles over a certain time from above to hit multiple enemies and stagger them in the process.


  • Enlightenment
  • Insight
  • Enhanced Strike

Seraphic Hail

Lost Ark Sorceress Seraphic Hail

Send forth a tidal wave knocking back enemies and significantly damaging them.


  • Enlightenment
  • Evolved Hail
  • Weak Point Detection

Rime Arrow

Lost Ark Sorceress Rime Arrow

An advanced version of the Frost Call’s, replacing the icicles with large Ice Arrows to rain down in an area hurting enemies extensively.


  • Enlightenment
  • Piercing Strike
  • Ice Pick

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Ice Shower

Lost Ark Sorceress Ice Shower

Slams the staff on the ground and harms nearby enemies with water damage.


  • Enlightenment
  • Enhanced Strike
  • Frost Zone

Lightening Skills

Punishing Strike

Lost Ark Sorceress Punishing Strike

Conjures lightening to drop overtime in an area to deal tremendous damage and stagger anyone caught in it.


  • Wide-Angle Attack
  • Destruction
  • Magick Amplification

Esoteric Reaction

Lost Ark Sorceress Esoteric Reaction

Summons a crystal on the field which pulse twice dealing damage and exploding afterwards for a more lethal end note.


  • Quick Prep
  • Enhanced Strike
  • Shockwave Tripods

With these suggestions, we hope that you’ll build yourself a powerful Sorceress. And if you are a beginner and struggling with finding the best class here are some suggestions. And let us know in the comments what build you ended up choosing for your Sorceress.

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