Apex Legends Mobile to Have Controller Support, Ping Indicator Also Seen

The global release of Apex Legends Mobile is upon us, and a lot of new information and leaks are coming out these days. This news guide will tell you all about the latest Longbow DMR announcement and reports about the game supporting controllers and having ping indicators.

We will be going over all of these leaks and reveals in detail to help you stay up-to-date with the latest Apex Legends Mobile news. In case you missed, we have compiled a tier list of the best weapons in Apex Mobile.

Will Apex Legends Mobile Have Controller Support?

The global version of Apex Legends Mobile will be released within this month – May 2022 – with no official release date, and fans of the free-to-play battle royal are beyond excited to play the game on their mobiles.

The most common question players have had about Apex Legends Mobile is whether it’ll have controller support or not.

A new video has surfaced on the official Apex Legends Mobile Twitter. Fans have spotted a lot of unannounced things, such as controller buttons on the UI, which lead them to believe that the global version will be released with controller support.

Apex Legends Mobile

As you can see from the provided screenshot, the game is being played using an Xbox controller, which confirms that the game will most certainly have controller support.

Having controller support from Day-1 is a brilliant move. It can help ALM build a solid playerbase, and console players will be even more confident in switching over to the mobile version since they’ll be able to use their controllers on the go as well.

Other Features

If you pay close attention to the same video, you’ll notice a few other things, such as a Weapon Inspect Button on the top left (that can be used to inspect all of your cool skins).

The position for the damage counter and ping indicator has also been adjusted to give the UI a cleaner look.

Respawn has also teased that the Olympus map and Crypto Legend will be coming with the Global release, which is quite good to hear as it adds a lot more variety.

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In addition to that, there are rumors that ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) will also have mobile tournaments in the future, which is excellent news for players interested in the esports side of things.

If all of this piques your interest, you can pre-register by heading over to the App Stores on both Android and iOS. Pre-registering will also net you some cool rewards if the targeted pre-register numbers are reached. You will get the following items:

  • Hollow Spray – If 15 million people pre-register
  • Pathfinder Skin – If 25 million people pre-register

These are all the spicy bits of info we had on Apex Legends Mobile. Stay tuned with BRGeeks if you want the latest news on all things gaming!

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