How to Unlock Spirit Tuning in Elden Ring

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The ability to use spirit ashes to call NPC allies is something unique in Elden Ring. However, summoning is not the only thing you can do with spirits. There are ways to make them stronger than ever. Spirit tuning can help you achieve that. If you are looking for ways to unlock Spirit Tuning then you are at the right place.

This guide will show you the steps needed to unlock Spirit Tuning. This ability can not only strengthen your spirits but can also aid them in becoming more effective partners for your fights. With that said, here is how to unlock Spirit Tuning in Elden Ring.

What is Spirit Tuning in Elden Ring?

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Spirit Tuning is a skill that can let you enhance your collected spirits. You need to use Grave and Ghost Glovewort in order to level up your spirits. This can be unlocked at the Roundtable Hold and can help you produce valuable fighters for a boss battle.

How to Unlock Spirit Tuning

Unlocking the Spirit Tuning is a long quest therefore it will be better to tackle them in parts. With that said, here is the entire process:

  • Meet Roderika at the Stormhill Shack and talk to her three times in order to gain the Spirit Jellyfish ashes.
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  • Find and gather the Chrysalid’s Memento from the Stormveil Castle. This can be done after defeating the enemies present inside.

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  • Turn your horses towards Godrick the Grafted and defeat him as well.
  • You will finally reach Rodekika at the Roundtable Hold where the main stage of the quest will start.
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  • Simply talk to her and hand the Crysalid’s Memento over.
  • Now go and find the Blacksmith Master Hewg and talk to him.
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  • Return to Roderika and inform her about the Spirit Tuning. Then simply go back to the blacksmith and ask him to look over Roderika.

After completing these quests, Roderika will begin to offer Spirit Tuning at the round table. Make sure to gather enough materials for a worthwhile tuning.

How are your battles with the Elden Ring bosses going so far? Have you managed to win? Let us know if Spirit Tuning helped you in any way in the comments below!

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