How to Beat Rennala Queen of the Full Moon in Elden Ring

One of the many reasons From Software games’ have amassed such a community is its bosses. No game series has been able to produce so many memorable bosses and the brotherhood that comes with taking them down together with friends and strangers. Elden Ring has many such bosses but one fight that stands out is the Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon.

Rennala’s fight is already haunting many players and is a frontline contender for people rage quitting. So we figured to help our fellow tarnished and guide them on the best way of killing this pain in the neck boss. For a build that would work wonders against Rennala is the Bleed-Dex build we covered recently.

Rennala Boss Fight – Disclaimer

Renala Queen Of The Full Moon

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is a demi-god fight located in the Raya Lucaria Academy in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. There are two phases of this fight, the first one is deceptively easy but the second one is brutal if you don’t know what you are doing.

Another thing to consider is that you can bring in multiplayer help that can carry the burden with you but if you are doing it alone then this guide is your best friend, both types of players can benefit from the information presented here though. Also, you can summon a spirit to aid you in the fight but it’s advised that you hold your horses and only summon in the second phase, more on this later.

Last and the most important part is that this boss is a magic inclined character and any kind of spell or sorcery-based attacks are very ineffective against it. This is especially bad for players rocking Intelligence heavy builds. So we recommend keeping an upgraded weapon in hand with high physical damage, not magic. The best way you can counter this is by equipping the Bloody Slash Ash of War and spamming it.

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Rennala Boss Fight – First Phase

Elden Ring Rennala Queen of the Full Moon boss guide 1a

In this phase, Rennala will be hovering above the arena and the ground will be full of students protecting her. You shouldn’t worry about the boss at this time and dart towards any student you see with a golden aura around it, seen in the picture below. These students will also be throwing books at you so keep on the lookout for that. Also worth mentioning is that you shouldn’t be bothered in killing each student as they start spawning in the corners again and it would be harder to spot the golden aura student.

image 20
Golden aura students

Once you locate this special student just hit him one time and move to the other with the same golden glow, done enough time and Rennala’s shield will break and she will fall to the ground helpless, this is when you start punishing her. Once she starts to move, retreat to save yourself from an AOE attack. Repeat the student golden aura hit-and-run step and drop her again and most likely you will be able to kill her this time.

If you take time doing this phase Rennala will start using spells to attack you, so it is advised that you complete this phase swiftly as the real troublesome part is the next phase.

Rennala Boss Fight – Second Phase

maxresdefault 1

As soon as you enter this phase be on the lookout for a mega beam attack and roll out of its way after this you should summon the Lone Wolf spirits, these wolves will move fast and keep her from fixating on you. Another thing to note here is that she staggers with each hit and these wolves’ quick attacks will constantly interrupt her.

The best strategy here is that you chain stagger her between you and the wolves giving her little chance to cast any spells, so aggressive playstyle is the key, use every ounce of stamina pummeling her.

She will be casting a lot of spells so be aware of her target, whether those spells are going to hit you or the wolves. Her homing projectile spell needs to be quickly dodged to save yourself from unnecessary hits. Also, she too will summon spirits of her own to fight for her so just ignore them and target her instead.

Keep repeating these tips and she will be down in no time. Do keep in mind the considerations mentioned in the disclaimer section especially if you are a mage/magic type build. Another tip worth mentioning here is that you allocate little to none to FP flasks as spells are useless and keep enough FP for any Ash of War or Summon you will be using.

Did this guide help you in defeating Rennala? If you have used another strategy than this then we would surely like to know in the comments below.

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