Gotham Knights Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Gotham Knights brings you a world where Batman is no longer alive and it is up to the four sidekicks to bring back peace and harmony to the notoriously corrupt and criminal alleys of Gotham City. It is now our duty to fill the shoes of Gotham’s Secret Protector. This is why we look at all the characters ranked in this Gotham Knights tier list.

Gotham Knights is an RPG set to take place in Gotham City and we have a few options for the character we want to play. Every character is unique and features an exciting set of abilities that can be further enhanced by leveling up. In this guide, we are going to be assessing all the characters in Gotham Knights and try to rank them from best to worst.

Gotham Knights Characters Tier List

Gotham Knights feature four characters that can be played. All four of them are unique and serve a specific purpose. Although you have the option to change character mid-game but it is always good to know which character is worth putting more time into so that you can progress farther in their ability tree.

There are four characters in Gotham Knight

  • Batgirl
  • Nightwing
  • Red Hood
  • Robin


Since every character is unique so there is no such thing as best or worst. Every character has a different playstyle so in this tier list we are going to rank them based on their versatility and all-roundness with S-Tier being the best all-rounders and B-Tier being the worst.

Tier List

S-TierBatgirl, Red Hood
Gotham Knights Character Tier List

Best Character in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights characters are all about the kind of playstyle that you prefer. There is something for everyone. If you are looking for a character that is the perfect balance of close-range and long-range the Batgirl is your pick.

Batgirl in Gotham Knights

Batgirl is the best all-rounder in Gotham Knights and there are a number of reasons for that. First of all, she is a tech specialist and she can hack pretty much everything from fuse boxes to cameras and use them for herself. This can serve as both an offensive and defensive property.

You can make the fuse boxes explode and hit enemies without even setting foot in front of them. She is got probably one of the best momentum in close-range combats and can hold the ground all of her own against every type of enemy. Her abilities are a mixture of AoE and direct-hit attacks that deal a solid amount of damage.

She can throw Batrangs from a distance her beatdown ability is enough to take care of the bigger enemies. The real star of the show is her ultimate ability where she will summon a drone that will not only help her take down enemies but will also heal her at the same time.

Every character has a traversing ability and Batgirl’s traversing ability is pretty smooth as she can glide using her cap much like Batman. In conclusion, she is a solid overall pick and gives every other character in the game a run for their money.

Best Solo Character in Gotham Knights

Batman always worked alone and keeping that theme in mind Gotham Knights characters also like to play solo and if we talk about a character that doesn’t need any support then Red Hood is your man.

Red Hood in Gotham Knights
Red Hood

Red Hood’s entire arsenal is based on ranged combat and he primarily uses two powered pistols as his main source of damage. Red Hood is the character who deals the most amount of damage per shot and his skills tree allows him to basically take things up a notch and give himself a 15% damage boost.

Red Hood is not only good for his ranged attacks but is pretty solid when it comes to close-range combat as well. He has all the other abilities such as chucking enemies into the air, throwing hands when it is needed, and a lot more.

In our opinion, Red Hood has the best traversal ability out of all the characters and it is the Mystical Leap. This ability allows you to create a platform out of concentrated energy and then jump on top of it. This way you can travel as far as possible and not lose height as well.

Best Support Character in Gotham Knights

If support is your strong suit and you are looking for a character who will complement your playstyle then look no further because Nightwing is here to save the day. Lets us look at Batman’s first protégé and see what he has to offer.

Nightwing in Gotham Knights

Before Nightwing came to Batman he was part of a circus family and performed as an acrobat. That style also got carried into his fighting style so he jumps around a lot going from enemy to enemy and dealing damage.

His Escrima Sticks are a solid weapon for all those close-ranged fights that he will get into and his skill tree also is focused on enhancing his combat abilities. Nightwing is good at combat but it is not what he is famous for.

Nightwing’s support abilities are what makes him special. Nightwing can heal allies from a distance or even revive you without needing to get close to you. He is the only support character in the entire Gotham Knights lineup and is also pretty good at his job.

His traversal ability is where he uses his Flying Trapeze – a powered glider to glide around Gotham City. His ultimate ability allows him to create an AoE and staying inside it will heal him and give him buffs which is also a plus point.

Best Stealth Character in Gotham Knights

Everyone enjoys occasional hand-to-hand combat but in a game like Gotham Knights things can get messy pretty quickly so if you are someone who likes to stay in the shadows and fight silently then no one does it better than Robin.

Robin in Gotham Knights

Batman’s original sidekick Robin is back in Gotham Knights to fight against the criminal masterminds. Robin’s playstyle is quite similar to Batman’s stealth playstyle and all of his abilities also revolve around the same stealth mechanic.

Robin is able to do silent takedowns and his Turnabout Takedown allows him to take down large enemies in a single attack who would otherwise require a fair bit of grinding to kill. Robin can also go invisible for a few seconds giving him the ability to go unnoticed in a stealthy mission.

Robin uses his staff for close-range combat which is decent enough to keep him alive but if you really want to make an impact then you will have to keep the elemental damage in mind because Robin is the most efficient user of Gotham Knights’ elemental mechanic and also he heavily relies on it.

Equipping him with the right set of abilite is paramount to making an impact on the streets. Finally, his traversal ability is one of the most unorthodox and slow where he can teleport to a short distance and keep on doing so to travel farther. Although this might be good for his stealth playstyle but is not efficient generally.

This was everything about every character in Gotham Knights. If you like this, be sure to tell about your favorite character in in this game and what you think makes that character special down in the comments. For more game walkthroughs and cool tips, check out our Guides section.

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