Where is Bloodhound’s Step in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is filled with exciting and mysterious items, and the sheer number of things you can acquire is mind-boggling. From Spells to Incantations to Ashes of War, this game gives you a huge sandbox to make your own identity so to speak. One such item is the Bloodhound’s Step, Ash of War which we will be guiding you here.

The Ashes of War are skills that are distinct from spells and incantations as they are part of the weapon you have on. These can help you execute various skills that change up the flow of the fight especially if you are playing a melee class. Bloodhound’s Step is a very neat trick to use in battle. To find an amazing Katana check out this guide.

What is Bloodhound’s Step?

The Bloodhound Step is an Ash of War that lets you teleport dodge around. This makes attacks from enemies super easy to dodge and making a run for it when you are overpowered by multiple enemies. Also, fans of From Software games will relate this item to Old Hunter Bone, as they both serve the same purpose essentially. This makes your dodges go farther and the speed at which you cover the distance is greatly increased, making you a zippy character.

Bloodhound’s Step – Ash of War

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Where can you find Bloodhound’s Step?

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The Bloodhound’s Step can be taken from the body of the Night’s Cavalry boss in the Caelid Region, the exact location is marked in the map above. The boss is patrolling the bridge north of the Grace site and can only be found and fought at night as like the rest of the Night’s Cavalry. Here you can take down the boss the normal way or if you feel you are under-powered then there is a way of cheesing this fight.

You can simply climb the tree hanging on the bridge to exploit this boss. The boss won’t be able to follow you onto the tree and none of his attacks will reach you so you are safe here. From here you can use your bow or spells to take him out. If you don’t have these things on you or you are a melee build exclusively then use poison darts and throw Kukris at him to inflict poisoning and bleed respectively. Once he fells you’ll get the Bloodhound’s Step. Congratulations!

nights cavalry bosses elden ring wiki guide
Night’s Cavalry Boss
image 19
Exploit tree

Hopefully, this guide helped you in getting your Ash of War. What skills are your favorite in Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below.

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