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The season 16 of PUBG Mobile has been released officially for the global players. The Royale Pass of PUBG Mobile Season 16 is based on the theme Metro Royale. The buffs and nerfs of the new season along with the patch notes were already revealed before the main update dropped.

Today, the topic of discussion is the RP rewards of PUBG Mobile Season 16. After the update, the new and exclusive rewards of the new RP are out and we are here with the list of the in-game items that you can receive by purchasing the Royale Pass.

The season 15 of PUBG Mobile has ended and the players are excited for the upcoming Season 16. The last season turned out excellent as far as gaming experience of PUBG is concerned. Many new modes including Payload 2.0 and Infection Mode made their way into the game.

The new season of PUBG Mobile however is going to be more up-to-date and advanced from the last one and we can see many new features coming in the game.

The new PUBG Mobile lightweight installation functionality is now available on Android, and we have discussed here how to use it. PUBG Mobile is arguably the most popular battle royale game in the world right now. While its PC port has seen major success, it’s the mobile version where it has truly outdone itself. The game has gradually amassed a massive player base and is one of the most popular mobile games globally. Today, we’re going to be looking at how you can use the lightweight installation function in PUBG Mobile.

With the massive increase in popularity, PUBG has seen a remarkable increase in its overall file size. Its recent Metro Royale update has pumped the installation size and time up quite a bit. The aforementioned feature helps reduce the overall size while also making the game less demanding on older phones.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 is now available for download on the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). This is not as big of an update as last time with the New Era update, but the team has still managed to bring in tons of new content this season. Not just new game modes, PUBG Mobile 1.1 also brings a brand new Season 16 Royale Pass, new outfits and weapons.

You can download the latest PUBG Mobile 1.1 APK here for Android devices. The game seems to be going through tough times in several countries where it has been banned by the government for numerous reasons. For those who cannot find the game in your Play Store, you can download the APK manually from here and install (sideload) it on your phone.

PUBG Mobile has just launched Season 16. The new season is in partnership with Metro Exodus, a famous first person shooter. The update will be going live tomorrow and will bring exclusive new content and a brand new Season 16 Royale Pass. Today, we’re going to be talking out all the changes made to weapons and throwables, buffs and nerfs in Season 16.

PUBG Mobile has released patch notes for Season 16. Alongside this, new content updates and exclusive features are to be expected as the season progresses. Most importantly, however, is that Tencent has focused on trying to optimize weapons and throwable as much as possible and have therefore buffed and nerfed a few items quite a bit.