What is Smite Season 9 Starting Date?

Smite has seen tremendous success in 2021. With SMITE’s Championship amassing a good deal of views on Twitch, the 2022’s Season 9 seems to be right around the corner. As always, we can anticipate the developers to showcase the changes being made in Season 9 in the upcoming few weeks as well.

With plenty of changes expected in their eventual announcement, the most crucial of all may just be the announcement of Season 9. With that said, we’ve done our research and have a conclusive date on when SMITE Season 9 might come out.

When Does SMITE Season 9 Start?

Taking some tabs from the previous year, Season 8 began on January 26 which was a Tuesday. All Smite updates are released on a Tuesday. Therefore, we can expect Season 99 to be coming out in the middle of January on a Tuesday. This means that it will be coming out on January 25, 2022.

This, however, remains a guess as of yet. Hi-Rez is expected to be showcasing everything new coming out in Season 9 on January 6, 3 PM ET. You can tune in to watch the stream live on their Twitch channel.

We’ll also be updating this space once we get our hands on official information as well.

Are you excited for SMITE Season 9? What changes do you expect? Let us know in the comments down below!

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