Best Graphics Settings in PUBG Mobile for High Performance | 60 FPS

PUBG Mobile on PC using GameLoop

PUBG Mobile is probably one of the most popular and most played mobile games on both android and iOS platforms. Its eSports scene is growing day by day and it is inspiring many more players to reach the higher level. However, for that, along with all your skill and game sense, you would be requiring the best graphics setting of PUBG Mobile to compete at a bigger stage. You can’t just go out there playing at 30 fps and hope to win against players playing at extreme frame rates.

In this article, we will provide you all the settings that you need for having the best experience in PUBG Mobile and to play the game as smoothly as possible at 60 frames per second. So, let’s begin the guide.

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Peacekeeper Elite Championship (PEC) 2020 Updates

PUBG Mobile New Era

The Peacekeeper Elite Championship (PEC) was announced back in August by Tencent Games. It is the second World Championship of “Peacekeeper Elite”, also known as “Game for Peace”. It’s a Chinese rebranded version of PUBG Mobile. Since PUBG Mobile World League season 0 wasn’t an offline / local event due to the COVID19 pandemic, the PEC 2020 is going to be one.

Top 15 teams from all over the world will be participating in a tournament having a huge prize pool. However, in August, only three teams were revealed but now most of them have been announced which you’ll see below.

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