You can now download PUBG Mobile 1.1 beta for Android and iOS devices. Just after the release of Payload 2.0 and Infection mode, PUBG Mobile is set to give yet another update, which will be released very soon. The upcoming version is PUBG Mobile 1.1, and it’s beta version is already out for players to try.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 will be bringing a new mode called Metro Royale mode. Two new maps are going to be added soon to the game, but the names are yet to be revealed. And expect to see some new equipment in the game, along with the Tikka Rifle which is a bolt-action rifle. For a full list of new features, read these PUBG Mobile 1.1 patch notes.

COD Mobile has released Season 11 Battle Pass which is its biggest update up till now. A lot of new features have made their way into the game, and obviously, like every season, we’ve got a new battle pass for season 11 as well.

The theme of this edition of battle pass is based on “Anniversary”, since the update is called “Anniversary Update“. Now, there are a lot of new character skins, weapon camos, calling cards and other rewards in the new battle pass. So, without any further delay, let’s see how you can buy one for yourself.

We are finally done with the Regional Playoffs of Western Europe, and it is KingsClan which came out on top amongst the best 8 teams of the region. They pulled off an INFLUENCE RAGE by winning the tournament from loser’s bracket. It was no way near easy, as all the teams were super competitive and there was no room for error.

Western Europe was the second last region to qualify for the stage 5 of COD Mobile World Championship 2020, after, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Latin America, Rest of the World and Garena.

These are the official League of Legends: Wild Rift 1.0 patch notes that will be coming out to players next week. In an announcement yesterday, Riot Games will be launching a regional open beta for the Wild Rift later this month. And now before more regions join in, the team has launched a whole bunch of new stuff.

We have covered the full list of patch notes below. Wild Rift is finally getting Lee Sin, one of the most popular champions. It was teased earlier this month at the iPhone 12 launch event. The team is also adding six new champions in the game that will be free to play next week.

League of Legends: Wild Rift open beta is starting later this month for iOS and Android devices. It’s been a while since the mobile MOBA has been announced, and since then the game has been in a closed alpha and beta releases in a very countries only. Riot Games sent out invitations to a handful of testers, streamers and regular players and they have been slowly adding in more countries to their closed beta phase.

Riot Games has announced that later this month, on 27th October, the beta release of Wild Rift is going public in a few countries in Asia on both the platforms – Android and iOS.