When do FUT Weekly Objectives Reset in FIFA 23?

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FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has you construct a fantasy football team filled with all-star players as you compete with other custom-made teams from players around the world. To get ahead, you’ll need to be completing weekly challenges that reward you with the XP you need to get your favorite player.

Knowing when your weekly challenges and other objectives reset can be pivotal in helping you decide when to schedule your matches so that you can grind them out accordingly. Thankfully, the developers have a set reset time for Weekly Objectives in FIFA 23.

What are FUT Weekly Objectives in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 gives its players a chance to earn some XP through fun challenges and tasks every week. These challenges all revolve around the FIFA Ultimate Team which lets you create your dream team. There will be challenges like,

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These are not that hard and will always be pretty simple tasks. The best part is that along with playing the game, you are getting double the XP, from winning games and completing challenges.

All of the challenges will be divided into several categories and within each of the categories will be around 6 tasks. Completing the task will reward you with XP that will go toward your Season Rewards.

How to Access FUT Weekly Objectives in FIFA 23

The FIFA 23 FUT Weekly Objectives are easy to access and can be done from within the game. To access the objective just follow the steps below.

  • Once you are on the FUT Screen, just go to the “Objectives” tab.
FIFA 23 Weekly Objectives FUT
  • You can also use the R1/RB and L1/LB buttons to scroll and select the Objectives tab.
  • Once you are in the Objectives tab, you can scroll down to the objective of your choice and press the button to view the details of the objective.

FUT 23 Weekly Objectives Reset Time

According to our calculations and an official comment by the developers as well, weekly challenges are refreshed every Friday at 6 pm UK Time. If you were unable to complete or missed last week’s objectives, they remain accessible for another week.

If you end up not claiming your Weekly Rewards even though you’ve completed your challenges, no worries! EA will automatically add them to your club and you’ll be getting a pop-up next time you log in notifying you of such.

This was all about FIFA 23 FUT Objectives. If you have something more to add let us know in the comments below. To learn more about the game, check our FIFA 23 Section.

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