Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground Update 1.3 Patch Notes on August 25

Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground Update 1.3 just went live and thanks to Gasket games, we now have the full patch notes list here. This release highlights new encounter types: Survive and Protect, lots of balance updates, UI improvements and multiplayer progression changes. All of these features have been discussed below in the detail.

You should be able to download and install Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground Update 1.3 (PS4 Update 1.05) right away as it is now live for all the players. Everything you need to know regarding this patch has been covered in the full release notes below.

Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground Update 1.3 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground Update 1.3 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:


User Interface

Unit Editor has been redesigned to combine Wargear and Skills. You can now see your full unit loadout on one screen. We’ve addressed a number of usability issues as well, in particular when navigating with a controller. Each of the stats and slots is now labeled


Rotation of Unit: You can now rotate a unit in the Unit Editor to get the full view of who you’ll be equipping in your warband.

alt text

Larger Unit Action Remaining markers: Some players noted there wasn’t an indicator for whether a unit had actions remaining. It was there, but too small. We’ve made it much easier to see now.

With moves left

With no moves left, but can use abilities

No moves left

Controller Cursor no longer snaps to the hex center: This change should make selection of hexes easier.


Campaign starting warbands have +1 squad available per difficulty. The first Ascension will allow the hero plus 3, Ascension 2 starts with hero +2, and Ascension 3 starts with the Hero +1 unit. These changes should give players more options on how to start out each of their runs.

Two new encounter types: Survive and Protect: These are new node types that can spawn during each of the campaigns, and should add more play variety. Look for these in your next runs



Added a skip button


Increased Earned Experience for all players. The speed of progression was too slow for many players, this is nearly twice as fast now.

Added XP rewards to players who lost in turns 1, 2, and 3. Early victories or disconnects could result in 0 XP reward for the losing player;this has been adjusted so players who have completed a turn will earn some XP.

Added a Tutorial to MP. On the first launch of multiplayer you will see some slides explaining the basic rules of the MP mode.


Added MP Turn Timer. Now you get a visual warning and audio cues when your turn has 30 seconds remaining.

  • The turn timer also adds more time as the game progresses, to give more time in the later turns when more units have been fielded
  • The turn timer skips to the countdown state if all a players actions have been used
alt text

Multiplayer Faction Progression now includes more random items than before, as players have been asking for a less rigid structure.

Two new MP maps added to the rotation
The Lower Bole

Drowned Man’s Journey

Revisions to Fungal Cliffs map: This map has a new layout.

PC System/Settings

Ultrawide Support: In game maps now have a custom camera supporting 21:9 resolutions. Front-end screens will remain centered in a 16:9 resolution.


An extensive pass on the overall sound design with a heavy focus on tuning and balancing.
Added SFX to the MP turn timer as well as fixed the issue of units talking over each other.
Fixed over 60 bugs related to missing and broken SFX.



Endless Spells/Alchemic Transmutation

  • While instant kills are fun in the campaign, it tends to limit strategies in a MP environment.
  • When knocked into Endless Spells or Alchemic Transmutation, you take 3 bonus damage for a total of 4 that ignores armour instead of being instantly killed.

Traps were generally found to be underwhelming due to their surprise nature being undermined by visuals or because they cost too much.

  • By default, all traps have a cast range of 2 instead of 1
  • Base cost of traps except Violent Growth cost 0 Aethyr instead of 1
  • Many underwhelming traps had their cooldowns lowered

Though it was an intended interaction that you could use Blitz and Tireless/Second Nature abilities, the actual result is too much burst damage in a turn.

  • Blitz will no longer allow you to execute 2 charges AND an ability in the same turn, regardless of order of execution.
  • Blitz no longer allows you to execute a charge and then a damaging ability without its stack being removed. Prior to this change you could charge and then use an ability every turn so long as you had a stack of Blitz. The exception to this is for abilities with the Tireless or Second Nature property, since they could be triggered prior to charging without requiring Blitz.


  • Deflect now blocks basic ranged attacks by default
  • Barriers no longer last forever, this was a bad data issue!
  • Fixed a bug where you could cast barriers for free when your unit has no other moves
  • Fix for environmental hazards escalating their damage over time
  • Fix for Layer of Sick (+1 armour when using Joyous bile) only lasting until end of turn
  • Auto-dispel no longer works on Endless Spells
  • Units can no longer pass through Grove of Renewal or Feculent Gnarlmaw. Note that Gallows and Pyres still allow their ghostly teammates to pass through
  • Fixed a bug where hazards like Fire could deal extra damage when summoned on a unit occupying a hex containing other props. This damage didn’t preview correctly, which would have caused confusing results.

Maggotkin were the last faction that was created, so they didn’t have as much testing time as the others. As a result of differences between campaign/MP they needed the most tweaking. The overall design revision has the intention of them spreading corruption more effectively and for corruption to be more effective. Improvements to this will hopefully allow them to play around it more successfully.

As mentioned part of the problem was getting Corruption out in the first place but some effects were too weak. We didn’t want to go overboard, because if there is a lot more Corruption AND it’s also stronger, it would have too much of a multiplicative effect. Will re-evaluate after this patch.

  • Fixed multiple bugs with The Endless Cycle, spawning Nurglings on the wrong team and Swarm of Flies not spawning Rot Flys.
  • Corrosion and Poison now last 2 turns by default
  • Disease ignores armour but only lasts 2 turns instead of 3

Blightkings are intended to be slow moving, but resilient tanks. Their stats were underwhelming, considering their cost relative to a unit like a Liberator and how punitive a move speed of 1 can be. We increased their base resiliency and their weapon abilities are improved/cheaper so that if they do get to a unit, it won’t be as expensive and hopefully they are more effective.

  • Base health increased from 5 -> 6
  • Base Armour increased from 0 -> 1
  • Hack and Mulch
    • No longer requires a kill to spawn corruption, it now happens on ability usage
    • Base Aethyr cost reduced from 2 -> 1
  • Harvest Swing
    • Smaller changes here because this has the potential to be quite strong with more corruption on the field
    • Reduced base Aethyr cost from 3 -> 2
    • The wargear associated with this ability had a pass on bonuses to add more duration to many of their debuffs
  • Tongue Lash / Gutbuster
    • Players are much better at utilizing pulls than anticipated, the overall intention being to lower the range of ALL pulls (including Burden of Chains on Nighthaunt) as they are extremely effective.
    • Warped Hammerblow Skill that adds +1 distance to pulls (and other abilities) has been capped to a max stack of 1
    • Reduced cast range to a maximum of 3. Combined with above, means they can be 4 range at max
    • Improved the stats of many bonuses as a result of this nerf and to compensate for taking away their range
    • Gutbuster also received some stat increases to be competitive with Tongue Lash

Twisted Aethyr Rejuvenation
A primary cause of many issues are skills that reduce both Aethyr and Cooldown at the same time. This skill was granting 2 bonuses for the price of 1, so it’s been split into two cards. Similar builds should be possible, but they’ll require more investment.

  • Twisted Aethyr Rejuvenation has been separated into 2 separate cards, 1 grants -1 cooldown to mutations the other grants -1 Aethyr cost to mutations
  • For each copy of Twisted Aethyr Rejuvenation you had, you will receive an extra card for -1 cooldown. E.g. you have 3 of them, you will keep 3 for -1 Aethyr and gain an additional 3 for -1 cooldown

These units have a lot of utility, but were often outclassing that with pure damage that invalidated too many other builds. In general, we want to be more cautious with the power of ranged attacks.

  • Reduced base damage from 3->2
  • Maggotkin staffs will now only grant a maximum of +1 damage and instead of the additional +1 damage, they’ll receive +2 armour piercing to vomit blast, making them not hit unarmoured/rended targets as hard
  • Transmit Disease now requires you to not have moved before activating
  • Among the Amassed – combined with their high damage was map wide range with some builds. Now Among the Amassed only affects Indirect Attack, meaning they can still fill this role, but not with instant damage
  • Long term if this still leaves them as too effective, we may move more of their damage into Aethyr costing staff abilities instead of from their basic attack

Summon Corruption
In order to make this ability more competitive and potentially get Corruption out on the field faster, it has been improved.

  • Base cast range increased from 2 -> 4
  • Reduced cooldown and cost by 1

Feculent Gnarlmaw
This spell likely needs a re-work, in early versions of the game its utility came from the spawning mechanics, which are outclassed in many ways. These changes are an easy first step to see if players can find a use for it.

  • Base aethyr cost reduced from 4 -> 3
  • Base cast range increased from 3 -> 4
  • Fixed tooltips, so it will tell you what it actually does

The feeling for a while that it was always too hard of a choice to forego Seed of Corruption in order to get a trap that usually costs Aethyr. Now they have the option of using one or the other in a turn.

  • Seed of Corruption has been moved to an off-hand ability and they have disease bomb by default

We considered making this dispellable and that may be something we do in the future but we wanted to try more subtle first steps.

  • Increased cooldown from 2 -> 3
  • Replaced Second Nature property with Tireless, so while you can still charge after using, you can’t use other abilities

Debilitating Aura
The movement / blind on this didn’t persist which made it almost useless.

  • It now leaves a lingering debuff for 1 turn that is refreshed every turn
  • Fixing this also improved some stormcast buffs that were reliant on similar mechanics.

Great Corruptor

  • Though this bonus made sense in terms of lore, a bonus that activates on death and requires specific hexes present is very weak.
  • Applies the effects of adjacent corruption whenever you take ANY damage instead


  • Fix for Corrosive items dealing too much / inconsistent damage when more units were involved
  • Fix for Layer of Sick (+1 armour when using Joyous bile) only lasting until end of turn

Nighthaunt haven’t seen their true potential yet due to bugs, so less changes were made to them overall.

This ability was too good as it had no cap on the number of activations in a turn. When combined with a potentially high damage unit with higher than average movement, it was too good! NH players did say they wanted to preserve the hit and run style, so we added a new property when you use two of these skills, inspired by a community member’s suggestion.

  • Can only be activated once per turn.
  • If you have a 2nd skill of Overrun it will grant the Fall Back passive after Overrun has been triggered.
  • Fall Back – Dealing any damage will refresh the unit with Relentless (allowing them to move and use abilities again), but they will deal 0 damage with ALL abilities, but Into the Mist has 0 Aethyr cost. Essentially it makes it so you can trigger Overrun, then damage another unit but get to teleport away (if it’s not on cooldown) but not launch another devastating attack.

Lady of Ashes
The Lady of Ashes may be a tad weak overall but had one very powerful build involving long range Arcane Claws combined with Frenzy buffs. She may need some buffs in the future, but didn’t want to overdo it, since nerfs to other mechanics may make her much more viable.

  • Arcane Claw
    • Considering this is a direct damage spell, its base range of 5 was too high. Lowered from 5 -> 3 to be in line with most other spells.
  • Healing Winds
    • She’ll now be healed when she retaliates in melee

Myrmourn Banshees
These units are intended to be used aggressively due to their explode on death mechanic. However, given the fact you only get one stack of them in MP that was particularly punitive. Combined with trap improvements, this should nudge them into being more useful though they likely need a closer evaluation of their skills.

  • Increased base summons from 1->2 in multiplayer game modes

For a protection skill this was too easily countered by basic ranged units.

  • Now ignores taking/dealing damage from basic ranged attacks

Summon Wisp
This skill cost too much considering its effect. This also made it harder as an alternate option for Lady of Ashes.

  • Lowered base cooldown and Aethyr cost by 1 each


  • Blazing Step skill (leave spectral flames on ground) now lasts 1 turn instead of just end of turn
  • Chainghast Solitary skill is fixed, wasn’t working at all
  • Chainrasp Endless Horde skill can now be correctly equipped 3x
  • NH weapons that say they rend armour will now work correctly
  • Lowered range of Chains of Burden (AOE Legendary) from 4 -> 3
  • Enhanced Summoning Skill (Knight of Shrouds) now only grants +1 summon range to wisps instead of +2

The biggest issues they have is how easy it was for them to reduce the cooldown/cost of their abilities to 0 or to get bonus movement/damage every turn. We wanted to avoid further changes to see how they would fare as a result of changes to Maggotkin/Nighthaunt.

Zealous Skill
Like Twisted Aethyr Rejuvenation on Maggotkin, this skill was granting -1 cooldown and -1 Aethyr, which is basically a 2 for 1.

  • Zealous has been separated into 2 separate cards, 1 grants -1 cooldown to main hand weapons the other grants -1 Aethyr cost to them
  • For each copy of Zealous you had, you will receive an extra card for -1 Aethyr. E.g. you have 3 of them, you will keep 3 for -1 cooldown and gain an additional 3 for -1 Aethyr

Tireless Skill
By default this skill allowed you to Charge after using another ability AND it granted 1 bonus movement. Now it will only grant the bonus movement if you have a 2nd/3rd/etc skill.

  • No longer gain +1 movement with a single stack, however, gain +1 movement for each additional stack (e.g. if you have 3, you will get +2 movement after casting an ability)

Compared to some of the easy, long range pulls available to say Bronkestus, Celestant’s Challenge felt like it could use a slight buff in usage.

  • Decreased cooldown of Challenge by 1
  • Fixed a bug where Challenge couldn’t target ranged units that were channeling in order to interrupt them. Now if they will be interrupted but won’t attack back

High Ground Bonus
Sorcerers were more problematic than Castigators, but ranged damage could still reach levels that were a bit too high for a default attack.

  • Reduced bonus from 2 -> 1 damage


  • Lightning Rod is no longer buffed by stacks of Frenzy
  • Fixed an issue where Frenzy applied by the Fortify ability could not be dispelled

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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