Aim Lab Update 0.95.1 Patch Notes | Rainbow Six Siege Mode

Slatespace has just deployed Aim Lab Update 0.95.1 and we have the complete patch notes for you to read. The new update brings in Rainbow Six Siege Combine, new modes based on the same game that have you play through five different relevant tasks to get you to the heat of battle.

The update is available globally on all supported platforms. It has a file size of about 16 MB and is a mandatory download. You can get the update from your steam client. While it’s downloading, you can take a look at the complete patch notes for Aim Lab Update 0.95.1 down below.

Aim Lab Update 0.95.1 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for the update:

We’ve got another feature-packed treat for you this week with the inclusion of our latest Rainbow Six Siege Combine focusing on your defense skills! Play through five tasks, champion leaderboards and share your personalized player card! More details are below

Even better news is that “A metric ton” (direct quote from our devs) of bugs have also been squashed in this update for an even better quality of life experience while playing. As always, we appreciate all the bug reports you send, and one by one they’ll be exterminated 💪

Let’s check it out:

Rainbow Six Siege Defense Combine!

Defending in Siege is just as important as attacking – which is why we’ve put together the Siege Defender Combine to measure your accuracy, speed, tracking, and elimination stats through defense scenarios! Play through 5 tasks in familiar Siege locations using the 416-C, secure your score on the leaderboards, compare with friends and share your player card on social! We’re also giving away 100x Holographic Bundle codes featuring the new seasonal Prismatic Glisten skins, attachments & charm for players who share their player cards on Twitter

The defense tasks to play through are:

Consulate Headshot
Siege Scanning Track
Consulate Angle Hold
Consulate Wallpeek
Siege Spidershot Precision

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to use the fast search anywhere inside Aim Lab using Ctrl + F!

As in all our combines, you’ll get your own personalized player cards which can be downloaded and shared with the world, it could even bag you some prizes! Find out more inside of Aim Lab now.

Bug Fixes
Core Aim Lab

Fixed – Mouse was hidden after you click “next task” from the pause menu
Fixed – Featured User Created Content can show white images during transitions
Fixed – Saving settings before the task begins causes it to apply ADS sensitivity for a split second (only if hipfire and ads have same fov)
Fixed – ADSing (rightclick) with a weapon that does not ADS, will drop your framerate significantly
Fixed – Kills and KPS for Circleshot not going to leaderboards
Fixed – Leaderboard Comparison didn’t apply to workshop scenarios
Fixed – Slide out menu recently played tasks had incorrect skin applied
Fixed – Some task preview videos are were not muted
Fixed – Many game-specific maps didn’t show entries in the leaderboards in the “SCORES” tab
Fixed – Leaderboards for game-specific tasks didn’t lock to the intended task-specific weapons when filtering
Fixed – Search function didn’t work across all categories when creating playlist
Fixed – News Carousel / Featured Content stopped auto changing if the player manually changed it
Fixed – Clicking Next on the Featured / News Carousel shows the previous item for a moment and stutters
Fixed – After going to 5/5 on News Carousel, you can’t click prev/next buttons
Fixed – Pentakill and Microflex tasks stopped spawning targets after debug console is accessed.
Fixed – Leaderboard comparison – avgtimeoff is highlighting a higher stat instead of lower stat
Fixed – Pressing resume after pausing decreases score in Decisionshot task
Fixed – Debug console didn’t open in audiospatial tasks
Fixed – Task Data Headshot and Body Shot Whoops! Error
Fixed – Lobby carousel rotation timing (now staggered! Yay!)
Fixed – Missestotal and avgdist highlighted the worse stat compared between the users
Fixed – Imported crosshairs would cover part of the UI when it was set too large
Fixed – Every time the SCORES tab was opened and closed, the leaderboard rows persisted in the scene making the UI slow
Fixed – Leaderboards for some game-specific tasks didn’t lock to task-specific maps
Fixed – Carousel kept increasing RAM usage if Aimlab is left in the lobby

Creator Studio

Fixed – Player Comparison AvgDist wasn’t to a rounded value
Fixed – Camera uses ADS sens during ‘Click to begin’ if the ADS FOV was set to the same as HIPFIRE FOV
Fixed – No cursor in loading screen via Next Task and Previous Task buttons on scenarios
Fixed – Hit sounds now cap out at a rate of 15 hits per second to prevent uncomfortable audio
Fixed – Scenarios result screen : Scenario’s name and Author name text overlap on the Scenarios result screen
Fixed – Error that prevented creators from being able to update already uploaded levels

Happy training!

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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