Aliens: Fireteam Elite Update 1.10 Patch Notes

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Update 1.10 has just been deployed by Cold Iron Studios and we have the complete patch notes for your reading pleasure. The new update presumably brings in changes to trophies not being counted alongside other bug fixes and stability improvements.

The update is available globally as a mandatory download. You can find all the relevant information for Aliens: Fireteam Elite Patch Notes: Update 1.10 down below. File size for the update has still not been revealed.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Patch Notes | Update 1.10

Here are the complete patch notes for Aliens: Fireteam Elite Update 1.10:

We have implemented the following changes.


  • Doc:
    • The “Trauma Station” Ability now regains energy when any player picks up an Aid Kit, instead of only granting energy to the specific Doc player that picks it up. If there is more than one Doc in the team, the energy is split between them.
    • The “Trauma Station” Ability Replacers (Painkiller Station and Suppression Station) can now be placed down even when out of energy.
    • Change to the HUD so that it now displays a notification showing the amount of energy replenished when picking up an Aid Kit, making it easier to tell when the “Trauma Station” Ability has been recharged.


  • The Doc’s “Field Medic” Perk and its related Perks have had their range increased to 7m (previously 6m.)
  • The Demolisher’s “Rampage” Perk should now work correctly with flamethrowers.
  • The Demolisher’s “Assault & Battery” Perk now only grants up to 50% cooldown reduction (previously 100%.) This Perk has also had its tooltip updated to reflect this change.


  • Fixed an issue with Special Ammo Consumables where they could be erroneously applied to the N79 EVA Laser Pistol. Attempting to do so will now display a message informing you that Special Ammo is not available for this weapon.


  • The “Stuck Magazines” Challenge Card should no longer affect AI companions.
  • The “Tactical Cam” Challenge Card should now correctly affect all players in a party.


  • Fixed a number of places in the game where players could get stuck in the world geometry.
  • Fixed a number of places in the game where players could traverse, but enemies could not reach them.


  • Fixed a situation where the Doc’s UI for the “Trauma Station” Ability’s energy bar could display an inaccurate value.


  • Fixed a situation where kills with flamethrowers would not be counted towards the progress of a Tactical Opportunity.
  • Intel items should now be able to be properly pinged with the correct message.
  • Fixed a number of situations where more players than intended were able to group up.

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Source: Cold Iron Studios

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  1. Still having a massive framerate drop (almost a stuttering effect) it seems throughout missions either when doors open or when a swarm appears. Intel Glitch is still there too and now since 1.10 patch the game proper ‘bugs’ out from time to time when it freezes the environment, friendlies and enemies but I can still move around. The Doc class could be buffed a bit more with the perks. And I think Horde mode is pretty boring, it needs some more objectives in there and the value of the consumables is ridiculously high still. Some of the challenge cards x exp and x credits needs to be adjusted too e.g. self destruct sequence needs more xp and credits. By the lowest bidder says your gun “occasionally becomes Jammed” load of toot that is lol pretty much every magazine I had about 2-3 jams which needs to be amended. Think that’s about all I can remember but don’t get me wrong I really enjoy this game and it has a lot of potential in which I always keep coming back to play but the framerate issue needs to be resolved ASAP as it renders the game nearly unplayable for the most part.

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