Innersloth’s latest dev log is out with new Among Us January 2021 update notes for all the players. It includes updates about the new Airship map and the game’s arrival to platforms like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Moreover, Accounts for the game are now being worked upon alongside the imminent release of a Public Road Map. We are going to be talking about all the updates for January 2021 for Among Us.

The developers at Among Us have been silently working behind the scenes to improve the game as much as they can. According to the Dev Logs, hacking is a major issue encountered in Public Lobbies that should be fixed soon. Moreover, the new map Airship is finally at its final development stages.

Among Us January 2021 Update Notes

among us january update

Platform Updates

Among Us is now available on the Nintendo Switch. The game has also topped the Nintendo eStore as well. It has also been released for the Xbox and is out on Xbox Gamepass PC. Lastly, Among Us is finally on the Epic Games Store as well, where you can claim the All-In-One Pack, which has all the skins and pets included.

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Some bugs for the Nintendo Switch have also been fixed, including some words being blocked in chat, scrolling with the controller, and more. You cannot buy cosmetic items right now, which is a feature that will be added shortly.

Future Updates

These updates are in the pipeline and released as soon as they are finished. They have no real release date, but the developers hope they will do it by the end of January 2021.


Players will be getting access to their own account very soon. The main advantage of having accounts for everyone is you will be able to report players getting rid of hacking once for all. Next, you will be able to save your stats and have the ability to add friends later on.

Airship Map

The Airship map is almost close the completion. You can choose which room you wish to start in and get new costumes while also having the ability to climb up and down ladders. The included map will also be free.

Keep in mind that Innersloth is an indie developer studio. Therefore, the update cycle is extremely slow. However, you can expect most of these features out to be rolling out very soon.

This concludes everything you needed to know about Among Us and its future updates for January 2021. Stay tuned for more news.

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