Among Us March 2021 Update Notes | Quickchat Added

Innersloth has certainly been ramping up its game in terms of pumping out relevant updates and bug fixes at a lightning pace. Even though their Indie studio consists of only five members, their pace shows otherwise! With new features and pesky bugs being quashed in the month of March, here are all the updates for Among Us compiled in one post!

While a lot of updates are yet to come for the game including the new Airship map, the developers have still put in a lot of time and effort to introduce some quality of life features especially for those who play the game mainly using text chat and on mobile platforms.

Among Us March Update

among us march update patch notes

March has been a busy month for Innersloth Studios, they’ve introduced a plethora of new features and updates in a short amount of time. Here are all of them!

March 6 Update

among us march update
  • Quickchat (v 2021.2.21) is added. It is an easier, faster, and safer option to play if you’re using text chat!
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Blank screen when creating a room fixed
    • Players unable to find any lobbies in public list fixed
    • Age gate reduced to 13

March 7 Update

  • PC & Android versions fixed
  • iOS & Switch update submitted, waiting for approval.

March 8 Update

  • iOS update is out (lobby, black screen & age fix)
  • Working on visibility fix for Android
  • Some tasks might not be working properly.

March 9 Update

  • Polus ground & android shadows fix coming
  • Submitting Switch for approval
  • Matchmaking/tasks/walking through walls fixed

Are you happy with the pace of the develoipers for this month? While we’ve still not recieved an official update, most fans are anticipating that the new Airship map will be out by the end of April!

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