Apex Legends Update 1.58 Patch Notes | Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

Respawn Entertainment has just released the latest Apex Legends Update 1.58 and their patch notes. The update itself is mainly meant for bug fixes revolving Bloodhound. We have the complete extensive patch notes for you to go through. While Apex Legends has constantly been getting updates, it has also developed a lot of bugs recently. Therefore, it only makes sense that the developers are now releasing hotfixes. We have all the details for you about this Update 1.58

The Apex Legends Update 1.58 is available for download on all platforms. The total file size of the game is about 192 MB which is dependent on the platform.

Apex Legends Update 1.58 Patch Notes

Apex Legends Update 1.58

Here are the official patch notes for the new update which has just been globally released.

  • Players not being scanned by Bloodhound’s tactical if already scanned by a different Bloodhound’s tactical
  • Errors related to explosive holds on Kings Canyon
  • Various stability fixes
  • Re-enabled some dialogue that was wrongly disabled

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the most extensive update for Apex Legends you will be seeing. However, it was much needed as it fixed some critical bugs that were game ruining in certain situations.

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[via Respawn Entertainment]

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