Apex Legends Update 1.64 Patch Notes

EA has pushed out a new Apex Legends Update 1.64 yesterday on April 7 and is now live for all the players and we have the full list of patch notes. You can find all the required information about this patch in the notes below.

On the PS4, you will need to download a total file size of around 200 MB. However, some players have reported that they see an update size of over 40GB. Not sure what all is that about, but we will definitely update once we find out.

Apex Legends Update 1.64 Patch Notes

We do not have a confirmed list of patch notes for the Apex Legends Update 1.64, however we have gathered some information from different social channels of the game and the community.

The developers pushed out an update to fix the following issue:

  • Increased reports of slo-mo servers with Season 8

Another issue that was discovered by the developers:

We’ve identified an issue with a database shard which we believe has been contributing to the recent progression issues for PlayStation players. We will be migrating players off this shard which may result in disconnects.

For players whose data was on the affected database shard, we will be restoring their progress to a backup from April 5 at ~18:00 UTC

For a list of updates and other game updates, check out our Patch Notes section.

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