Astroneer January 13 Update Patch Notes | Xeonobiology Update

System Era Softwares has just deployed Astroneer January 13 Update and we have the complete patch notes for you to go through. Titled as the Xenobiology Update, it brings in Space Snails as a part of the update alongside various other bug fixes and optimizations as well.

The update is available globally on all supported platforms. You can find all the relevant information regarding Astroneer January 13 Update down below. We still are not sure of the file size of this update just yet.

Astroneer Patch Notes: January 13 Update (Xenobiology Update)

Here are the complete patch notes for Astroneer January 13 Update coming out for all supported platforms:

Feature Updates
Galastropods“Space Snails” are now a part of the universe of Astroneer. Players have the opportunity to gain these unique and highly adaptable creatures as permanent companions that also give benefits to their caretakers.

Full Tummies & Companion BenefitsEach Galastropod loves treats and will become extra happy and energized when fed. While a Galastropod is full, players receive a unique benefit to aid in their adventures. Galastropods also have favorite foods which will extend the duration of their benefit when fed.

Adventure Mode StoryBegin a new adventure to retrieve unique Galastropoda specimens and investigate the mystery behind their appearance.
Update-Specific Intro CinematicWe’ve added a new cinematic that will display the first time players start the game after receiving this update. This doesn’t replace the original intro cinematic for brand new players, which will still play their first time.
New MissionsFresh content has been added to the early game to launch players on a journey of snail discovery across the solar system!

Mission Items + Recall RewardsCertain new missions now have required items and/or permanent rewards. Both of these allow players to respawn them at the nearest landing pad for their convenience (or if they’ve misplaced them). Mission items are limited to a single item per save, while permanent rewards are available as a single item per player.

Creative ModeGalastropods are immediately available for access in Creative Mode via the Catalog in the “Discoveries” tab (second from the right).

Nintendo SwitchAstroneer is now available on Nintendo Switch! You can purchase it here:

This update coincides with the release of Astroneer for Nintendo Switch and serves as its Day One patch. Physical copies of Astroneer contain content up through Update 19; players will need to connect and download this update to also receive any changes from the intervening releases.

Astroneer’s Third AnniversaryWow! It’s been almost three years since 1.0… can you believe it?! This February, we’ve got a celebratory cosmetic to share with players, from our heart to your head. Players logging in during a specific Anniversary time frame will get it for free – watch our socials for more details (Twitter, Discord, etc.)!

Store – New Items Available Now!

  • New Limited Time BundleSNAIL PALETTES! Get in sync with your favorite snail with matching palettes! Bundle includes:
    • Forest Friend
    • Cosmic Companion
    • Desert Dweller
    • Royal Regalia
    • Mystic Moon
    • Frosted Familiar
    • Peculiar Pal

  • New Hats• Friendly Shell
    • Lunar Shell
    • Spicy Shell
    • Fancy Shell
    • Sweet Shell
    • Chilly Shell
    • Strange Shell
    • Extra Eye
  • New Mask• Friendly Face
  • New Visor• Biohazard


  • PerformanceA wide variety of performance efforts have been undertaken to support the Switch release and to generally improve player experience for every platform. Players should notice improved loading times, especially on consoles.
  • “Sticky” Terrain FixWe’ve literally moved the heavens to fix the issue some players experience which cause them to get “stuck” at seemingly random points while moving. This fix only applies to new saves for the time being; old saves should be unaffected.
  • Hazardous Flora FarmingAll hazardous flora has been updated to produce multiple seeds to allow for easier cultivation. Seed growth times have also been reduced (to feed your hungry snails!)
  • Orbital ViewPlanets have a larger collision volume when selecting them from solar system view, which should make them easier to select, especially when using a controller
  • Updated LocalizationJapanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese

BugsThe following is still a known issue as of version

  • [AS-17036] The Vesania Galastropod’s buff can conflict with the ability to respawn at the nearest shelter when it’s active
  • [AS-16970] Cables on spaceports can break for clients in multiplayer games if they are picked up but not plugged into anything. Players can work around this by leaving and rejoining the session

The following bugs have been fixed as of version

  • [AS-16742] Fixed an issue on Xbox One where the mission log screen that is displayed in Creative Mode was improperly displaying in some languages


  • [AS-16895] Fixed a bug where clients were not seeing the beacons from field shelters when in orbital view.


  • [AS-16846] The “From Thin Air” mission will now only complete if gas is produced by an Atmospheric Condenser
  • [AS-16661] Mission text in the mission log will now keep its uppercasing when the mission is completed.


  • [AS-16889] Fixed a bug where the bumpy variant of the Sturdy squash seed was misaligned when slotted
  • [AS-16639] Fixed a bug where players were not unlocking the Wanderer Suit when playing offline or with a poor connection
  • [AS-16298] Fixed an exploit where Used Solid Fuel Thrusters were yielding more scrap from shredding than it cost to acquire the resources required to craft them from the Trade Platform. Both new and used Solid Fuel Thrusters will now produce 1.5 scrap nuggets when shredded.
  • [AS-11904] Small canisters no longer float when placed onto medium canisters by an auto arm.
  • [AS-7313] Fixed a bug where multiple packagers attached to an object when packaged would cause the extra packager(s) to become broken and unusable.
  • [AS-7306] Fixed a collision issue where items placed next to Daggeroot hazards could become impossible to interact with.
  • [AS-7163] Fixed a bug where Spaceport POIs were either not spawning at all or at greatly reduced rates. Players should now see these much more frequently!

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: System Era Softworks

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