Atlas Update 529.02 Patch Notes on September 10

Grapeshot Games has deployed this latest Atlas Update 529.02 and here are the full list of patch notes for you to read. In this release, the developers have a quality of life update to fix a few of the more troublesome bugs players have been running into on the open seas. They have also made a few adjustments to resolve some of the server issues some players may have been running into lately.

You should be able to download and install Atlas Update 529.02 right now as it was released earlier today. Everything you need to know regarding this patch has been covered in the full release notes.

Atlas Update 529.02 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Atlas Update 529.02 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:


Bug Fixes:

  • Version synchronization fix
  • Fixed issue causing Xbox connection losses with the servers
  • Fixed issue where cannons were not visually synced with the servers
  • Fixed instances on ships where painted areas would revert to the default color


  • Removed height limit from bed placement
  • Removed repeated items in skill tree descriptions
  • Defense Tower Buffs
    • Blueprint versions of these can now be found
    • Fire Rate increase
    • Armor stat added
    • Damage increase
  • Health increased on Modular Ship pieces
  • Crew requirements adjusted on Mortar Ship and Turtle Ship

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