Beasts of Maravilla Island Update 1.0.3 Patch Notes

Banana Bird Studios has just released Beasts of Maravilla Island Update 1.0.3 and we have the complete patch notes for you to read. The new update includes a few bug fixes alongside issues with the Switch’s Pro controller finally being sorted for the game as well.

The update is currently available on the Switch and will be a mandatory download. You can take a look at the complete patch notes down below for more information about the update.

Beasts of Maravilla Island Update 1.0.3 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for the update:

– All cutscenes are able to be skipped if you press pause during the cutscene and select “Skip”
– Fixed a bug where Pro Controller would cause camera to rotate 90 degrees and not use gyro
– No longer possible to get teleported underneath geometry when you open your journal in certain spots
– Fixed issue where Marina could get stuck for a few seconds after she got gusted by the griffin, even though she had returned to her idle animation
– Players who were unable to get the Draguar to gust at the teetering rock should now be able to get him to gust
– Edge detection refractor to fix boundary breaks, walking on air, and other glitchiness
– Fixed issue where Marina visibly snapped to the ground every time she returned from being frozen
– Fixed a few jittering creatures in the plateau
– Fixed bugs relating to chapter select sometimes not taking you to the right location
– Birds/Bats should no longer stop in midair during cutscenes
– Fixed issue where players could get caught when climbing down off of the first vine
– Fixed bug where the character could freeze if you opened photobook from camera
– Fixed bug where players could open a broken journal from the photobook
– Fixed issue where if you had two photos and deleted one, it would show the incorrect one as the main photo
– Save file will show correct location even after chapter select
– Fixed small white line on the edge of fullscreen photos
– Improved frame rate of final cutscene
– Some tweaked level design to help draw attention to certain flowers, climbable vines, and pathways
– Fixed bug where basilisk lizards could get caught underwater
– Many other tiny bug fixes

If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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