Bless Unleashed October 14 Update Patch Notes

Neowiz has just released Bless Unleashed October 14 Update, and we have the complete list of official patch notes right here for you. Primarily named The Awakened Update, this patch is major and changes the overall balance of items, characters, and options. Moreover, this patch also includes significant changes to Blessings, Traits, Skills & Classes, and several other bug fixes.

You can download and install this latest patch right away on all supported platforms when the maintenance break is over. Here is all the relevant information regarding Bless Unleashed Patch Notes: October 14 Update. The actual file size of this update hasn’t been revealed yet.

Bless Unleashed Patch Notes: October 14 Update

Here is the complete list of official patch notes for Bless Unleashed October 14 Update, rolling out on all supported platforms:

The Awakened Update launches on October 14 at 10:00 AM PDT (1:00 PM EDT, 18:00 UTC)! Players will need to download a client patch for this update, which will be available once maintenance begins!

The full release notes for this update can be found below:


Modified the overall balance of items / characters / options:

  • Downgraded the basic stats of the equipment, and set character’s strength a little higher
  • Adjusted the player’s defense value overall, and accordingly adjusted the monster’s attack power.
  • Lowered the standard gear score to lower the initial difficulty level in the early game.

Modified equipment rewards that can be acquired in the field.

  • In order to alleviate the difficulty in the early part of growth, the importance of reinforcement is reduced and non upgradable equipment is provided as a reward in the field.
  • All equipment acquired in the field will be provided as equipment suitable for the player’s class.
  • Upgradable equipment can be acquired in the same way as before in dungeons.

Modified the types of rewards dropped by field monsters to remove fortification stone drops and add breath drops

  • As the importance of fortification in the field has decreased, fortification material rewards have also been modified.
  • Although fortification stones have been removed, if needed in the field, they can be purchased using soul crystals through the unique token merchant

Equipment is now level restricted based on its grade.

  • Grade – Minimum Level
  • Grade E – Min Lv. 1
  • Grade D – Min Lv. 3
  • Grade C – Min Lv. 10
  • Grade B – Min Lv. 18
  • Grade A – Min Lv. 25
  • Grade S – Min Lv. 35
  • Equipment that is already equipped can still be used, but once it has been unequipped, the character level requirements must be met before it can be equipped again. 

Crafting improvements

  • EXP increased when making soul pyre dishes
  • Reduced potion material consumption
  • Removed low-level equipment crafting
  • Reduced material consumption for crafting low-level equipment
  • Adjustment of the required skill level for making equipment

Added Fusion System feature.

  • Through a Fusion NPC, Costumes and Breath can be upgraded to a higher grade.
  • Costumes must be the same grade and same costume piece. On a failure, a fusion ticket will be granted, which can be used to improve your fusion chances.
  • Breaths must be the same grade. Fusing 5 lower grade Breaths will result in 1 higher grade Breath at a 100% success rate.

Added a new content emoticon system. This system is activated by trigger words in the chat window, or by equipping the emoticons to the quick slot or ring menu.

Added a multi-matchmaking system. Previously it was only possible to queue for one dungeon or battlefield content at a time which led users to wait a very long time. In order to resolve this issue, players are now able to register up to 5 dungeons or battlefields to a matchmaking list.

Added exploration elements that allow players to obtain buffs from major structures in big cities.

Added a feature where, when inventory expansion items, equipment, mounts, or reward boxes are acquired, a quick-equip option is available.

Changed the number of standard personal storage slots from 10 to 30.

Changed default inventory quantity from 25 to 40.

Changed the amount of enhancement/crafting materials that can be stacked to 300.


Major Blessing system overhaul:

  • Blessings are no longer directly related to skills.
  • Blessings now refer to a collection of passive effects, and a player’s combat style changes depending on the effects that make up their Blessings.
  • Passive effects that make up Blessings can be upgraded, and ‘Breath’ items for each class are required to upgrade them.
  • Equipped Blessing effects can be upgraded to a max of 10 or 20 upgrades, depending.
  • Each Blessing has a designated ‘Breath’, and with those items, you can upgrade the effects of the Blessing skills.
  • High grade ‘Breath’ items are required to reach superior levels of growth, and low grade ‘Breath’ items can be combined to obtain high grade ‘Breath’ items

Added Livelihood Blessings. These can be obtained by performing quests. Like combat blessings, they have ‘Breath’ items that can be used to upgrade them.

  • Touch of Lily’anthes: enhances Gathering, Mining, Logging
  • Touch of Syrania: enhances Fishing
  • Touch of Baraka: enhances Taming
  • Touch of Paetion: enhances crafting
  • Touch of Teleos: enhances potions

Adjusted the process of acquiring the Blessing ‘Gift of Valor’

  • Instead of being automatically acquired on character creation, this is now gained through the main story quest in Carzacor.
  • For characters that were created previously, at the time of the patch, it will check for whether the necessary quest has been completed and grant the Blessing to qualified players.

Adjusted the process of acquiring the Blessing ‘The Crescent Moon’

  • Can now be acquired during the Tristezza Main Story Quests
  • Now requires only 4 fragments, from Bashal, the Spider Queen, the Cyclops, and the Tristezza Main Story Quest.
  • For players that have already completed the relevant Tristezza quest, the fragment will be automatically applied.

The following Blessings have been removed:

  • Night Wind
  • The Storm Chaser
  • Centurion Lucius
  • Blind Executioner
  • Festival: Jack-O-Lantern
  • Festival: Feywinter

Added Breath items to dungeon rewards. Each Breath can be obtained from dungeons that are higher than a specific level:

  • Breath of Valor: Level 4+
  • Breath of the Wolf: Level 10+
  • Breath of the Lion: Level 10+
  • Breath of the Crescent Moon: Level 21+

All Bless Breaths may drop regardless of the player’s class.

Normal grade Breaths are dropped in 2-Player Arenas, and Superior Breaths are dropped beginning from Lairs.


  • Crusader: After using a Shout-type skill, using the Burning Blade skill right after is very important.
  • Berserker: Through combo attacks, players will stack Rushing Storm effect and after stacking the effect, use the skill Whirlwind to deal damage for a longer period of time.
  • Ranger: Through constant combo attacks, Flashing effects are stacked and strengthens the Tempest Shot skill.
  • Priest: After achieving a Trance effect that increases the critical hit probability each time a critical hit has been applied, use the skill Blade of Justice to apply a considerable amount of damage.
  • Mage: Attack the enemies with the Frost Spike and Frost Nova skill to freeze them, and use Arcane-type skill to deal more damage.


  • Crusader: Use Slash-type combo continuously to apply the Bleeding effect, and increase the bleeding duration by the use of Shout-type skill.
  • Berserker: Allows to engage in dynamic combat by eliminating cooldown for the Shoulder Slam skill, and enhance the skill used immediately afterward.
  • Ranger: When in an Overload state, beneficial effects can be obtained. In addition, it is advantageous to maintain Overload for a long period due to the effect of immediately activating the Reload skill at every critical hit.
  • Priest: Acquire additional bonus attack damage when the HP is full, and even if the HP is low increases the survivability of the character.
  • Mage: Summon cold air Blizzard by hitting Frost Nova against the enemy. Fighting within Blizzard benefits the use of the Frost-type skills.


  • Crusader: Centered around Shout-type skills, a Shout-type skill will immediately inflict damage to the enemy. And whenever a successful Guard is executed while the Shout-type effect is applied, it is triggered immediately thus maintaining Shout effects are very critical.
  • Berserker: Alternate between Slash-type skills and Shock-type skills to receive and maintain the powerful effect.
  • Ranger: Using Rush-type, Double Shot-type attacks will apply a Scarred effect that can be stacked up to three times. When an enemy that has the Scarred effect receives damage, the damage is increased and the enemies attack damage is decreased.
  • Priest: Deal bonus damage when attacking an enemy caught in Judgment skill effect. It is important to maintain the Judgement effect on the opponent.
  • Mage: When attacking an opponent with Flame-type combos, an effect is applied and when the Firebomb or Flame Wave are used, additional damage is applied.


  • Crusader: Increased the number of times Sweeping Slash can be used, and whenever the Sweeping Slash skill is used, the cooldown for the skill Counterattack is decreased. When using Slash type combos, the cooldown time for the skill Counterattack is quickly decreased. This blessing is centered around the frequent use of the Counterattack skill.
  • Berserker: Rage: Extinction skill usability has been improved and allows the player to safely overcome the combat situation when the HP is low.
  • Ranger: Use the skills [Lightning Arrow, Triple Shot, and Hammer Shot to acquire the effect Eye of the Storm and use the skill Tempest Volley for an increase in skill damage. More stacks of Eye of the Storm effects lead to higher damage output from the Tempest Volley skill.
  • Priest: Whenever healing someone, receive bonus attack damage in attack skills, and in reverse, receive a bonus in healing-type skills when attacking an enemy. 
  • Mage: Combo or skills of Arcane-type or Flame-type skills to receive enhancement effects and when the effect has been stacked to the max limit, receive additional bonuses and transfer the skills to the opposite-type skills.


Skill system overhaul:

  • The current skill system that is connected to Blessings has been reformed
  • Characters will now earn skills by leveling up
  • Characters can grow the skills obtained by using SP
  • Players can select and use 4 skills out of all they have

Added a combo delay function when using dodge during combos

  • Combos no longer break when using dodge during combos.
  • As the dodge time increases, the amount of time players can connect the combo attack also increases, so players can continue the combo attack after dodging.

As a result of the changes from the skill system reform, the amount of skill points obtained and used has been modified overall:

  • Increased the amount of SXP obtained from finishing quests.
  • Modified the amount of SXP required to play the early levels. From now on, all SP require the same amount of SXP to be obtained.

If there is an empty slot when a skill is obtained, the skill will be equipped automatically to the empty slot.

When the skill level increases, effects that are changed are now shown in the tooltip. If a skill’s tooltip gets too long, players can now scroll through it.

Reduced the amount of Stamina consumed by melee classes when evading.

The iFrame for Evasion(dodge) for all classes has been increased from 0.3 seconds to 0.4 seconds.


Combos do not break even if players use Resolute Warcry, Furious Warcry, Twin Slash, or Counterattack during combos.

Made it so that when the Crusader’s Daring Assault is used, chances of overlapping with the target are reduced.

Added skill tree for Crusader class. Skill Tree will be displayed in the tooltips along with Bless Skill effects, etc

Removed Shield Throw and its associated passive skill Splinter Shield.

Merged ‘Charge with ‘Dauntless Charge’.

Addition of a new class skill ‘Chains of War‘.

  • Chains of War damages a wide range of enemies in front of them and draws them in front of the Crusader.
  • Addition of a passive skill ‘Shackles of Oppression’ that strengthens the effect of the Chains of War skill.

Dauntless Charge

  • Travel distance has been increased by 20m.
  • Follow-up attack has been added. Upon using the skill, if the skill button is pressed once more, the attack animation for ‘Charge’ skill will initiate follow up with an extra attack.
  • After the follow-up attack, it can be connected with the combo attack (XXYY), ‘Shield Crash’.


  • Increased the damage absorbed by Guard from 80% -> 99%
  • When guard is maintained, the effect of reducing the consumption of the guard gauge by 40% is applied by default.
  • Changed Cool Time from 2 sec -> 5 sec 
  • Added damage reflection effect to ‘Impervious’ passive

Twin Slash

  • Skill has changed so that it shoots a sword up to 20m that can attack an enemy from mid-distance.

Shield Wall

  • Changed so that it creates a barrier that reduces damage received. Barrier lasts for 20 seconds.

Daring Assault

  • After the skill has been used, it can be quickly connected with the attack combo (XXXX), ‘Spinning Slash’.


  • After the skill has been used, it can be quickly connected with the attack combo(YYYY), ‘Sunrise Strike’.
  • Character can change direction of the attack while the attack is charging.
  • While being used, the damage received is decreased and high grade super armor is applied.

Resolute Warcry / Furious Warcry

  • Decrease the cooldown time to 25 seconds.


  • Gets into a defensive stance for 1 second. If an enemy attacks during this stance, the attack is then blocked followed by a counterattack.

Blaze of Glory

  • An attack assist guide has been added that direction of the attack would be assisted If an enemy falls into the certain angle of the attack.


Combos do not break even if players use Blood Leech during combos.

Made it so that when the Berserker’s Leap Attack is used, chances of overlapping with the target are reduced.

Reduced the damage of Guillotine and Earthbreaker used while the Berserker is in rage.

Removed ‘Iron Stride’ and its related passive skill ‘Tactical Positioning’.

Added ‘Rage: Extinction‘:

  • Consumes all fury, and consumes 40% of maximum health, dealing powerful area damage around the Berserker.
  • Added the passive skill ‘Horror Paralysis’ that strengthens the effect of ‘Rage: Extinction’

Shoulder Strike

  • Changed to be available by pressing the dodge key once more.
  • The effect of being pushed back when the skill is activated has been added.
  • Increased judgement range.


  • Increased duration
  • Increase movement speed during casting.
  • Reduced Attack Power. 


  • Reduced charge time
  • Reduced Attack Power.

Charge attack

  • The moving distance has become 20m.
  • Greatly increased the charge movement speed
  • If pressing the button once more while using the skill, the attack motion of ‘Balanced Uppercut’ is output and additional attacks are possible.
  • After using the follow-up stroke, players can connect with a balanced whirl combo (YYYY).

Relentless Cleave

  • Reduced charge time
  • Increased judgement range


  • Reduced Attack Power.


  • Fixed an issue where rage was activated even when Rage: True Berserker passive skill effect is unequipped


Adjusted the camera angle in non-combat/combat stance for Ranger class.

Adjusted the awkward camera output for the Ranger’s skills, ‘Smoke Bomb’, and ‘Mark’.

Addition of Ranger skill types (Marksmanship, Summoning, Snipe).

Changed so that when the ranger is resurrected instantly (starseed, assisted resurrection, Recovery Scrolls), 50 arrows are provided.

When the character locks on to a target, the crosshair is hidden. Once the lock-on is released, the crosshair will be visible again.

Increased the distance for all ranged skills from 15m to 20m.

Overall adjustment to Ranger class’s attack combo damage.

Combo Improvements

  • Changed Evasive Shot, Retreating Shot, and Penetrating Shot so that the attacks can only have one target
  • Combos do not break even if players use Reload, Ambush Shot, or Bottomless Quiver during combos


  • Modified so that even if one loots items or gathers while reload is in process, reload is not cancelled
  • It is now possible to recharge more than the max amount of arrows when reload is used. This change is to provide a purpose for both users who use the unique skill Reload, and those who don’t. Along the same lines, those who do not use Reload will see their natural arrow recovering amount increased.

Tempest Shot

  • Changed from a projectile to targeting attack

Peregrine Strike

  • Modified the level 2 attack motion

Erupting Arrow

  • Changed the basic attack motion to a 1 hit attack
  • Added a new connected skill that is triggered through additional control input

Parting Shot

  • Changed from a targeting attack to a close ranged attack
  • Added a new connected skill that is triggered through additional control input

Ambush Shot

  • Changed so that it is now stackable and can be used continuously up to a max of 2 times

Bottomless Quiver

  • Increased the duration of the Bottomless Quiver buff

Tempest Volley

  • Changed from a projectile to targeting attack


When the character locks on to a target, the crosshair is hidden. Once the lock-on is released, the crosshair will be visible again.

Adjusted the camera Angle in non-combat/combat stance for the Priest class.

Combos do not break even if players use Hallowed Ground, Consign to Darkness, Blades of Contrition, Shield of Faith, or Escape the Wicked during combos.

Changed the skill and class skill composition when the priest is first created.

  • When the priest is first created, the skills Holy Flame and Divine Strike, and the class skills Shield of Faith and Blades of Justice are equipped.
  • The skills for the tutorial dungeon have also been reorganized.

All of the priest’s combos have been changed.

  • The existing combo (X combo) composition has been changed.
  • A second combo (Y combo) has been added. Can deal damage to enemies over a wide area.
  • Use a branch of the second combo to apply a buff to yourself
  • Changed the effects of the Ensnare combo to reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 50% instead of tying them down
  • Increase overall utility and combo delay
  • Adjusted the combo’s damage
  • Changed the name of each combo

Changed the way priests obtain Holy Energy:

  • Holy Energy is obtained by combos.
  • Aside from combos, Holy Energy can now be obtained by using certain skills or hitting enemies.
  • Only Class Skills consume Holy Energy.
  • Holy Energy is no longer recovered automatically.
  • Holy Energy returns to 0 when changing channels or reconnecting to the game.

Added new class skill ‘Radiant Form‘.

  • You transform into a Radiant Form and move quickly for 10 sec. When the skill is cancelled or the duration ends, it creates an area that heals nearby allies.
  • Addition of passive skills ‘Furious Form’, ‘Guardian Form’, that can be used together with  ‘Radiant Form’.”

Escape the Wicked

  • Changed from a class skill to a normal skill.
  • Removed related passive skills ‘Cyclical Casting’ and ‘Swift Salvation’.
  • Modified so the skill can be used twice in a row.
  • Changed so that this skill can be used twice in succession after the skill has been leveled up to a certain level


  • This effect has been changed to apply only to a single target.
  • Length of the movement has been shortened.
  • Can be connected with Spirit Wave combo (X-X-Y-Y) after use.
  • After it is used, it can connect to the Charging Vengeance (Y-Y-Y) combo
  • Level up this skill to increase the amount of HP recovered

Shield of Faith

  • The maximum charge level has been adjusted from level 3 to level 2.
  • The effect is applied to allies including oneself in level 2.
  • The charge time of the skill has been slightly shortened.
  • This has been changed from a skill to class skill.
  • It can block additional attacks with the class skill passive ‘Aegis’.

Holy Flame / Holy Energy

  • Modified so the skill can be used twice in a row.
  • Can be connected with Radiant Chains combo (X-X-X-X-Y-Y) after use.
  • After it is used, it can be connected to the Wrath (X-X-Y-Y-Y) combo.
  • It has been changed from a two part skill to a single use skill
  • Damage has been increased
  • Changed the icon for continued Holy Flame effect.

Smiting Fist

  • Modified so the skill can be used four times in a row.
  • The range and effect for each stroke are different.
  • Can be connected with Path of Penance combo (X-X-X-X-Y) after use.

Blades of Contrition

  • The skill casting action has been shortened.

Healing Sphere / Holy Energy

  • Healing Sphere retention time has been increased from 20 sec to 30 sec.
  • Healing Sphere is changed to immediate recovery + continuous recovery effect.
  • Slightly reduced the basic heal amount

Blades of Justice

  • Skill resource consumption is reduced.
  • This has been changed from a skill to class skill.
  • Effect range and damage is increased with the class skill passive ‘Heavenly Wrath’.

Healing Nova

  • The skill has been changed from a nearby allied recovery skill to a near death allied resurrection skill.
  • Increase in skill resource consumption and cooldown time.
  • This has been changed from a skill to class skill.
  • The cooldown of Healing Nova can be reduced, and its healing effect enhanced with the class skill passive ‘Healing Storm’.
  • Activate a protective shield that blocks attacks, and deals damage while pushing back enemies when the effect is activated with the class skill passive ‘Divine Protective Shield’.

Sacred Ground

  • This has been changed from a class skill to a skill.
  • The previous class skill passive has been deleted.
  • Level up the skill to increase Sacred Ground’s effect
  • Removed effect where Holy Flame inflicted continuous damage


  • This has been changed from a class skill to a skill.
  • The previous class skill passive has also been deleted.
  • Like other skills, it can be used without consuming Holy Energy. 
  • Increase the skill’s damage and the number of affected targets by leveling up the skill.

Consign to Darkness

  • This has been changed from a class skill to a skill.
  • The previous class skill passive has been deleted. 
  • Improve Consign to Darkness’ effect by leveling up the skill, and once the skill has reached a certain level an effect that slows down the movement speed of enemies located within the Consign to Darkness’s area will be applied.

Other changes

  • The duration time of ‘Hallowed Ground’ has been increased significantly, and the related skill ‘Holy Flame has been enabled to be used by default.
  • The skill casting action of ‘Sacred Ground’ and ‘Consign to Darkness’ has been shortened
  • The effect of ‘Empowered Prayers’ is enhanced to increase the attack power of allies by 15%.
  • Holy energy consumption of ‘Retribution’ is reduced, and skill casting and finishing operations are shortened.
  • With the acquisition of ‘Holy Warrior’, the maximum target for damage caused by retribution has been increased from 4 to 5.


Adjusted the camera Angle in non-combat/combat stance for the Mage class.

When the character locks on to a target, the crosshair is hidden. Once the lock-on is released, the crosshair will be visible again.

Overall adjustment to Mage class’s attack combo damage.

Combos do not break even if players use Arcane Blink, Frost Nova, Firebomb, or Amplify during combos.

Removed Arcane Storm and its passive skills ‘Cyclical Casting’ and ‘Arcane Duelist’.

Improved the Mage’s Y combo:

  • Adjusted the range of multiple hits on multiple targets
  • Burn effect can be stacked up to 3 times.

Addition of new skill ‘Arcane Barrage‘.

  • Consumes all Mana Crystals to unleash a furious barrage of arcane bolts at enemies.
  • Damage increases in proportion to the number of crystals consumed.
  • Arcane Barrage can be maintained for a certain amount of time, and direction can be changed while using the skill. However, it is not possible to move while using the skill.

Addition of passive skills ‘Energy Steal’, ‘Fortify’, that can be used together with ‘Arcane Barrage’.

Frost Spike 

  • Adjust the attack tempo of continuous use motion
  • Can be connected to the Frost Bomb combo (X-X-Y-Y-Y) after use

Flame Wave

  • Changed to consume more mana from the front when using more mana toward the rear during continuous use
  • In level 3, a continuous damage area of effect is created on the floor equal to the skill’s damage area.
  • Can be connected to the Sundering Blast combo (Y-Y-Y-Y) after use 


  • When the firebomb explodes, it inflicts AoE damage to the surrounding area.

Arcane Lightning

  • The skill effect has been changed to activate a little faster.
  • Can be connected to the Arcane Bombardment I combo (X-X-X-X-X-Y) after use.

Arcane Flash

  • Modified so the skill can be used twice in a row.


  • Changed the duration of the skill effect area from 5 sec to 8 sec


  • The basic effect has been increased from 70% to 100% mana recovery.
  • Now grants +2% Attack Power for each Mana Crystal consumed
  • During the duration of ‘Amplify’, the mage’s defense is reduced by -50%.
  • No slowing effect is applied to targets hit by combos while using Amplify.


  • When restoring mana, players can recharge additional mana at the maximum.

Frost Armor

  • Damages and slows nearby enemies.
  • The effect has been changed from 50% increase in armor for 3 sec to 70% increase in armor for 5 sec.


Changed the Time Dungeon cycle to 1 week.

Added 14 new Time Dungeons:

  • The Pagar Champion
  • The Dune Tyrant
  • Emissary of Flame
  • The Nightmare of Madaan
  • Shadow Visions
  • Forgotten Sewers
  • Rutus Mines – Depths of Corruption
  • The Nightspire – Entropic Descent
  • Dreamscale Ruins – Hall of the Eclipse
  • The Nightspire – Caverns of Wrath
  • [Abyssal] Dreamscale Ruins – Sundered Sanctuary
  • [Abyssal] Kobold Lair – Infernal Kitchen
  • [Abyssal] Rutus Mines – Depths of Corruption
  • [Abyssal] Savantis Mausoleum – Altar of Blood

Applied level scaling to all Time Dungeon monsters. If the level of the player exceeds the level of the dungeon, the monster will be scaled to the level of the player.

Sealed Chest Keys and Abyssal Chest keys have been removed. Dungeon completion reward boxes are no longer given. However there is a very low probability that a reward box that does not require a key will be provided instead.

Added a Dungeon Key Merchant in Sperios, Carzacor, Navarra, the Gnoll Wastes, and Tristezza. This merchant will exchange sealed / abyssal chest keys for star seeds.

Added a penalty for canceling matchmaking once matching is complete:

  • Penalties will be accumulated if you reject the match or log out of the character when matching is complete.
  • If the cumulative number of times is 3 or more, a matching cancellation penalty will be applied, and matching will be disabled for 5 minutes.
  • If you receive another cancellation penalty within 24 hours, the penalty time is doubled.

Added a penalty for allowing matchmaking to time out once matching is complete:

  • If the time expires without accepting the match at the time the match is completed, a penalty will be accumulated.
  • If the cumulative number of times exceeds 5, a Matching Time Expiration Penalty will be given, and matching will be disabled for 5 minutes.
  • If you receive another time-out penalty within 24 hours, the penalty time is doubled.

Modified the entrance level and GS requirements for the 2-player arenas

  • Emperor of Roots: Level 7 / GS 65
  • Mercenary Remnos: Level 10 / GS 118
  • Gnoll Triumvirate: Level 13 / GS 192
  • Two-headed Wyvern: Level 17 / GS 295

Modified the entrance level and GS requirements for the 5-player lairs

  • Putrid Canyon: Level 19 / GS 348
  • Crimson Waterfall: Level 21 / GS 438
  • Den of the Wolf King: Level 25 / GS 636
  • Bloody Arena: Level 27 / GS 763

Adjusted the level penalty so that even if there is a level difference with dungeon monsters, it is still possible to obtain items and XP.

Changed the number of times a player can be resurrected within a dungeon.

  • Arena Challenges (2 Players) – 5 Times
  • Lair Challenges (5 Players) – 2 Times
  • Dungeons (Standard) – 2 Times
  • Dungeons (Abyssal) – 1 Time

When Yaru’s Mate appears in the 5-player Den of the Wolf King challenge, the player now temporarily becomes invincible during the cutscene.


Added Twisted bosses. These have a chance to spawn at the location of existing named bosses. Defeating them will yield additional rewards.

  • Twisted Void Grasslands Giant
  • Twisted Void Giant Cyclops
  • Twisted Void Harpy Queen
  • Twisted Void Bashal
  • Twisted Void Ursa
  • Twisted Void Spider Queen
  • Twisted Void Bone Dragon

Added Berserk mode to Twisted bosses. If a Field Boss cannot be defeated quickly, it will turn ‘Berserk’, significantly increasing its attack damage, and will continuously increase in attack damage and damage received over time.

Modified the amount of damage dealt to monsters based on the user’s level. When attacking a monster that is a higher level than you by more than 3 levels, only 75% of the damage will be applied. This figure increases as the level difference grows and up to only 25% of damage may be applied.

Added a number of field elites with multiple possible spawn locations. When they spawn, they will appear in one of their locations.

  • Added the arrow wielding humanoid Hector Wilde.
  • Added the wandering chef Charlie Pepper.
  • Added the scorpion summoner Vavrung’s Minion.

Added an Elite Boss to Carzacor’s Castra Magnus.

Additional field elite monsters placed in the various Prairies of Navarra.

Added the field elite Memory Eater in Tristezza.

Added the field elite Cool Banum in South Sperios.

Renamed existing monster Trained Deathtail Scorpion to Akasha, and its difficulty was increased due to AI and skill effect changes.

Akasha will stay in one position instead of roaming around within the combat zone.

Modified the increased stats and cadence for dungeon boss monsters when they go berserk.

Enemies will now lose player applied abnormal effects when they become stealthed.

Removed the Speckled Larva enemies and their related quest from Carzacor.

Adjusted positioning of various enemies in the Dustwind Den in Navarra.

The number of Outlaw Marauders and Outlaw Horse Thieves inside Castro Ranch has been increased.

The Respawn Time of Dustwind Chief, Roughclaw Messenger, Ragemane Messenger, and Drysand Messenger has been reduced so that they spawn faster than before.

When the Spider Queen uses a powerful skill, the intensity of the camera shake has been increased.

Reduced monster density at Dimensional Rift in Tristezza.

Modified the Saurin Ambushers in the Timeless Jungle so that they now appear semi-translucent

Modified the AI of environmental animals such as raccoons and deer.


Changed so that a respawn timer is shown for the Ivory Dunes field boss Ursa.

Improved the Time Dungeon schedule so that up to 8 weeks of the Time Dungeon’s schedule can be displayed

Added a custom feature to the chat tab. Players can now customize the chat tabs such as Name, Messages Displayed, Additional Tabs, Deleted etc.

Added an overlay worldmap function that allows players to check the entire map of the area where its character is currently located during combat or while moving.

Applied improvements in the world map zoom icon display.

Improved handling of tooltip display when icons are overlapped in the world map.

Increased the number of quests that can be tracked in the HUD from 2 to 4. Players will be able to customize three of the quest HUD slots. The fourth quest slot is reserved for Prestige, Regional, and Timed quests.

Modified the Matchmaking UI so that the Core Reward that can be obtained from the dungeon is displayed.

In the Dungeon match screen, the standard and abyssal dungeons are now shown separately.

The name of the Dungeon and its difficulty are now displayed together.

Macro feature added, allowing players to save frequently used phrases or texts and load them with a shortcut button.

Daily/Weekly and Login time reward reset timer has been added for Attendance Rewards.

Added option to hide quivers. Option can be changed regardless of class, but it will be applied only to rangers.

Added a feature to hide the character’s body costume.

The locked icon on locked items has been increased in size and displayed placement has been changed.

Changed the order of the guide book classification and corrected the classification of some items:

  • Basic Controls – Modified the location of the ring menu just below the quick slot.
  • Quest – Modified Unique Bosses to abyssal quests aimed at defeating Elite Monsters and Unique Bosses.
  • Abyssal Quests – Quests with abyssal icons are quests to defeat very powerful monsters in fields such as the Elite and Unique Bosses. Elite and Unique Bosses are very intimidating, so it is much more effective to attack with other players.
  • The Character Sheet – moved mastery towards crafting category 
  • Dungeon – Escape Dungeon. If escaping the dungeon while in progress, players will not be able to match the dungeon for a certain period of time. If exiting the dungeon without clearing the dungeon and while it is in progress, it is regarded as ‘escaping’ and players will not be able to match the dungeon for a certain period of time. The time for banned matchmaking depends on the number of escapes. The number of escapes is reset every day. If forcibly logged out unexpectedly, players will be able to proceed again without penalty if they log in within 5 minutes.
  • Other – Private Treasure Chests : Moved right below bag expansion with ancient treasure chests


Fishing NPCs added to each region’s major fishing spot for the purpose of informing players of the fishing spot’s location.

Added NPC Aiden. This character accepts field boss and field elite loot quest turnins in Marco’s Farmstead, Carzacor, Navarra, and the Gnoll Wastes, as well as having a series of available side quests.

Added NPC Clarice. This arcane scholar offers a number of side quests.

A Fusion Specialist has been placed in every zone.

Added CP reset card to outlaw village limited merchant.

Removed SP merchant, weaponsmith, and cloth/leather/metal armor merchants.

Removed fortification stones and upgrade stones from the list of items sold at the Monster Hunter

Changed the appearance of the guards guarding the entrance of Mazzini Mansion.

Navarra Guards on the road to the Navarra Palace now patrol in two groups.

Moved the location of the some Carzacor and Navarra City Teleposts


Added tutorial quests about skills and blessings. These cover obtaining your first blessing, skill swapping, and blessing growth.

Added the side quest chain ‘Stolen Legacy’, which introduces a new hero in the Kannus Mountains.

Adjusted quests in and around Telerion, Marco’s Farm, Carzacor, Navarra, the Gnoll Wastes, and Tristezza.

Modified campaign quest rewards from Telarion to the Kannus Valley area:

  • Modified so that there is no Gear Score penalty when performing the campaign quest
  • Increased campaign quest XP

Converted a number of Carzacor, Navarra, and Gnoll Wastes side quests to regional quests, and added them to the prestige quest and daily prestige quest pool.

Starting the prestige quest no longer has reputation requirements.

Removed the requirement ‘Attain Honored Reputation’ for daily Prestige quests.

New level limits on Union Field Event interaction objects in Timeless Jungle and Zenkala. These can now only be interacted with after clearing the ‘From Bad To Worse’ quest at level 31.

Added Gold and Artifact Core to regional quest rewards.

Changed repeatable quest icons when accepting quests, for easier comprehension.

Improved campaigns that were difficult to achieve:

  • The number of challenges in difficult-to-achieve campaigns has been lowered.
  • Time dungeon related challenges and dungeon achievements have been removed from the campaigns.


Improved spawn locations of Carzacor, Navarra, Gnoll Wastes, and Sperios private treasure chests.

Treasure chests in Northern Sperios, Padana Ruins, Kannus Valley, Kannus Mountain, Timeless Jungle, Zenkala, Beoran, Eidolon Forest, and Ivory Dunes have been relocated to a more hidden location.

Equipment options has been changed to compensate for the skill changes in certain classes:

  • Crusader’s ‘Shield Throw’ skill option has changed to the ‘Chains of War’ skill option.
  • Crusader’s ‘Shield Rush’ skill option has changed to ‘Dauntless Charge’ skill option.
  • Priest’s ‘Divine Strike’ skill option has changed to ‘Blades of Contrition’ skill option.

Improved the item effect ‘protective shield’, to now apply Defense with the effect.

Changed the Invasion essence item marketplace category from Blessing to Other Materials.

Adjusted the Attendance Rewards to provide Breath Tickets.

Salvaging costumes no longer grants Star Seed.

Added costume grades. Based on the costume grade, the costume slots color will be different.

Added new crafting ingredients and materials relating to field monsters.

Modified so that items from unused side quests can now be destroyed or sold.

Mole Cricket Sap is removed when the Carzacor Crawling Labyrinth campaign quest is completed.

Changed some emotes to be destructible.

Fixed so that Time-Limited mount cards do not show up in the Marketplace.


The Marketplace can only be used/viewed by level 27+ characters.

Added a guild category feature.

  • Define a guild’s type, and concepts etc, to promote the guild using the new feature.
  • Players who are not members of a guild can go to the Guild tab > Search Guild, to look for a guild that fits their preferences by using Search Category.
  • Only guild members ranked Guild Officer and higher may edit the guild category.

Modified so that when kicking out a guild member, a reconfirmation pop-up is displayed.

Sealed Chest Keys and Abyssal Keys can no longer be charged at the Guild Depot.

Memory Gem VI and Time Dungeon Reward Boosters have been added to the Guild Depot.

Changed the usage level limit for the Growth Supplement, which can be purchased at the Guild Depot:

  • Original – 1 ~ 18 Lv
  • Modified – 1 ~ 25 Lv

Improved mounts:

  • Players can now talk to most NPCs while on their mounts. Players will still need to dismount when talking to certain NPCs such as the Soul Pyre, Outfit Designer, Altar of Physera, and so on.
  • Players will not need to dismount when using consumable items that don’t involve a player animation. Lunchboxes have an associated animation and will still dismount the player.
  • When attempting to ride a mount after coming to a complete stop, one can attempt to right the mount immediately.

General Telepost Enhancements

  • Height correction (reduced to about 83%)
  • Added effects to increase visibility
  • Telepost asynchronous loading applied
  • Corrected the size of the metropolitan/union telepost to match the changed height and ratio of the general telepost (1x->0.8x)

Inventory organization feature added.

Reviewed the letter interaction time and corrected it to 1 sec if the hold time exceeded 1 sec.

Addition of Crusader Piercing Shield Boomerang passive video.

Added some direction when acquiring private treasure chests from Marco Farmstead to Gnoll Wastes.

Added a Tutorial so players can learn about the inspection mode. When entering the inspection mode for the first time, the tutorial will appear.

Star Seed Exchange Guide added. In the Star Seed exchange menu, you can see the number of times exchanges can be made.

Changed currency exchange cost by character level.

Modified Star Seed Exchange Rate.

Deleted some of the Level Up congratulatory mails that were sent out every 5 levels.

Modified damage ratio of the guards and bandits at Carzacor Western Gate so that they can’t kill each other.

Changed the time it takes for all crafting to 2 seconds

Modified so that the effect of Gathering, Mining, or Lumbering Time Reduction cannot be applied more than 100%.


Fixed the timing issue where the Ranger’s skill, ‘Bottomless Quiver’ buff was not in sync with the animation.

Fixed an issue where rubbing against the cemetary’s walls in Navarra would cause the player to go in and out of the instance field.

Fixed an issue where the Noxious Ghoul dies and centipedes are summoned, and instead of exploding, the centipedes would die during the travel process.

Fixed an issue where certain reputation achievements would not be completed.

Fixed an issue where users could get stuck between gaps in the wall at the Carzacor Slums.

Fixed an issue where users could enter the Kobold Rare – Chieftain’s Throneroom combat scene with the leap skill.

Fixed an issue where the Navarra area repeat quest icon was displayed, but the quest could not be accepted.

Fixed an issue where Vasilios’s combat time was displayed incorrectly in the dungeon result window when clearing the 5-player Savantis Mausoleum – Altar of Blood .

Fixed an issue where conversations could not be performed after receiving the Padana Ruins Cedric Kidnapped Cupid quest.

Fixed an issue that the effect was not applied if the item was used within 2 seconds after resurrection.

Fixed an issue where user could not receive the sacred ground effect when entering the priest sacred ground area by evasion.

Fixed the abnormal jump height of the Panda type mount.

Fixed an issue where three types of summoned minions did not inherit the level of their parent monsters.

Fixed an issue where Mercenary Remnos from the Mercenary Remnos Arena Challenge sometimes resets.

Fixed an issue where quest progression is blocked if one leaves the quest by entering a dungeon, logging out etc. while the cut scene for the Orfina Episode Quest ‘Scholarly Squabbles’ is in progress.

Fixed an issue where when in a combat with Gamilla and not locked-in, and Gamilla uses a skill, the PC’s screen would constantly shake.

Fixed an issue where the Holy Maiden of Light would teleport when using the take-off skill after using a skill.

Fixed an issue where Remnos will use a stealth skill in the Mercenary Remnos arena and would not reappear and instead continue to fight in stealth mode.

Fixed an issue of the fan shape skill that Kuat Ran uses, the visual effect would disappear 3 seconds earlier than the actual skill effect duration.

Fixed an issue where summoned wolves by Yaru the Wolf King in the Den of the Wolf King, would not synchronize after attacking the player.

Fixed an issue where the Ancient Weapon’s gear score were not set in proportion to the item level.

Fixed an issue where the Soulraiser Revenant’s skill range and the motion was not in sync upon player’s QTE failure.

Fixed an issue where The Spider Queen’s falling traps will intermittently not be visible.

Fixed an issue where the Soulraiser Revenant’s skill FX would be displayed awkwardly.

Fixed an issue where in certain cases, the Phantom Duke Issac would constantly teleport and not engage in combat.

Fixed an issue where if you stand still and wait for a certain amount of time after helping the Baby Griffin with defeating the Faceless Trackers in the main quest Guard the Griffin, they you will be attacked by invisible monsters.


The quest An Ancient Coinage states the wrong places for obtaining Warrior’s Talents. The correct locations are:

  • Dreamscale Ruins – Sundered Sanctuary
  • Time Dungeon: Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeons

The quest Touch of Syrania 2 states that the player needs to catch a ‘Pinkspot Crimson Seabream’, but the player actually needs to catch a ‘Cigar Wrasse’ to complete the quest.

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section

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