Bless Unleashed Patch Notes: Oct. 20 Update | Market Changes

Neowiz has just deployed Bless Unleashed Oct. 20 Update and we have the complete patch notes for you to read. The update brings in changes to the market alongside the grade of “Dapper Dreanight Warg” changing to Epic and its Spirit Count changing to 3.

You can find all the relevant information for Bless Unleashed Oct. 20 down below. Servers will be going down for maintenance at Oct 20 5 PM PDT and Oct 21 2 AM CEST with maintenance periods lasting for about 1-2 hours as per previous timings.

Bless Unleashed Oct. 20 Update Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for Bless Unleashed Oct. 20 coming out to all supported platforms:

■ Server Maintenance
  • Schedule: October 20th 5PM – 7PM (PDT) / October 21th 2AM – 4AM (CEST)
  • Affected Regions: All regions
  • Major Maintenance Details:

1. Some functions of the Marketplace will be changed.

  • When you register an item in the Marketplace, the registration period will be extended if the registered price is higher than the market price by a specific amount.

2. The grade of “Dapper Dreadnight Warg” Mount will be changed to Epic.

  • The Sprint count of “Dapper Dreadnight Warg” will be changed to 3.
  • The current “Dapper Dreadnight Warg” before the maintenance will also be changed to Epic.

3. The “Estate Merchant” event will end.

The details will be announced through the Patch Notes after maintenance.

※ Notes

  • Connections to the game will be terminated as soon as maintenance begins, and players will not be able to connect to the game during maintenance.
  • Maintenance may change, be extended or end early according to the situation.

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Source: Neowiz

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