Borderlands 3 August 19 Update Patch Notes | Hotfix

2K Games has just released Borderlands 3 August 19 and we have the complete patch notes ready for your reading pleasure. The new update will be activating the Loot The Universe Event and new bug fixes.

The update is available globally on all supported platforms. Changes will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PT. To apply this hotfix wait at the main menu until you see an indication saying “Changes Applied”.

Borderlands 3 August 19 Update Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes for Borderlands 3 August 19 Update:

Today’s changes to Borderlands 3 activate the Loot the Universe event on Promethea as part of the Borderlands 3 Second Anniversary Celebration 2, ensure Lunacy drops as expected, and temporarily removes the Reaper Guardians from Takedown at the Guardian Breach. Each week during Loot the Universe, Borderlands 3’s planets 2 will take turns of having even better drops, with specific types of Legendary loot having increased chance of dropping in one of that planet’s zones.

Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine will be moving to a new location on Thursdays at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET and is activated with a hotfix.

These changes will be live on all platforms by 12:00 PM PT. To apply hotfixes, wait at the main menu until you see a sign that reads, “Hotfixes Applied!” If you are experiencing any issues or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

  • Activated the Loot the Universe mini-event on Promethea until 8:59 AM PT on August 26
  • Addressed a concern that Lunacy was not sometimes dropping from Empowered Grawn
  • Temporarily removed Reaper Guardians from spawning during the final leg of Takedown at the Guardian Breach. They will be re-enabled in a future update.

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