Bus Simulator 21 Update 2.09 Patch Notes | Update #3

Stillalive Studios have just announced Update 2.09 for Bus Simulator 21 and we have prepared the complete patch notes for your reading pleasure. The update is said to bring out general fixes and improvements to the game and help enhance the overall gaming experience.

If you have been on the look for Bus Simulator 21 Update 2.09 patch notes then you’ve come to the right place. The game that is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will have the update rolling out on all platforms. Unfortunately, we are still unable to find out the file size of the update but we promise to keep you posted.

Bus Simulator 21 Patch Notes: Update 2.09

Here are the official patch notes for Bus Simulator 21 Update 2.09 available on all supported platforms:

General Fixes:

  • Buses don’t drive while gear is in neutral
  • Surface Force feedback intensity can be reset
  • Users can now rebind the action menu button with steering wheels
  • Articulated buses are now less prone to sink into the ground
  • Seaside valley mission “I Like trains” now completes correctly

General Improvements:

  • Adjusted front door and driver seat interactables to be easier to interact with
  • Tobii camera movement is now relative to the initial mouse movement
  • Added popup that informs the player that Seaside valley is available now
  • Sitting in a bus seat now keeps the player view aligned with the bus
  • Seaside Valley now unlocks after each mission after mission 8 not only at mission 8

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