Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 1 2022 Update Patch Notes

TiMi Studio Group has just announced the release of the Season 1 2022 Update for Call Of Duty: Mobile, and we have the complete patch notes for you. This patch introduces new maps and a new heist game mode as well. There are also some maps that are updated so keep an eye out for that.

If you have been looking for the patch notes for the Season 1 Update 14 for Call of Duty: Mobile, you’ve come to the right place. The actual size of the update is unknown at the moment, but we’ll be uploading it here as soon as we get our hands on it.

Call Of Duty: Mobile Patch Notes | Season 1 Update 14

Here are the official patch notes for the Season 1 2022 Update for Call of Duty: Mobile, available on all supported handheld devices:

MP Mode

New Map – Hacienda

  • Call of Duty: Modern Black Ops 4’s Hacienda map is now also available on mobile!
  • The luxurious vineyard garden is located along the bank of the river and looks peaceful, but enemies may appear underwater.
  • It’s important to form a strategy carefully!

New Map – Chinese Nuketown

  • Have a great Seollal (Korean Lunar New Year Day)!
  • The Nuketown Temple, where you can walk under the red back and look around the old Oriental-style buildings, is a perfect place to visit during the holidays!
  • Enjoy the fireworks show at night!

New Tactical Grenade – Storm Ball

  • Block the enemy’s gaze by creating a concrete barrier at the target location.
  • The enemy inside the barrier does not recover HP.

New Game Modes


  • You need to have more gold coins to win!
  • Strategize with team members and spread widely, find gold coins in the vault, purchase combat equipment, and defeat the enemy team!

Payout SnD

  • Payout SnD is included in Ranked MP for a limited period of time.

Take down the most deadly weapon in the game and knock down the enemy!

Red Envelope Kill Confirmed

  • Join the battle of 10v10 at the red envelope checkout for the holiday!
  • The red envelope is full of surprises!

Map Updates


  • By updating the mining window of the wine storage, players can throw various probes through the mining window.


  • We added a function that allows the attachments to stay attached when replacing the


  • We optimized the quality of MVP Killcam.
  • When designating an Orbital Laser beam, an enlargement function was added to the

map display.

  • When using MQ-27 Dragonfire and Hawk X3, alleviates screen pauses and frame

degradation issues are alleviated

  • We balanced the acquisition of multi-play weapons experience and account progress.
  • The acceleration of the M13 was adjusted to match the speed of the weapon running.
  • Combat Optimization

Muzzle Smoke Effects

  • Added different kinds of muzzle smoke effects, varying across each muzzle


  • Added muzzle heat dissipation smoke effects, which appear after a

sustained automatic fire of more than 10 rounds
Weapon Balance

  1. QXR
  • Third range damage increased from 16 -> 18
  • Increased initial damage range from 8m -> 10m

Weapon Perfomance Update

  • Improved weapon handling
  • Tweaked the grenade throw behavior
  • Improved photorealistic site effects
  • Optimized weapon sway performance when moving in hipfire and ADS


  • Clan Wars
  1. Adjustment of contribution rules
  • In order to increase the weekly reward multiplier and obtain charcter

shards, a team must be formed to compete for the node

  1. Relaxation of entry restrictions
  • New players in the clan can also participate in the wars of that week
  • Clans with fewer active players than the requirement can also

participate but will be deducted based on decrease in node score

  • Recruit clan members to prevent penalization against your clan
  1. Rytec AMR
  • Tactical Reload Time decreased from 4s -> 3.4s
  • Empty Reload Time decreased from 5s -> 4.1s
  1. PP19 Bizon
  • Intial damage increased from 26 -> 28
  • Headshot Multiplier increased from 1.2x -> 1.3x
  • Chest multiplier increased from 1x -> 1.15x
  1. DRH
  • Intial range increased from 7m -> 9m
  • Secondary range increased from 13m -> 15m
  • Tactical Reload Time decreased from 2.3s -> 2.1s
  • Empty Reload Time decreased from 2.85 -> 2.5s

5.013 Sector

  • Number of Ricochets increased from 3 -> 4
  • Reserve ammo capacity increased from 1 -> 2
  1. Scorestreaks
  • Added a cooldown timer to use a scorestreak

again after cancellation

  • Reduced XS1 Goliath’s overheat recovery time
  • Enhanced Hawk X3 aiming logic
  1. Operator Skills
  • Increased Purifier’s Rate of Fire, direct damage and magazine capacty
  • Ranked Playlist Update


  • Solo queuing with a 4 player queue awards additional Rank


  • New season reset rules for Top 5000 players have been

adjusted, more details on which can be found in the Ranked

  • Effective this season, the rarity of Calling Cards for Top 5000

has been increased to Legendary.

  • Mismatched composition of preformed queues during

matchmaking has been mitigated.

  • The probability of matching with single teams with higher

number of players is greatly reduced

  • The matchmaking scope at the beginning of the season is

expanded to accomodate the shortage of top ranked players.

  • Solo queue players are matched with players of similar or

lower ranks.

  • TDM and Frontline Rank XP is affected more by relative

individual performance than Match Result.

  • Miscellaneous
  1. Adjusting Loadouts
  • Loadouts can be changed during queueing
  1. Sensitivity
  • Added Gyroscope Firing Sensitivity settings
  • Added seperate sensitivities for Reddot Sights and Holographic

Sights, seperated from ADS Sensitivity

  1. Updated Jump Control
  • Advanced control options for jumping and vaulting have been


  • When activated, players will no longer automatically vault over

obiects when jumping

  • The option allows players to use Jump Button for climbing using

Hold to avoid accidental actions during combat

  1. Battle Royale Consumables
  • Recommended consumable settings for BR HP items can now be turned off, which are enabled by default.
  • Battle Royale

Updated mechanics

  • Voluntarily discarding attachments prevent players from picking up the

attachment of the same type or of any rank for 30 seconds.

  • Improved the probability for a player to load in lobby when the network

environment is not good.

  • We have expanded the display section of advanced attachments of


  • Optimized the environmental ambient sound effects of players in wild


  • Updated the text prompt when the player exit the game.

Gameplay adjustments
Sniper Only Mode

  • All pistols except MW11 no longer appear in the mode.
  • Updated the recommendation list for custom Sniper Rifles and equipment.
  • If there is no Sniper Rifle in the backpack, one recommended by the designer

will be displayed.
New Feature

  • Warfare Mode now supports spectator mode.

Map optimization

  • The structure of the Blackout Map was adjusted to optimize overall game

play and performance.

  • Snow and Ice laden areas have been added to Blackout.

Season 1 Patch 14.0 Details

  • New Weapons

Kilo 141

  • Fully automatic Assault Rifle with longer optics to enhance headshot


  • Moderate damage output, average rate of fire and a convertible drum


  • Low precision sub machine gun utilising a large capacity drum magazine
  • Charge the enemy with an advantage in hipfire scenarios

Weapon Inspection

  • Exclusive sword themed animations have been added to some Mythic weapons

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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