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Activision has just announced the new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 “The Heat” and here are the full patch notes. The actual release notes for this COD Mobile release will show up later inside the game, but for now we have all the details about the new features in this upcoming update. Like the previous season bringing back Ghost from the dead, this new update will be bring Captain Price as the main character this season.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 will be launching a brand-new zombies experience in Undead Siege (launching on July 31st), plus new Multiplayer maps, Operators, Weapon Blueprints, a new Battle Pass, new competitive seasons, and more. “The Heat” will go live on July 29th at 5PM PT on Android and iOS devices.

UPDATE: The final global version for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 (2021) is already out and you can download it from here: Download COD Mobile Season 6 APK

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 “The Heat” that will go live next week for all the supported mobile platforms:

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6

Earn New Rewards for The Heat Battle Pass

Under this scorching sun, you’d better come prepared to fight and survive. Assisting you in your mission is a fresh supply of free and premium content in the Season 6 Battle Pass, featuring new Operators, a new functional weapon, a new Scorestreak, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, Call of Duty Points (CP), and more.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Call in a swarm of lethal Hunter Killer drones with the new Swarm Scorestreak unlocked at Tier 14. Shred your enemies with the new rapid-fire MX9 functional weapon at Tier 21. Other free tier items include the AK-47 – Epiphany, the Calling Card – Rugged, and more.

Premium Pass Tiers

Get the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in The Heat stream. Get access to Rosa — Double Agent, ICR-1 – Blood Money, Calling Card – Escape in Style, and a new Charm right at Tier 1. Other premium highlights include Operator Skins like Price – The Captain and Domino – Revolutionary, Weapon Blueprints like the KN-44 – Clout and the MX9 – Stone Serpent, and an assortment of other content items like Emote – Juggle and Shoot.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6

New Multiplayer Maps

·      Slums: Deploy to Slums, a classic and competitive favorite originally seen in Black Ops II. Duke it out in the streets and around the center fountain, and whatever you do, check those corners!

·      Stack: Prepare for small team tactics on Stack, a near-symmetrical map set in a desert training facility. First introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Stack joins the Gunfight map rotation courtesy of Season 6.

The Return of Zombies in Undead Siege!

Deploy with your squad to the Isolated Battle Royale map, where you must survive against the undead over a period of five days and five nights. Scavenge for supplies and equipment during the day, and when the sun goes down, fight for your life against wave after wave of zombies as they attempt to dismantle your mobile base.

Use turrets, guns, and teamwork to defeat the horde as they grow stronger and more numerous. Earn 25+ grindable rewards by progressing in the mode, including highlights like the Shorty — Aether Machine Weapon Blueprint and a Zombified Tank Dempsey Operator Skin.

Earn Rewards in the Undead Siege Themed Event Later This Season

Complete tasks in the new Undead Siege mode and in Multiplayer and Battle Royale to earn irradiated and regular ore, which is mined for the invaluable Aether. Earn the most Aether by playing Undead Siege and earn rewards like the FR .556 — Undead Watcher as well as a Zombified Edward Richtofen Operator Skin. Launching later in Season 6.

New Seasons of Content: Ranked Series and Clan Wars

Season 6 introduces new seasons of our Ranked Series and Clan Wars, including brand-new Clan Wars nodes for capture. Prove yourself and wear your glory with new rewards like the following:

Ranked Series Primary Rewards: CR-56 AMAX – Street Venom (earned at Master I in Multiplayer), and Lerch – Penalty Kick (earned at Master III in Battle Royale).

Clan Wars Primary Rewards: A new Firebreak Operator Skin with equippable aesthetic items and the RUS-79U – Cagebreaker Weapon Blueprint.

Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021, Now Streaming In-Game!

The World Championship 2021 is heating up with Stage 3: Regional Playoffs. For the first time, five Regional Playoffs tournaments will be broadcast in-game and on YouTube, as teams compete in a double elimination bracket. Earn special rewards for watching. Stay tuned for more info.

Fill your water and pack your sunscreen. Experience all this and more, including new Seasonal Challenges, the next Clan Wars season, and the Premier Sportsman Bundle when The Heat releases on July 29th at 5PM PDT.

Here are the full list of patch notes for COD Mobile Season 6 (2021) “The Heat” which will be going live soon:

New weapons, scorestreaks, operator skills, perks, tactical props, new maps and new modes!

New update begins at 5:00 PM (GMT+8) today!

Season 6 Battle Pass available on 30 July.

New Events Rewards 📢

New weapon type: Rytec AMR

Anti-vehicle sniper rifle that can cause a lot of damage to vehicles in BR mode. It is equipped with the unique 25*9mm Thermite 5-R mag and 25×59mm Explosive 5-R mag and can kill opponents in one shot at close range

New Melee 🗡

Machete, Wrench, Katana

New scorestreaks: Swarm

Summon a swarm of Hunter Killer drones to detect and destroy enemies

New Rank Series 🎖

The new Series starts from July 2021 to September 2021


New maps 🗺


New compact map featuring streets, buildings, parks and alleys, for players to experience a full range of combat modes (from street battles to sniper duels).

Available in these modes: TDM, Domination, S&D, Hardpoint, 10v10 TDM, 101v0 Domination


Soldiers must be careful of enemies approaching from both near and far, and protect themselves with bunkers.

Available in these modes: Gunfight, Duel


Face Off

3v3 intense fighting on a small map!

Available in modes : 3v3 TDM、3v3 DOM、3v3 KC、3v3 CTF

Included maps: Reclaim, Stack, Cage, King, Pine


New vehicle

New vehicle – Muscle Car

Brand new powerful two-seater vehicle with a streamlined body that enables players to burn up the road.

Clan Wars Update 🔥

New rewards have been added to clan stores. Players can now view detailed information of clans, including clan trophies and historical performance. Clan leaders are now able to rename clans through name change cards that have been added to the clan store. Chat board now includes a ‘Recruit’ button. Clan leaders can also send detailed clan information to chat channels.

Message board has been added to Clan War maps. Click on the chat bar in Clan War to open the message board, and leave a message for your clanmates and foes!



Weapon balance adjustment


Without any attachment: Slight adjustments to bullet spread

25 Round OTM Mag: decrease ADS time

30 Round OTM Mag: increase movement speed

increase ADS movement speed


Without any attachment: Enhance hip fire accuracy

OWC Marksman:

– Decrease vertical recoil

– Decrease horizontal recoil

MIP Extended Light Barrel :

– Decrease ADS time

YKM Integral Suppressor :

– Decrease ADS time

40 Round Extended Mag :

– Increase movement speed

– Decrease reload time

48 Round Extended Mag :

– Increase movement speed

– Decrease reload time


.30-30 Ammo

– Increased head part Damage multiplier


Without any attachment: Increase Damage Range

– Increase reload speed

– Slightly increase ADS Bullet Spread

Operator skill adjustment:-

Bull Charge: Increase the energy consumed every time you hit the enemy

Scorestreaks adjustment:-

Hawk X3: limit the lifting angle of the machine gun, decrease the duration, reduce the flying speed

Other adjustment:-

Thermite: decrease the burn damage slightly, decrease the duration of the speed reducing effect, decrease the explosion range slightly

Axe: Slightly decrease the damage range and the time to land a hit

Baseball Bat: Slightly decrease the damage range and the time to land a hit

Sickle: Slightly increase the damage range

Map/mode related optimizations:-

Meltdown-Domination mode adjustment

Adjusted location of point B in Meltdown for gameplay experience and balance

Crash- Hardpoint mode adjustment

Adjusted location of the first hardpoint in Crash to helicopter wreckage for better gameplay experience

Shoot house

Optimized color of scenes in Shoot house

Aniyah Incursion

– Indoor effect optimization

– Optimized indoor lighting and reflection effects


Upgraded the appearance of the police car in Coastal to be more aligned with the scenes

Other optimizations:-

VTOL: Adjusted the locations of the missile button and the movement button

Throwing props: Players can split Lethal and Tactical items into two separate buttons in Settings

Throwables: When Fast Throw Grenade is on, there will be a new function of displaying throw trajectory if the grenade button is pressed and held

Throwables: If the player is killed when he is holding a triggered frag grenade, the grenade will not explode immediately but will fall to the ground and explode when charging time runs out.

Operator Skill: The charging progress will be displayed.

Operator Skill: All energy will be refunded when dying during activation of the Operator Skill. A majority of energy will also be refunded when dying shortly after activation of the Operator Skill, if the skill was not used. Neither refund applies to Gravity Spikes.

Scorestreaks: Players can configure multiple sets of scorestreaks in Loadout, but once scores are obtained in game, the current scorestreaks cannot be changed even if the Loadout is switched.

Icons in mini map optimized :

Info icons (such as teammate, enemy location, scorestreaks etc.) in the mini map will change in size based on the player’s location, and enemies’ altitude information will also be displayed above their red dots in the mini map.

Optimized the performance of the Thermite Reload, which can now cause burning damage to enemies within range.

Bug fixed 🛠

Fixed a bug where player can use the function of one click to ADS and fire continuously (and the fire rate limit is also broken) when using arctic.50

Pine Collision BUG in Pine :

Fixed abnormal collision of a tree in Pine


Fixed a bug where a flowerpot could cause a player to get stuck and players could cause damage through walls in the Terminal map

Standoff Scene BUG in Standoff :

Abnormal display of the fountain in Standoff fixed

Suldal Harbor Scene BUG in Suldal Harbor :

Missing oil drum in a corner of Suldal Harbor fixed


Vehicle related

Add the function of customized Vehicle operation :

Added a separate setting for Vehicle in Settings, where players can customize their preferred vehicle operation mode, and size and position of buttons in each operation mode.

Balance adjustment of Vehicle:

Reduce the speed of Snowboard when the player skates in non – snow areas

New setting :

The option to unfold Wingsuit by default – if the setting is on, the Wingsuit will unfold at a certain altitude, and if the setting is off, it requires another click to unfold the Wingsuit

Sound visualization in mini map —— the player can choose to display the location of the sound or its direction

Two modes of parachuting are available —— sliding the screen to turn by default, or sliding the screen to view surroundings which allows movements to be more natural.

Other optimizations

New icon above the airdrop box in scenes

New icon above the BR Class machine in scenes

Sound prompt: Added new prompt of “display the direction of the sound source”, which can be switched on/off in: 【Setting】-【Basic】-【BR Mode】

Sound prompt: Added function of displaying sound prompt on the main screen, which can be turned on/off in: 【Setting】-【Basic】-【BR Mode】

Added light effects to the 3 kinds of supply boxes in the map, and optimized sound effect of opening boxes

Added corresponding special effects to Legendary weapons and custom loadout weapons with Legendary or Mythic skins on the ground.

Bug fixed

Fixed wrong display of smoke trail on foot when parachuting

Other optimizations

Players can adjust zoom on the mini-map, and the mini-map now supports centralization and rotation.

New feature: the player can configure and save 2 different settings

Sensitivity sharing function: Players can upload their own sensitivity settings to the cloud and generate codes to share with other players. Others can preview and copy the same settings.

Added sliding tackle prompt: with the setting enabled, the crouch icon will switch to the sliding tackle icon when the player can make a sliding tackle.

Add the ability for teammates to be visible with the setting is enabled, the player can see teammate locations



New season and new rewards

Optimized quality of shared ranked pictures

The accuracy of the strength evaluation on MP Rank teams optimized

Battle Royale

New season and new rewards

Optimized BR matching mechanism to reduce understaffed situations when players are playing in duos or quads.

Strengthened the detection and punishment of negative behaviors in BR

We will definitely have more details in the next Community Update from the developers later this week as this Season 6 goes live. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Activision

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