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Dead Mage has just deployed Children of Morta Update 1.13, and we have the complete list of patch notes for you to read. Announced back on September 30, the latest update will be bringing a brand new playable character and many more exclusive contents to the game.

You can download and install this patch right away as it is live and available globally as a mandatory download on all supported platforms. The Ancient Spirits DLC is priced at $4.99. You can find all the relevant information regarding Children of Morta Update 1.13 in the following section. The actual file size of this patch hasn’t been disclosed by the developers.

Children of Morta Patch Notes: Update 1.13

Unfortunately, the official patch notes for the Children of Morta latest update haven’t come out yet. However, we’ll be uploading these notes here as soon as we get our hands on them. However, here is the official September 30 announcement dropping a hint for the new character. Please take a look.

Can a foretold fable about a fierce warrior become a reality one day? In the magical yet dangerous land of Rea, everything is possible. Listen to our cozy fireplace story on October 7 to learn about the new playable character’s arrival to Children of Morta. The Ancient Spirits DLC, priced at $4.99, will be available on all platforms Children of Morta has been released on – PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. Check out the teaser trailer for a first glimpse of what is to come:

Parallel, albeit distinct lives, can sometimes bond and start a new life, resembling both of their natures. It all becomes clear with the arrival of a warrior with two spirits. This new character expands the established party of available warriors and is playable within the Family Trials mode. This newcomer’s combat mastery and unique playstyle cannot be compared with the skills of anyone else in these lands.
See you on October 7!

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