Supercell is all set to release Clash Royale Season 20 “The Forbidden Palace” and we are here with the complete patch notes. We have covered all the details regarding the upcoming seasonal content in Clash Royale. Based on the content news we have so far, the next Season 20 looks like a big one with plenty of new features.

Clash Royale will be celebrating the Lunar New Year in Season 20 and everything is themed around the Forbidden City in China. 2021 is the Year of the Ox (from February 12) in China, hence all the ox themed content around it. Were you previously thinking of getting the season pass for Clash Royale? Well, this is the season to go for. Season 20 “The Forbidden Palace” will go live on Monday, February 1, 2021.

Clash Royale Season 20 Patch Notes

Clash Royale Season 20 (Featured)

Here are the official patch notes for Clash Royale Season 20 update arriving tomorrow for all the players on Android and iOS.

Tower Skins & Emotes

  •  Forbidden Palace tower skin. Pass Royale reward at Tier 10.
  •  Elite Barbarian Candy. Buy it from the Shop.
  •  Elite Barbarian: Kiss. Get it as a reward in Pass Royale.

Two previously released emotes will now be available in the shop.

  •  Lava Hound: Pups.
  •  Elite Dark Prince: Cry.

Emotes, Tower Skin, Arena and Soundtrack in Action

The Forbidden Palace arena comes with its own unique and epic soundtrack that‘s themed for the Lunar New Year. Check out the emotes, tower skin, arena and the soundtrack in action in the video below:


Clash Royale Season 20 Arena

The new Clash Royale Arena in Season 20 has been updated to match the theme of this season and to look more like the The Forbidden Palace, which will be joined by the new background theme music.

Season Trophy Reset: 50% to 25%

Season 20 will have a slightly different Ladder Trophy reset this time in the game. The Trophy reset will be 25% instead of 50% when S20 starts in Clash Royale.

This means that you will start the Season with higher trophies than you usually do, and will potentially get more rewards from the Trophy Road.

This is everything the Clash Royale community has gathered so far about the upcoming Season 20 “The Forbidden Palace” update. Be sure to check back for the complete list of patch notes, season pass rewards and buffs and nerfs tomorrow.

[via RoyaleAPI]

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