Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Patch Notes on June 4

Valve has pushed out the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update that is now rolling out to all the players on Steam. And with that, we have the full list of patch notes with us. This marks a significant update as it shakes up a few things for ranked matches. In short, Valve now wants you to pay if you want to play ranked games.

There is no file size available for this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update, but will update when we find it. You can find out all the relevant information about it in the release notes below.

Counter-Strike: GO Update Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update now rolling out to all the PC players:


  • Non-Prime status accounts will no longer earn XP, Ranks, Skill Groups, item drops, or Prime status through play time.
  • Non-Prime accounts will not be able to participate in Ranked matches.
  • Non-Prime accounts will not be able to activate Bonus Rank XP items and can no longer claim Service Medals.


  • Introducing Unranked matches for Competitive, Wingman, and Danger Zone game modes.
  • While still using skill-based matchmaking, Unranked matches do not affect Skill Group and have no Skill Group party restrictions.
  • Non-Prime accounts are restricted to Unranked, whereas Prime accounts may choose between Ranked and Unranked.
  • Ranked matches will always be with other Prime players, exclusively, whereas Unranked matches will be created from the mixed pool of Non-Prime players — and Prime players that have chosen to play Unranked.


  • Added DebugDrawBoxAngles to draw oriented bounding boxes. Usage: DebugDrawBoxAngles( ent.GetOrigin(), ent.GetBoundingMins(), ent.GetBoundingMaxs(), ent.GetAngles(), r, g, b, a, time);
  • Added GetBoundingMinsOriented and GetBoundingMaxsOriented functions that return the axis-aligned bounding box of an entity taking its current orientation into account.


  • Scrimmage has been removed from Competitive matchmaking, and has been replaced by Unranked matchmaking.
  • Added Import button to Workshop Workbench that takes a .tga file and generates a .vtf file. If the .tga file name contains _normal the generated .vtf file will be compiled with the ‘normal’ flag.

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