CS:GO Dec. 4 Update Patch Notes | Operation Broken Fang

Valve has released a new Dec. 4 Update for the CS:GO which brings a number of important bug fixes. This patch comes a day after the initial Dec. 3 Update that launched the new Operation Broken Fang in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For those who want to read, we have the full list of patch notes.

Operation Broken Fang features new game modes like Broken Fang Premier and Retakes, stats page, agents, weapon collections, missions, maps, and a lot more! This is the biggest gameplay related update for the Counter-Strike: GO in a long while — and we are glad it is finally out now.

We have decided to include the patch notes for both, the Dec. 3 Update and Dev. 4 Update below so you can read the full extent of new features and changes made to the game.

Counter-Strike: GO Dec. 4 Update Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for the Counter-Strike: GO Dec. 4 Update that is rolling out right now to users worldwide:

  • Fixed names for several Operation Broken Fang patches to appear as different Steam Community Market commodities.
  • Fixed Sir Bloody Darryl’s death sound.
  • Fixed a regression with soft shadows under agents.
  • Fixed demo playback for the compatibility version of Mirage.
  • Added “Looking to Play: Guardian” for people looking to play Guardian and Strike missions with a partner.
  • Fixed mini-scoreboard alignment when showing player counts.
  • Removed vote to change map in Retakes.
  • Reduced round restart delay to 5 seconds in Retakes.
  • Fixed ping icons to show actual pinged weapon or bomb in all game modes.
  • Fixed ping icons to become transparent when player’s crosshair pointing directly at them.
  • Localization updates.
  • Improved stability.

Counter-Strike: GO Dec. 3 Update Patch Notes

And these the are patch notes for the big Dec. 3 Update that has already been released for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

— Introducing Operation Broken Fang, featuring new game modes like Broken Fang Premier and Retakes, stats page, agents, weapon collections, missions, maps, and more!
— For more details visit www.counter-strike.net/brokenfang

— Added Broken Fang Premier Mode.
— Added Retakes game mode.
— Added dynamic ping system to more game modes.
— Added new customizable chat wheel feature.
— Chat wheel can be customized under Keyboard/Mouse > Chat Wheel Keys options.

[ MAPS ]
— Added Ancient, Engage, and Apollo to Scrimmage, Casual and Deathmatch game modes.
— Added Frostbite to Danger Zone game mode.
— Added Guard and Elysion to Wingman game mode.
— Removed Mutiny and Swamp.

— Removed excessive details.
— Generally smoothed visual experience.
— Visual clarity improvements for very low resolution users.
— Minor tweaks. (Thanks hzx_fps!)
— Mild optimizations at the A Bombsite and Mid.
— Finishing visual touches.

Let us know in the comments below if you spot any other change in the game. If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

[via Valve]

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