Crossout Sept. 30 Update Patch Notes | Hotfix

Crossout Sept. 30 Update has just been deployed by Gaijin Entertainment, and we have the complete list of patch notes for you to read. The update primarily fixes several bugs, including the faction affiliation of the new parts, a bug when crafting a piece from the last available workpiece, and many more.

The latest update is currently live and rolling out on all supported platforms as a mandatory download. All the relevant information regarding Crossout Sept. 30 has been added in the next section. We don’t have the actual size for this update yet.

Crossout Sept. 30 Update Patch Notes

Here is the complete list of patch notes:

  • Fixed a bug when crafting a part from the last available workpiece made it impossible to receive the finished part. Now the production process becomes instant (the part is transferred to the storage immediately). For all players who encountered the problem before the fix, a special script will be launched before the end of the day — it will automatically transfer the “troubled” part to the storage.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of faction affiliation of the new parts in the Technology tree.
  • The power score of blueprints with hovers on the exhibition was recalculated.
  • Improved the model and firing effects of the “MG14 Arbiter” minigun with the “Concrete breaker” CK applied.
  • Improved the models of the “Right truck fender” and “Left truck fender” parts.
  • Improved the model of the “Blank cover” wheel hubcap.
  • Improved the background for profile customization, that can be received for reaching level 13 of the “Enemy of my enemy” season.
  • Improved the number of in-game texts.

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Source: Gaijin Entertainment

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