Dauntless Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes on July 21

Phoenix Labs will be rolling out this latest Dauntless Update 1.7.1 tomorrow, and here are the full list of patch notes for you. This patch is again going to shake things up with plenty of new adjustments and balance changes, based on the community feedback. Face the improved Thunderdeep Drask and craft armour and weapons from its Deepscale Shards. Until the next patch, you can only find it in the The Slumbering Thunder event.

We will have more details about the update file size and other information when this Dauntless Update 1.7.1 starts rolling out to all the players tomorrow at 10 AM PT. All the relevant information you need to find out about this patch is included in the full release notes.

Dauntless Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Dauntless Update 1.7.1 that will start rolling out tomorrow to all the supported platforms of the game:



A long-lost foe has returned to the Shattered Isles. Face the improved Thunderdeep Drask and craft armour and weapons from its Deepscale Shards. Until the next patch (1.7.2), this Behemoth can only be found in The Slumbering Thunder event on Cape Fury in the Hunting Grounds. Be careful, Slayer. Thunderdeep Drask has some new tricks up its scaled sleeves.


A new Heroic Escalation cycle occurs each Thursday. Heroic Umbral Escalation will run from July 22 to July 29. Heroic Terra Escalation runs from July 29 to August 5. We hope you’re up for the challenge!


Slay the Thunderdeep Drask and turn it into a new armour set in two new quests! This quest chain began with Dr. Shaed Priyani in 1.7.0 and continues with Xelya the Farslayer and Moyra Heigsketter in 1.7.1. Start the quest chain by talking to Priyani and taking on the Shocking Developments quest. Already completed that quest? Move on to Xelya for your next assignment!


Unlock the Scintilla Dye and the Field-Rigged Battleplate through two new rumours. These rumours unlock after collecting their corresponding rumour clues from Thunderdeep Drask in Cape Fury.


Hunting Grounds


  • Aether Surge, High Alert, and Shards of Chaos events have been temporarily disabled on Cape Fury. They will return in 1.7.2 once Slayers have calmed the storm caused by Thunderdeep Drask.



  • Heroic Escalation weekly rewards increased to 100 combat/exploration merits and 20000 rams.
  • Boreus will no longer appear in Heroic Escalations while we address points of friction. Everyone picks on poor Boreus…
  • The Thrill of the Hunt amp has been reduced to 2/3/4/5% damage per Behemoth slain from 2.5/5/7.5/10% damage.



  • Shadowtouched Drask’s head no longer causes damage during its gravity dunk move.
  • Drasks build up rage throughout the encounter and tail breaks will increase the chance that rage occurs.
  • Added a new combat entrance for Shadowtouched Drask.
  • Added an audio cue to the beginning of Drask’s lightning breath attack. That’s your cue to get out of the way, Slayer.



  • Skarn’s interrupt window during its bulldozer move is now during the charging animation instead of at the start.




  • Individual Dyes are now available for purchase for 100 platinum.



  • Added a new icon for the Parasitic debuff.
  • Added more information to the UI to explain how the seasonal coins work and when they rotate.



  • Thunder will now play more up-close variations as you get closer to the shocknado on Cape Fury and distant ones when you’re further away.
  • Added polish to various Drask sound effects such as its footsteps and tail swipes.




  • Fixed a bug where actions that would spend stamina to reduce the chilled status were not working when Cascade’s buff was active.
  • Fixed a bug where the Grace perk would override existing attack speed buffs after sprinting.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s model would turn invisible during an attack.
  • Fixed a bug where players would go down immediately after being revived.



  • Fixed a bug where players could fall endlessly in Escalation. AHHHHHHHHHH—



  • Addressed major cloth physics issues for the most recent hunt pass and reward cache armour skins.
  • Climbing Grips armour skin no longer makes players’ fingers invisible.



  • Fixed a bug where the Timeweave Vambraces (II) rumour was not tracking the objective: Deal 500K Core damage to The Chronovore while using Timeweave Gauntlets.
  • Heroic Escalations now properly count toward challenges that ask you to complete Escalations of a particular element.



  • Improved Nayzaga’s hitboxes so they are more accurate when taking wound and part damage.



  • Fixed a bug where the player’s transition into the Riftstalker murder palace wasn’t smooth. Now your trip to the murder palace is as pleasant as possible.



  • Fixed a bug that caused Rezakiri to shoot lasers after it was slain.



  • Fixed a bug where Deepfrost Skarn would stay underground for too long.



  • Fixed a bug where its shock orbs would go through Stormclaw if they were reflected within a short distance.



  • Deepfrost Embermane now has the correct rage visual effect.

The Chronovore


  • Fixed a bug where the Behemoth that is consumed during Chronovore’s entrance would float above ground while unburrowing. No more wild flapping!



  • Improved performance during moves with lots of visual effects.



  • Improved performance during moves with lots of visual effects.



  • Removed the Iceborne cell from the game entirely. Rest in peace.
  • The Paradox Breaks now displays the proper level recommendation (16-19).
  • Fixed a bug where the Trials’ end of hunt screen wasn’t displaying the times.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Bounties Available” widget was active even though all four bounties were active.
  • Being in the personality menu when the airship countdown ends no longer breaks the camera.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t claim the final reward from the Chronoslayer Event Pass.
  • Fixed a bug that significantly slowed results from our progression service. This caused slow down when drafting bounties, completing bounties, and turning in quests.
  • Removed last season’s gatherable icon from the level up and unclaimed rewards summary screen.
  • The Hunting Grounds’ nodes in the Slayer’s Path now show the correct Behemoths.
  • Omnicell descriptions now properly fit in the tooltip.
  • Fixed typos in Koshai’s journal entry.
  • Hinterwings Glider in the store now has a name in the inventory.
  • Removed Shrike from appearing in the possible Behemoth list for Snowblind Wastes in the Hunting Grounds.
  • Fixed a bug where the Reward Cache was showing the Hidden Blades armour set.
  • Weapons no longer display the wrong element icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the vista images in the journal were blurry.

Cape Fury


  • Fixed unintentional lines in the environment, and instances of rocks or flowers floating off the ground.
  • Changed grass coverage to better accommodate AoE rings.
  • Smoothed blending between sands and rocks.
  • Addressed trees that bent strangely when affected by wind.
  • Fixed spots players could fall through.



  • Fixed a bug where repeaters, aether strikers, and chain blades would stay attached to players’ hands for certain animations when they shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed a bug where the potion visual effects would not be removed if a player’s consume animation was interrupted.
  • Fixed various bugs where equipment would not attach correctly to body style 2 in the inventory menu’s preview.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck behind Xelya’s treehouse.

Dauntless is now out for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch platforms. For a list of other game changes and updates, check out our Patch Notes section.

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